Mehdi: The fate of Russia will change in one hour

The winner of the “Battle of Psychics” predicts the collapse of the United States and the well-being of our homeland.

The editors of “Life” held a “direct line” of readers with the winner of the TV show “Battles of Psychics” Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa – the famous predictor answered your questions about the future.

Mehdi sat comfortably in an armchair and lit a pipe made of carved stone. “The smoke helps me focus,” said the psychic. And the phone was already ringing.

“Everyone wants to know the future,” Mehdi smiled. “Sometimes five hundred people come to me every day. It’s nice to help people, but looking into the future is excruciatingly difficult. There’s not only honey and gingerbread. Everyone’s fate is different. And not everyone needs to know what awaits him …


Mehdi Ebrahimi Vafa was born in Iran, where he left behind his parents, brothers and friends. But in Russia, Mehdi feels better, here he found a wife and son. “I have always liked Russian women – smart and beautiful,” the psychic admits.

The gift of prophecy opened with Mehdi as early as 4 years old. True, he only brought trouble to the boy.

– When one of the brothers was preparing for the exam, I came up and said: “Why are you preparing? You’ll still get two.” And when it came true, everyone thought that I could only predict bad things, and they beat me. And then I began to suggest which ticket would get on the exam, and all my friends became excellent students. Before, I only helped friends and acquaintances. And then my wife said to me: “Go, show what you can do.” And I went to the casting. Even then I was sure that I would win.

Wife Lyudmila Mehdi often predicts some situations. When she just became pregnant, the husband already knew for sure that a son would be born.

– Mehdi, do you already know who your son will be?

– Of course, he will be an athlete. In fact, I am very happy that I can see into the future. True, my wife is a little offended when she wants to surprise me, and I already know what she has prepared. But in any case, I help people, and this is good!


Mostly readers of the newspaper “Life” asked questions of a personal nature. In most cases, women called asking when they would get married. Mehdi’s smile was caused by a 19-year-old girl who said that she had despaired of finding her only one and thought that she would never go down the aisle.

– Come on, and soon!

Divorced women with children also called with a request to tell where to look for a betrothed. Mehdi reassured the women, asked them to send photos and promised to tell them what to do in order to meet their love.

“Girl, understand, if you think that men don’t like you, it will be so,” Mehdi explained to another phoned looking for a spouse. – You set yourself up negatively, and all our thoughts tend to materialize. We must say: “When will I, such a beautiful and interesting woman, meet my only one?” That’s when it’s bound to happen. And when this happens, I will tell you if you send your photo to my site. Only the eyes must be visible in the picture … And promise that then invite me and my friends to the wedding!

Mothers also called, fearing for the fate of their children and wanting to know what awaits their children in the future. The psychic assured the parents that the future of the child depends on what kind of upbringing they will give him now.

“You understand,” Mehdi urged, “the entire genealogy of a person is similar to a tree. The roots are our ancestors, the trunk is our parents, and the fruits are our children. And depending on how the roots and the trunk will nourish the tree, the fruits will be born like that. You just need to pay as much attention to children as possible, and from their early years to study the abilities and talents of the child. And as soon as you understand what he has a soul for, it must be developed. The fate of children is largely determined by parents!


Readers were also concerned about global problems.

– Mehdi, everyone is interested in the question of how long the crisis that shook the world will last, and what consequences will it have for our country? (Mikhail, Moscow)

– The crisis will last another 4 6 months. I believe that now the tragedy around him has been greatly inflated. Nothing terrible happened. And it will not affect Russia much. Yes, real estate is getting cheaper, unemployment is expected. But all this will pass quickly, and life will return to its usual track. Many people predict that the 1990s will repeat themselves. This will not happen. And this will not happen thanks to the government, which is struggling to stabilize the economy in the country. If other people were in power, the country would already be mired in poverty for several years. And so – just temporary troubles. The main thing in this situation is not to panic.

