In the United States predicted what will happen to Russia by 2025

The presentation of the report “2025. The World After the Crisis, prepared by the US National Intelligence Council.

According to the report of the US National Intelligence Council, by 2025 China and India will take the leading positions in the global economy. Russia will probably join them. However, in extreme cases, negative phenomena such as the development of authoritarianism are also possible.

The presentation of the report “2025. The World After the Crisis, prepared by the US National Intelligence Council. According to the authors of the report, Russia will face serious difficulties that could lead to the creation of “a nationalist authoritarian state and even a complete dictatorship.” On the other hand, it can emerge from economic difficulties stronger and more influential, with a pluralistic political system, Kommersant writes.

The report states that in the coming years, the world will face an unprecedented “transfer of wealth and economic influence from the West to the East.” The authors come to the conclusion that in 2025 the top eight economies will look like this: the USA, China, India, Japan, Germany, Great Britain, France, Russia.

A separate fragment of the report entitled “The Russian Way: Boom or Failure” contains a forecast of Russia’s further development. “Russia has the potential to become richer, more powerful and self-confident in 2025,” the authors note, however, immediately adding that there are “numerous obstacles” to realizing Russia’s economic potential. Among them, the authors name “lack of investment in the energy sector, infrastructure bottlenecks, degrading education and public health, an underdeveloped banking sector, crime and corruption.”

The report was compiled by the US National Intelligence Council, which formally has non-governmental status.

On the whole, as noted by the publication, the report is composed in rather soft colors, in contrast to similar analytical reviews of the times of George W. Bush. This feature is a reflection of the improvement in relations between Russia and the United States. At a meeting of the two foreign ministers on March 6-7, Sergei Lavrov and Hillary Clinton pressed the symbolic “reset” button in Russian-American relations. Meeting of Presidents Barack Obama.

Forecasts regarding the exit of the eastern countries to the leading positions in the world economy are already confirmed by the current situation. In the summer of 2008, the analytical agency Global Insight already announced that China would come out in 2009 in first place in the production of industrial goods, overtaking the current leaders – the United States. However, this was before the start of the financial crisis. The figures for GDP growth in 2009 may be more revealing. According to the country’s Prime Minister Wen Jiabao, the growth will be 8%. The World Bank gives a more moderate estimate of 6.5%. However, taking into account the fact that most of the world’s countries this year are not expected to grow, but to decline, even the last figure indicates the country’s economic strength, reports.

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