Prophecies and sayings about the end times

St. Hippolytus of Rome († 30.01.268) says: “Then the whole earth will mourn the mournful life, the sea and the air will mourn, the sun will mourn, wild animals will mourn together with birds, mountains and hills will mourn, and field trees – and all this is thanks to the human race because everyone deviated from the Holy God and believed in the deceiver, accepting the image of this ungodly and enemy of God instead of the life-giving cross of the Savior.

I will mourn the Churchand great sorrow. For (then) there will be no offering, no incense, no service pleasing to God; but the buildings of the churches will be like huts intended for the storage of fruits; nor will the precious Body and Blood of Christ be lifted up in those days. Public worship will cease, the singing of psalms will cease, the reading of the Scriptures will not be distributed: and there will be darkness for people, and weeping for weeping, and groans for groans.

Then they will throw silver and gold along the roads, and no one will collect them, and everything will become disgusting. In fact, everyone will try to run away and hide, and, however, they will not be able to hide anywhere from the fury of the enemy, as those who wear his mark, they will be easily detected and recognized.

Holy torment. Hermogenes writes: “The second unforgivable sin will already be all over the world during the reign of the Antichrist, when some people will receive his sensitive seal on their foreheads or on their right hands. After this seal, no one will be forgiven. God’s wrath and all Nature will arm themselves, and they will suffer even here on earth, as in hell.

Elder Kirill (Pavlov) says: “Therefore, as soon as a person realizes that he has been assigned a number, he should not show his consent, i.e. should not put his signature and receive a certificate, and if he has already signed, accepted it, and now only realized his big mistake, then let him write three statements with a renunciation (to the Ministry of Taxes, at the place of work and at the place of residence). But the main thing is that he himself repents as soon as he can and confesses this sin before a true confessor. Let, as it is said, all his life he tries to bring Peter’s repentance.

St. Cosmas Etalos predicted the third world war. He described it as short and scary, that it would start on the territory of Dolmatia (Serbia).

Elder Matthew Vresfensky predicted: “After the resurrection of Russia, there will be a third world war and it will begin in Yugoslavia.”

Yugoslavia in 1999 was turned into a real testing ground for developing technologies for building a “new world order”. The course and results of this dirty war waged by the mercenaries of the world government from NATO countries are known to the whole world. Orthodox shrines of the Serbian people were systematically destroyed – chapels, churches were blown up, monasteries were destroyed, cemeteries were desecrated, and during the days of Great Lent, bombs and missile warheads that destroyed shrines and residential apartments were equipped with inscriptions: “Happy Easter!”

Rev. Lawrence of Chernigov predicted: “There will be a world war. There will be such strong bombs that iron will burn, stones will melt. Fire and smoke with dust will reach the sky. And the earth will burn. There will be very few people left and the third world war will no longer be for repentance, but for extermination.

Rev. Seraphim Vyritsky predicted: “The time will come when Russia will be torn apart. First they will divide it, and then they will begin to rob wealth. The West will contribute in every possible way to the destruction of Russia and will give its eastern part to China. The Far East will be taken over by the Japanese, and Siberia by the Chinese, who will move to Russia, marry Russians, and in the end, by cunning and deceit, will take the territory of Siberia to the Urals … ”

In the original Greek texts, it is said about the great northern country, since the name of Russia was not yet known. There was talk of a great battle between the “Israelis” (i.e., Orthodox Christians) and the “Ismaelites” (i.e., southern, Muslim peoples who will start a great campaign against Christians). When it seems that there is no salvation for Christians from anywhere, the “King of the Greeks” (in the sense of Orthodoxy) will suddenly arise and “with great fury” will crush the enemies. For a short time, peace and prosperity should reign on the whole earth, a short silence predicted in the Apocalypse, after which the end of the world should already be.

Elder Anthony said: “The eve of the coming of the Antichrist is chaos in the life of almost all countries. Prosperity will be those who, by virtue of their professed religion, are waiting for the coming of a false mission. First of all, these are Jews and Muslims.