– And what will the new year be like for the country? (Viktor, 34 years old, Vladivostok)

– It’s going to be a good year! So buy a big beautiful Christmas tree and celebrate with your family. Next year, Russia should go on the rise, as well as China. But in America, things will be very bad. Everything in the USA and Russia will change in one hour, and this will have a beneficial effect on the fate of the Russians…

– Will there be any other global tragedies in the near future? (Anna, Moscow)

– I see the death of many famous people, but I will not voice their names. And in the next six months there will be a strong earthquake in Asia. The earth is a living organism, and what we do with it is unacceptable. Here she pays us for our mistakes. And the earthquake will drag along the same death, sometimes innocent people. Man must stop, he uses the blessings of nature very incorrectly. All this will start to come back.

– What can you say about the relations between Russia and Georgia?

– Russians and Georgians are brothers. What kind of relationship can there be between relatives? They quarreled – make peace. Only America is to blame for this conflict, and time will judge that this country will be unhappy, it will answer for all its deeds. Georgians are very good people, honest and decent.

cerebral palsy

About ten calls were received from parents whose children have cerebral palsy (infantile cerebral palsy). The mothers, who were already desperate to help their children, performed several operations on them and turned to Mehdi as their last hope.

– I’m calling you from the Klinsky district. I have twins, a boy and a girl, six years old. Both have cerebral palsy. They speak normally, they understand everything, they know how, they have a good memory, they even ride a bicycle. But the boy has a constant fear of everything. How to remove it so that it feels like a full-fledged child?

I am the grandmother of a sick granddaughter. Our baby’s name is Victoria, she has severe cerebral palsy. She doesn’t even sit. We went to a healer, he treated with clay, but so far there is no result. Acupuncture cannot be treated, she has epileptic outbreaks. What to do?

Hello, my name is Jeanne. I have a son, he is seven years old. He has cerebral palsy. We wanted to take him to a healer. Tell me, can this help the child?

Mehdi asked all parents to send photos of their children in order to determine how to treat them. He also assured that the best healers in this situation are the parents themselves, because only they can help their children with their caress and love.

Some callers told stories of their lives, more like horror movie plots. Here are just a few of them:

– I am 22 years old, I was pregnant twice, and both times I had a miscarriage. I’m already desperate. Is it possible that I will ever be able to become a mother? (Svetlana, Korolev)

– Hello, my family suffered a terrible tragedy – my son disappeared four months ago. He and his friend went to swim in the river, swam alongside, but a friend swam, but he did not. And no one has seen him since then, and the bodies cannot be found, although the reservoir is small. Tell me, is he alive?

Hello, I have a tragedy. My husband has disappeared. He left in the morning by car, a few days later the car was found, but he was not there. What happened to him? We had a good relationship, I’m so afraid for him. (Marina, Vladivostok)

Mehdi asked everyone to call to send a photo to help sort out the problem. And some appointed sessions in person.

A curse

There were a lot of calls to Mehdi. But one particularly thrilled the psychic. A woman from the Far East named Lyubov, 59 years old, tearfully asked for his help.

“Hello, Mehdi,” a sad voice sounded in the receiver. – I am a disabled person of the second group, I have very poor health, but it does not matter. I buried my parents, my three children died, my husband, sister and brother died not so long ago. I am alone, completely alone. How can I continue to live? Will there be any light in my life? The woman’s voice broke into a cry.

Mehdi became thoughtful and lit his pipe:

– You know, Lyuba, I’m asking everyone here to send me photos in order to understand what to do next, but this will not help you. You need to fly to me, and the sooner the better.

– What do you mean, I’m a pensioner. I live from retirement to retirement. A ticket to Moscow costs 20 thousand. I don’t have that kind of money,” the pensioner was frightened.

– Calm down. I’m ready to fly to you myself, give me your address. It’s just that your situation is very serious.

Hanging up the phone, Mehdi sighed: “There is a curse here. She needs to be helped. We’ll have to fly.”

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