Prophecies of Mother Shipton – a medieval witch from England

Mother Shipton is a medieval witch who lived her entire life in England and is still one of the most enigmatic and mysterious characters in British history. There are many rumors about her personality, the main of the legends was collected in parts by the historian Richard Head.

Shipton left behind eighteen predictions, and six of them have already come true. These are predictions of a global scale, because Mother could tell about a specific person without any problems, because she saw through everyone, predicted the future fate and even the date of death.

The prophetess lived in the small village of Nuresborough. Many did not like her, because they considered her a witch, but at the same time they often visited her to receive a prophecy. This was the main source of income for Mother Shipton.

How did an orphan girl become a witch?

Ursula (that was the name of the witch) began to show her supernatural abilities even in infancy. And when the girl got older, inexplicable phenomena began to occur in the house: things disappeared, furniture moved by itself, strange sounds arose from the void, and so on.

At the age of 16, the girl had nothing to do, and she fled from her native village to the forest, where she began to live in an abandoned forester’s house. In an incomprehensible way, she managed to charm the carpenter Tobias Shipton, who, despite the persuasion of his relatives, married her. From that moment Ursula began to write down her prophecies, and in the human world they began to call her a sorceress.

Known Prophecies

Mother Shipton did not name specific dates in her prophecies, but she also predicted a huge fire in London and saw a crystal house that caused the start of the Russian-Turkish war of 1851.

She also spoke about the emergence of tobacco and potatoes in Europe, as well as the struggle of women in the 20th century for their rights.

Even then, the sorceress knew that television, ships, aircraft and submarines would appear in the future.

She also predicted the current conflict in the Middle East, in which, as the prophetess claimed, all the powers of the world would be drawn into.

Researchers of the life of a mysterious witch claim that so far only two prophecies that are associated with environmental disasters have not come true.

While materials about the life of Mother Shipton are being studied, tourists rush to see the crypt and the house of the sorceress, which, according to her instructions, will never be destroyed so that she can save people in the event of disasters.

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