“The third outcome is Europe. What else could make her unite, if not a global war. And now we can consider that this is one country, from Turkey to Norway. Everything will be one – government, money, laws. Everything is coordinated with America, so that there would be no friction during the general unification … He (the Antichrist) will come, and here everything is ready, the centralization is complete, all the people have been read out, each has his own number and card, and everything is in it, down to the views and outlook.”

Elder Paisius predicted: “A war will take place in Constantinople between Russians and Europeans, and much blood will be shed.”

St. Theophan the Recluse   said: “He punished us with the West, and the Lord will punish us … but we are not taken into account. We got stuck in the mud of the western up to our ears, and all is well. There are eyes, but we do not see; We have ears, but we do not hear, and we do not understand with our hearts.

Prediction of St. Methodius of Patara: “The Christian tribe will rise and fight with the infidels, and I will destroy with my sword, and I will drive their wives into captivity, and beat their children, and the sons of Ishmael will go under the sword into captivity and into involuntary oppression, and will give the wretchedness to them The Lord of their wickedness, as they have done to Christians. And evil will find them sevenfold, and the Lord will kill and smite them with the hand of the Christian, and the Kingdom of Christ will be exalted above all kingdoms.

The Murins believe that a certain Autocrat will accept the holy city of Jerusalem and everything Turkish Caesarean into his state with his sword; this midnight Autocrat, Tsar and Grand Duke of Moscow, this Megametian nasty heresy and ungodly law will destroy, and consume, and destroy to the end.

Elder Paisios of Athos said: “Greece will not play a leading role in this war, but Constantinople will be given to her, not because the Russians will revere us, but because there is no better solution, and they will agree together with Greece, and they will crush difficult circumstances, the Greek army will not have time to get there, as the city will be given to it.

In the near future – so believe the godly elders of Athos! – the all-devouring flame of the Third World War will cover Europe and Asia, Hellas and Turkey, Russia and the Arab countries of the Middle East, Israel and America.

Prophetic vision of the monk Daniel : “… On the disobedient voice from heaven: “Go out to the right lands of the Seven Hills, and you will find a man standing at two pillars, righteous with gray hair and offering prayer, poor, with a sharp look, but a meek mind, an average verst, having a sign on the gum nose, in the middle of the lower leg. Take him and crown him with the King – that is your master, the friend of Miy is and does My will.

And two life-giving angels will take him up, and they will lead him into Hagia Sophia, and they will crown his Tsar, and they will give weapons to his right hand, saying to him: be of good cheer and conquer your enemies.

And we will take the weapon from the Angel and will strike the Ishmaelts, and the Ethiopians, and Phrygi, and the Tartars, and every generation. For he will divide Ishmaelta into three: he will defeat the first part with weapons, he will baptize the second, and he will marry off the third with great fury until his one-womb return … ”

Rev. Anatoly (Potapov) : “The fate of the Tsar is the fate of Russia. The Tsar will rejoice – Russia will also rejoice … If there is no Tsar, there will be no Russia either … Just as a man with a severed head is no longer a man, but a stinking corpse, so Russia without the Tsar will be a stinking corpse.

The prophet monk Abel , who predicted his murder to Emperor Paul I, Alexander I – the ruin of Moscow by the French and predicted the martyrdom of Nicholas II, also predicted the last Tsar. His appearance will not cause any doubts and disagreements among people, so they will not argue: “Here is the King, or there”, but everyone will say: “Here he is!”. The prophet Abel also left an indication of the name of this Tsar – two rulers with that name sat on the Russian throne, but not on the throne of kings.

In the Old Russian translation of the Greek predictions about the last Tsar, it is said about the end of his earthly journey: “When the son of perdition appears, the Tsar will ascend to Golgotha, where the tree of the Cross is above. And he will take off his crown from his head, put it on the Cross and raise his hands to heaven and commit the kingdom to God. And the Cross with a crown will ascend to Heaven. And when the Cross rises to Heaven with a crown, then the King betrays his spirit. And then all power and eldership will be destroyed, and the pernicious son will be clothed.”

Holy torment. Hermogenes : “They will be like the sand of the sea, this is Gog and Magog. They are secretly preparing the way for the Antichrist. They have one goal – to create an anti-Christian society, which will then be transferred under the rule of the Antichrist. He will give them the positions of rulers for a very short time – 3.5 years.

