Predictions for America for 2019

In our turbulent times, people want to know what will happen in the future, for this they are interested in all available sources of information. In this article, we have collected all the available predictions for America for 2019. Astrologers and predictors have recently also paid a lot of attention to both the United States and Europe. And after the election of Donald Trump as president and his active actions on the world stage, interest in the fate of the United States grew even more.

Predictions for America in 2019: Pavel Globa, Vera Lyon, Edgar Cayce and others.

Predictions of Russian clairvoyants and astrologers about America

In this article, we have compiled a selection of predictions from famous Russian astrologers and clairvoyants.

Pavel Globa: “The United States will lose its positions and the leading place in the world”

The famous astrologer Pavel Globa managed, at one time, to get acquainted with the manuscripts of Vasily Nemchin. It was far from immediately possible to decipher them, some of the words of the soothsayer looked truly insane, but others, after a certain time, absolutely coincided with reality. So Nemchin said the following about America:

“America will be ruled by a person of a different class, a different look, he will be different in everything and in his convictions too …”

You can apply this prediction to Donald Trump. As we know, he is a man of an unconventional political circle, moreover, he represents America in a completely different way in the world. Trump is a businessman and his beliefs about affairs, business and the prosperity of the country are oriented in a completely different way.

As for the identity of the soothsayer Vasily Nemchin himself, who predicted the future hundreds of years ahead, it is shrouded in mystery. His manuscripts have disappeared, and now only Pavel Globa owns the information contained in these manuscripts. However, Paul gives predictions from them in a dosed manner and with some reluctance. What was said in the manuscripts and what prediction did Globa decipher for America?

Examining the decryption in detail, we see the following:

  • America is mired in debt, due to this it has reached a political and economic impasse;
  • The collapse of a powerful empire will not happen, but a default with all the ensuing events is possible;
  • The dollar will depreciate, and as a result, world markets will collapse;
  • The collapse of the dollar will pull into the abyss all participants in the world arena;
  • For America itself, the scenario of the “Great Depression”, unemployment, strikes, the fall of the stock exchange is possible.

As a result, the country will give up its positions and another political and economic player will take the leading place in the world. The country will not be able to overcome these protracted crises immediately. More than one president will be replaced until the situation normalizes and the country returns at least part of its power and greatness.

Vera Lyon: “People will flee in panic, seeking salvation”

Magical spirits “plasmoids” help Vera Leon, a soothsayer from Kazakhstan, read the future of a person, country and world. Her predictions also affected the United States.

  • There will be some natural disasters that will wipe out America almost completely from the face of the earth.
  • Due to global warming and the rapid melting of the glaciers of the Earth’s polar caps, the global sea level will rise.
  • The coastal cities of America, including the handsome New York, will go under water.
  • A significant part of the land will be unsuitable for life. In the same place where there are patches of land, earthquakes and eruptions will intensify the global catastrophe.
  • People will flee in panic, seeking salvation: cities unaffected by the elements will be crowded with hungry, heartbroken and horrified people. The victims of this catastrophe will number in the millions.

Also in 2019, a political crisis will break out in the country, the old systems will begin to disintegrate, including NATO. Relations with many countries of the world will become the most critical, practically on the brink of war. They will come out from under the influence of countries that, by putting pressure on them, the forces and might of America were on their side. The allies will turn away and America will be erased from big politics forever.

Vlad Ross: “August-October is the most dangerous month for the USA”

Ukrainian astrologer and fortune teller Vlad Ross predicted big changes for America in 2019. The political allegiances, the political game of Donald Trump will be over. Vlad spoke about Trump’s victory in the elections, but even then he clarified that Trump’s path was not long. And now, most likely, the end of Donald’s reign has come, he is unlikely to be able to get a second term.

  • Ross believes that Trump’s victory in the elections was falsified, that in the struggle for the presidency, he won dishonestly.
  • All dirty, behind-the-scenes games will be revealed and the collapse of Trump’s political career will bring scandals, investigations and oblivion. The loss of the image will turn out for him and the rejection of friends, colleagues and partners.
  • The predictor also says that at the end of his career, Mars, who controls Trump, will push him to unleash military conflicts.
  • August-October are the most dangerous months, and perhaps it is on these days that military aggression will be shown to distract the masses from internal problems.

