Prophecies of the great Leonardo Da Vinci about the future of the whole world

Leonardo Da Vinci was truly a “universal man”. There is not a single area in which he would not have achieved professional heights. Artist, musician, writer, inventor and scientist – a real genius.

But very often people who admire his talents forget that Leonardo Da Vinci can be put on the same level as Michel Nostradamus, because the brilliant scientist had an amazing gift for predicting future events.

The secret of Leonardo’s success

The most expensive painting in the world belongs to the brush of the great Leonardo. It was not painted on canvas, but on an ordinary wooden board. The Mona Lisa is currently in the Louvre. A separate room with the most modern alarm system is allotted for it.

For the entire time of the existence of the picture, they wanted to spoil it more than once, but no one succeeded in doing this. Most people believe that this painting is of artistic and historical value, and nothing more.

But it’s not. There is an opinion that the great artist was able to enclose in the image of a girl a part of the spirit, which has great power. It was this spirit that guided and guided Leonardo in his research and creativity.

A simple person, having read Da Vinci’s personal diary, would be incredibly surprised that he addressed himself as “you” and in an orderly tone, as if he were a servant. This is how the spirit communicated in Leonardo, through the notes. Moreover, all the records were made in such a way that it was not possible to read them without a mirror.

Someone believes that this is a special cipher invented by a scientist. But other connoisseurs of his work claim that the recordings were made by the same unknown entity, which was a mirror image of Da Vinci.

In each of his inventions, the scientist put a piece of the energy of this higher being. That is why some especially sensitive people tried to rid the world of the inventor’s creations.

Drawings of Leonardo

Prophecies of the great Leonardo Da Vinci about the future of the whole world

The great genius worked tirelessly with virtually no rest. He slept only an hour and a half a day, and he did it in an interesting way – he fell asleep for exactly 15 minutes during those hours when he most needed rest.

In 1994, Bill Gates purchased the original works of Leonardo da Vinci for $30 million. Maybe he knew something?

It is surprising, but in the drawings of Leonardo you can see the designs of modern parachutes. And NASA scientists have created on the basis of the works of the genius of a robot that can work in outer space.

But Leonardo did not have any special knowledge in the areas that he explored. And this phenomenon is incomprehensible. Only one assumption suggests itself – the scientist was really led by someone otherworldly.

On the drawings of Leonardo you can find drawings of a submarine, a bicycle, a helicopter, a tank, a machine gun, a magnifying glass, a space suit, a steamer and many other things that are completely ordinary for us, but for people of that time – a real miracle. No other way than a great scientist could look into the future.

Otherwise, how would he know about objects and devices that did not exist in his time?

Prophecies of Leonardo

The book of the great Leonardo called “Prophecies” was written in Milan in 1494, and became the first in a series of records intended for posterity.

He wrote:

“People will walk and not move. They will talk to those who are not. They will hear the one who does not speak.

Perhaps the scientist was referring to the advent of television and cellular communications.

“You will see yourself when you fall from a height, but you will not be harmed.”

It’s probably a parachute.

“Many animals will rise among the stars.”

And here we are clearly talking about the first flights into space.

Not all of Leonardo’s prophecies have yet been unraveled, but among them there is one that causes concern.

“And countless lives will be destroyed. There will be countless holes in the ground. The whole earth will be in holes, and in the sky – a black shadow of stones.

There is no doubt that we are talking about a terrible cosmic catastrophe. Something big is coming to our planet. Thousands of meteorites will fall to the Earth, which form numerous craters from impact. And there will be many victims, and many troubles.

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