Rev. Lawrence of Chernigov : “The Antichrist will come from a prodigal virgin – a Jewess of the twelfth tribe of fornication. Already as a teenager, he will be very capable and intelligent, especially since when, being a boy of 12 years old, walking with his mother in the garden, he will meet with Satan, who, coming out of the very abyss, will enter him. The boy will startle with fright, and Satan will say: “Do not be afraid, I will help you.” And out of this child the Antichrist will mature in the form of a human.”

St. Nilus of Athos : “… He (the Antichrist) will be born from the virgin of evil and in the virgin of fornication, i.e. from an evil harlot, although by outward signs she is also a virgin. Yes, evil will be incarnated (i.e., the Antichrist will be born) without any male seed. Yes, she will be born with seed, but not with human sowing, but with poured out seed she will be incarnated.

Rev. Lawrence of Chernigov : “The Antichrist will be crowned as king in the magnificent temple of Jerusalem with the participation of the clergy and the Patriarch. At his coronation, when the “Creed” will be read, he will not allow it to be read correctly, where the words “Jesus Christ, the son of God” will be; he will renounce it and recognize only himself. And at the same time, the Patriarch will exclaim: “This is the Antichrist!” – and for this the Patriarch will be put to death.

At the coronation, the Antichrist will be wearing gloves, and when he takes them off to cross himself, the patriarch will notice that he does not have nails on his fingers, but claws, and this will serve to greater confidence that this is the Antichrist … And for this lawlessness the earth will cease to give birth, everything will crack from lack of rain, it will give such cracks that a person can fall into them.

Rev. Ephraim Sirinsays: “For the tormentor will use such a method that everyone will have to bear the seal of the beast, and in this case only they will be able to buy food and everything they need; and appoint overseers to carry out his commands. Notice, my brethren, the excessive wickedness of the beast and the cunning of his cunning, how he begins from the womb, so that a man, when he is brought to the extreme by a lack of food, is forced to accept his seal, i.e. evil inscriptions, not on any member of the body, but on the right hand, as well as on the forehead, so that it would no longer be possible for a person to print the sign of the cross with his right hand and also on the forehead to mark the holy name of the Lord or the glorious and honest Cross of Christ and our Savior. For if anyone is not sealed with the seal of the beast, he will not be captivated by his dreamy signs. Moreover, the Lord does not depart from such,

1948 Abbess Dominitskaya with two cell attendants (born in 1923) went to St. Lavrenty Chernigovsky for tea, and he said at dinner: “You and I, mother, will not live to see the Antichrist, but these (pointing to his nieces) will live.”

And all the weak people will follow Satan, and when the earth does not give a harvest, people will come to him with a request to give bread, and he will answer: “The earth will not give birth to bread. I can not do anything”.

The prophets Enoch and Elijah will descend from Heaven, who will also tell everyone that the Antichrist has come: “This is the Antichrist, do not believe him.” And he will slay the prophets, but they will rise and ascend into Heaven.”

St. John Chrysostom : “The Antichrist will come to human perdition in order to offend people. He will be terrible in every respect: both by his power, and cruelty, and lawless commands. And Elijah will then come to support the believers…”

Rev. Ephraim the Syrian : “After the completion of three and a half years of the power and action of the unclean, and when the temptations of the whole earth are fulfilled, the Lord will finally come, like lightning flashing from Heaven, our Holy, Most Pure, Terrible, Glorious God will come with incomparable Glory in the forerunner of His Glory ranks of the Arkhangelsk and Angelic: “Arise, the dead, behold, the Bridegroom has come!” The tombs will open and in the twinkling of an eye all the tribes of the earth will wake up and look at the holy beauty of the Bridegroom … the tormentor with his demons, bound by Angels, as well as all who have received his seal, all the ungodly and sinners will be bound and brought before the judgment seat. And the King will give them a sentence of eternal damnation, unquenchable fire. All those who have not received the seal of the Antichrist and all those hiding in the caves will rejoice with the Bridegroom forever and ever.”