The astrologer believes that Trump is a controversial personality and it is difficult to read the natal chart of a person, where Mars speaks of militancy and destructiveness, Mercury speaks of mental alertness, and Uranus of creation. Trump can both destroy everything to the ground, and create a new one.

Tatyana Kalinina “The United States will gently and smoothly take over the whole world”

2019 for America will be held under the banner of development, says astrologer Tatyana Kalinina. Tatyana sees the United States as a transformed country, a rise in medicine, a technological breakthrough, strengthening her position as a leader on the world stage.

  • The US is gently and smoothly taking over the whole world, information technology is also under the supervision of the US.
  • A huge amount of natural wealth and resources of other countries is subordinated to American business and pocket.
  • America is strong and powerful and nothing, and no one will push it off Olympus.
  • In order to blur the eyes of voters and to shift the focus from domestic political problems, military conflicts and the unleashing of new wars with Korea are not ruled out, or they will resume conflict centers in the Middle East.

And at the same time, Tatyana does not rule out a possible scenario of political behind the scenes. An intra-party conflict, a split, which will negatively affect the electorate. People will stop believing and will be extremely dissatisfied with the current situation.

Predictions of Western clairvoyants and astrologers about America

Edgar Cayce ” Natural and man-made disasters, terrible earthquakes “

Edgar Cayce made his predictions in a dream, and in a trance dictated everything that the universe showed him. Tens of thousands of transcripts were dictated by the medium in a trance state. The “sleeping prophet” did not bypass more than one world power. Many terrible predictions were made about the present, the medium considered the turning point in the history of mankind, the 21st century.

“Natural and man-made disasters, terrible earthquakes will move the mainland and part of the land will go under water.
You need to seek salvation already, now. Procrastination equals extinction.”

Casey was severe in his forecasts, the information came to him terrifying. The shock of the prophecies of Edward Casey still evokes the whole world. It is noteworthy that it is impossible to make an airbag against man-made disasters, but still the American government is doing everything possible so that the predicted scenario is not fulfilled.

  • Political divisions and an economic crisis will destroy the confidence of ordinary Americans in the institution of government.
  • The poor will hate the rich, bloodshed and skirmishes will weaken and bleed an already tortured country, the change of power by force is the apogee of inept government.
  • It will be simply impossible to find a way out of the current acute situations. But you can avoid terrible predictions. After all, it is not clear which of the parallel worlds Edward Casey looked into.
  • It is important to remember that the country and all material benefits, and tax breaks are created not only for the upper class, it is much harder for people with a low level of income and they need to be helped, preferential conditions should be created for them.

Orson Pratt: “Civil war will divide the country into clans…”

Orson Pratt is a fairly well-known Mormon soothsayer. His prophecies regarding America did not differ much from those of other clairvoyants. He saw the most terrible end of a mighty empire. When the same picture of events is repeated by different soothsayers, one involuntarily thinks about the reality and reality of upcoming events.

  • Orson Pratt saw America’s future in bloody civil strife. The civil war will divide the country into clans, everyone will have their own truth.
  • Armed conflicts will plunge the country into chaos for many years. The unification of the country will not be possible, the states will crumble.
  • The country’s economy will be in the deepest crisis, world politics and the table next to the big players will have to leave.
  • Salvation may come unexpectedly, but it is planned. It would seem to change the reform, change the leading parties and the president. Improve the social field for taxpayers, and America is saved.

Of course, Pratt did not indicate specific dates, but it can be clearly seen from a number of coincident events that we are talking about our time. The professionals who were involved in deciphering the predictions clearly drew a parallel with today and deduced the date of the beginning of the end, this is 2020.

Thomas Ritter: “A catastrophic crisis in political and economic affairs”

Thomas Ritter is a writer and scholar who has deciphered a number of manuscripts written in Sanskrit under the general name of the “Palm Library”. Thomas published a book where the prophets of the distant past described the future of many countries, they warned the world against global unrest and destruction. The ancient sages did not bypass the future of America.