“And the beast that was and is not, is the eighth, and out of the seven, and will go to destruction” (Rev. 17:11). “Eighth, and out of seven” means that the world kingdom (eighth) will be formed on the basis of the European Union (seventh). It will be among the seven that existed before it and at the same time already new – the eighth. And St. Andrew of Caesarea writes: “The Beast is the Antichrist; he is the eighth, because after the seven kingdoms he will rise to deceive and desolate the earth; from seven he is, as having come forth from one of these kingdoms.”

“And he had ten horns” (Dan. 7:7). The Antichrist will appear among the “ten kings”, their power will be short, for it is said that they are “kings for one hour”, and then they will betray the power and the kingdom to the Antichrist (Rev. 17:13). A Jew from the tribe of Dan, born in the new Babylon – USA, he will appear among the “ten kings”, unite the world under his rule and be crowned in Jerusalem as the king of the universe.
Prophecy on the gravestone of St. Tsar Constantine the Great. After the death of the Holy Emperor of Greece, Constantine I the Great, in 337, a son named after him, also Constantine, reigned. He transferred the body of his parent from Nicodemia to Constantinople and buried it with honor befitting a royal person in the Church of the Holy Apostles. At the time when the body of Constantine was brought to Constantinople, some pious men were found who inscribed in Greek letters on the roof of his coffin, prophesying about the future fate and destruction of the Turkish kingdom. But, in order to hide the meaning of this scripture for the time being, in words, omitting vowels, they supplied only consonants. This inscription seemed incomprehensible for a long time, but later, during the reign of John Palaiologos, the wise old man Gennady, Patriarch of Tsaregradsky, interpreted the meaning of this prophecy, added missing vowels to the consonants.

On the day of the last judgment, the end of the age will come – the end of the world. The current heaven and earth, like a robe, will become dilapidated, and … will change. (Ps. 101:27). The change, or renewal, of the world will consist in the fact that nothing sinful will remain in the new Heaven and the new earth, but only truth will live. (2 Pet. 2:13). The Kingdom of Grace (the grace-filled Kingdom of Christ) will also end with a universal judgment, and the Kingdom of Glory will open – the eternal Kingdom of God. (1 Cor. 15:24). The image of universal judgment is inscribed in the Word of God. It tells us that when the Son of Man comes in His Glory and the Holy Angels with Him, then He will sit on the Throne of His Glory. (Matt. 21:31), and He will send His angels with a loud trumpet, and they will gather His chosen ones from the four winds, from the end of Heaven to the end of Them (24:31), and they will gather from His Kingdoms all stumbling blocks and lawless workers (13:41 ),

And he will separate one from the other, as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats; and he will put the sheep on his right hand, and the goats on his left (Mt. 25:32-33) and pronounce judgment on both. Then the King will say to those on His right hand: Come, blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world… his angels (25; 34:41). And all nations will be gathered before Him (Matt. 25:32), the living and the dead (Acts 10:42), the righteous and the wicked (2 Cor. 5:10). And not only all people will be judged, but also fallen spirits (2 Pet. 2:4; Jude 6). The subject of judgment will be not only human deeds (Rom. 2:6), but also words (Matt. 12:36), and the most secret thoughts (1 Cor. 4:5).
St. Cyril of Jerusalem : “You know the signs of the Antichrist: do not remember them alone, but generously inform everyone!”

Rev. Lavrentiy Chernigovsky : We must be vigilant and careful, because the Antichrist is already close… Look how many different prophetic indications for the end of our century and not a single one for the next century! Isn’t it because he won’t be! Our time is special … “.

Rev. George the Recluse of Zadonsk: “Many will believe in him,” said one blessed monk, “and will praise him as a mighty God. Those who have God will always see the truth in themselves through pure faith, and will know it. To all those who have the divine vision of God and reason – then the coming of the tormentor will be reasonable. Those who have a mind in the things of this life and who love the earthly – this will not be clear: the essence is tied to the things of life. And if they hear the word, they will not have faith, but rather this word will disgust them.

The day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night; for when they say: “Peace and security,” then destruction will suddenly overtake them, just as childbirth overtakes a woman in the womb, and they will not escape, says the Apostle Paul to Christians (1 Thess. 5:1-3).