  • The letters speak of the disappearance of the United States as a great country. The decline and catastrophic crisis in political and economic affairs, the wrong attitude and understanding of diplomacy, a sharp break in ties between countries, military conflicts, all this hastens the death of a great power.
  • As early as 2019, the United States will experience sharp rises in inflation, a fall in the dollar, a slowdown in industrial growth and, at the same time, an increase in debt. Increasingly, high-income people will declare themselves bankrupt and ruined. As once in the distant 1929, a wave of suicides, strikes, hunger and misunderstanding of the authorities will sweep through the states.
  • Internal problems will be covered up by an external threat and external aggressive manifestations towards other countries, but people are tired and will not believe the government. The coup will change the regime and a new face and fresh ideas will come to power.

Kaede Uber: “The United States will cover the avalanche of terrorist attacks “

“Vanga” from France, or the successor, as Vanga’s followers call her, it is believed that Vanga herself spoke about the birth of this soothsayer, “who will be exactly like me” – this is Kaede Wober. The girl prophet predicted many events of a global scale. Some of them came true to the letter, but some of the most notable did not work and were false. So, for example, the girl predicted victory in the elections not to Donald Trump, but to Miss Clinton. However, this was not destined to come true.

Kaede has powerful energy and is good at reading information from the Earth’s field, interpreting and giving it out to people, warning against danger. Thus, a frail, sickly girl had a terrifying vision of America.

“The United States will cover an avalanche of terrorist acts, explosions will be heard here and there, the groans of people will overshadow the voice of reason, fires will engulf dozens of US cities.”-,

the girl says. The death of many people will bring another grief to the citizens of America. I saw Kaede and man-made disasters with a large flow of water, with powerful aftershocks and an earthquake. Whether Kaede’s predictions will come true or this is a vision of a very distant future, we do not yet know.

Dannion Brinkley: ” The destruction will be massive …”

Dennion Brinkley is a well-known soothsayer in many states of America, his predictions are authoritative and read by many Americans. For the near future, Brickley’s forecast does not inspire optimism. Dennion claims that natural disasters will shift the country from its usual rhythm and subject it to chaos.

“The destruction will be huge! Houses, roads – everything will become a solid mass. There is no clean water and electricity. There is an epidemic everywhere, hundreds of thousands of human victims. Robbery is replaced by looting and murder.

Dispelling chaos and taking control of the country will be difficult. The authorities will have to use the entire available arsenal, military, police, fire services – all this will affect the financial condition of the country. A huge budget deficit, lack of funds, chaos in the country will lead to disaster, great America will no longer be. A strong-footed China will take its place.

Forecasts of scientists, economists and politicians

It is interesting to see if there is disagreement between prophets and scientists regarding future predictions for America and the American people. Is everything so bad and what, according to analysts, economists and politicians, is actually waiting for the country.

Scientists argue that a technological breakthrough and the creation of artificial intelligence is not far off. A lot of experiments, tests have already been carried out, and now – here we will see the work done

Ray Kurzweil “The development of artificial intelligence will be the first stage”

Ray is the CTO of Google Corporation. In America, technological progress is actively moving forward, robotization, technology change, revolutionary breakthroughs in the Internet space. Soon the citizens of America will be able to fully enjoy the new developments in the field of computer technology. Powerful computer processors with an incredible amount of memory.

Robots have already been tested and are being improved, and the development of artificial intelligence will be the first step towards the creation of androids. For easier use of applications and gadgets, US citizens will massively implant chips in themselves.

National Association for Business Economics

50 leading US economists argue that reforming the tax system will help save America from the crisis and increase economic growth. If customs duties on imported goods and mutual sanctions notes are not reduced, America will collapse, the dollar will turn into unnecessary paper and, together with the USA, all world stock exchanges will collapse.

Experts also believe that the inept conduct of political affairs by President Donald Trump is detrimental to the microclimate of America.

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