“The prediction by the Word of God must come to pass,” writes St. Ignatius (Bryanchaninov), – our sacred duty is to revere the incomprehensible fates of the Lord God and, understanding the deep meaning of what is happening, pay all attention, the most intense attention, to the assimilation of oneself to Christ, as the Holy Fathers said: “save, save your soul.”

Priest Dimitry Dudko : “When the Antichrist comes, he will not even reject the Church, he will only lull our conscience.”

“The time will come,” said St. Lawrence of Chernigov, – when inactive (closed) churches will be restored, equipped not only outside, but also inside. Domes will be gilded, both temples and bell towers. And when everything is finished, the time will come when the Antichrist will reign. And do you see how insidious everything is being prepared? All temples will be in the greatest splendor, as never before, and it will be impossible to go to those temples. But do not be discouraged: the Lord will not leave his children… There is no need to be afraid! There will be churches, but an Orthodox Christian will not be able to go to them, since there will be all the “satanic” gathering … I repeat once again that it will not be possible to go to those churches, there will be no grace in them … Christians will be killed or exiled to desert places. But the Lord will help and nourish His followers.”

Elder Anthony: “… First of all, all kinds of technical catastrophes – the system of existence created by man, in fact, satanic, because it absolutely contradicts the Laws of God, will begin to break down. Planes will fall, ships will sink, nuclear power plants and chemical plants will explode. And all this will be against the backdrop of terrible natural phenomena that will occur throughout the earth, but especially strongly – in America. These are hurricanes of unprecedented strength, earthquakes, severe droughts and, conversely, flood-like downpours. A terrible monster, modern Sodom – New York will be wiped off the face of the earth. Gomorrah – Los Angeles will not remain without retribution … Modern Sodom, New York, on fire … an infernal furnace, ruins and innumerable victims … They, trying to create a new likeness of the Tower of Babel, a kind of prosperous state without God, outside of His Law, and will be His first victims.”

Pre-revolutionary interpretation of the Apocalypse:“There is no doubt that Babylon the Great – the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth, intoxicated with the blood of the Saints and the blood of Jesus’ witnesses – is an apostasy at the end of time; the beast wearing it is antichrist. In this kingdom, both the king and the nobles will be apostates and a Jew from the tribe of Dan. Freemasonry is able to ride any beast. This ability cannot be denied. In particular, it skillfully takes the reins of government with the beast when it is a product of political unrest, which it also produced. The angel explains to the seer and tells him: “The waters that you saw, where the harlot sits, are people and peoples, tribes and languages ​​(Rev. 17:15). The woman you saw is a great city that rules over the kings of the earth.” (Rev. 17:18). In modern times, this role is attributed to the great and world trade center …

St. Hippolytus of Rome: “Blessed are those who then overcome the tyrant, and they should be considered more glorious and great than the first martyrs. Indeed, the former martyrs were victorious over his (Antichrist’s) bodyguards; these will overcome the devil himself, the son of perdition. And having become conquerors (over him), what great rewards and crowns they will receive from our King Jesus Christ.

St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem: “… The martyrs of that time, in my opinion, are higher than all martyrs. The former martyrs fought with some people, but the martyrs under the Antichrist will wage war with Satan himself.

New Martyr Ambrose (Sarapulsky): “We should rejoice that the Lord has led us to live at a time when it is possible to suffer for Him. Each of us sins all his life, and a short suffering and a crown of martyrdom will atone for all kinds of sins.

Rev. Anatoly Optinsky Jr.: And now, as a result of the impoverishment of piety, heresies and schisms will begin in the Church, and then, as the Holy Fathers predicted, there will be no experienced and skillful people in spiritual warfare on the thrones of hierarchs and monasteries. From this, heresies will spread everywhere and deceive many. The enemy of the human race will act with cunning to incline even the elect to heresy … Heretics will take power over the Church, they will place their servants everywhere, and piety will be neglected.
St. John of Shanghai: “The Antichrist will provide an opportunity for the life of the Church, will allow her worship, promise the construction of beautiful temples, provided that he is recognized as the supreme being and worshiped. There will be a mass falling away from the faith, and many bishops will betray the faith and, in justification, will point to the brilliant position of the Church. The search for a compromise will be a characteristic mood of people. Straightforward confession will disappear.”

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