Vanga’s predictions until 5079, her biography and the difficulties of life

Sociologists studying Vanga’s predictions say that out of 99 analyzes of Vanga’s predictions about Russia, and not only, 43 were adequate, 43 were alternative (ambiguous) and 12 were inadequate.

This means that the probability of Vanga’s telepathic prediction is 68.3%. Of course, this result is incredibly high and does not fit into all the laws of probability theory.

Explanation of Vanga’s unique strength

There is such an explanation, the origin of what Vanga predicted from the journalist Dobriyanov:

“The very popular Vanga, who was visited not only by “burdocks”, but also by famous and influential people: actors, politicians – this is a different story.

She was actively promoted by the Bulgarian special. services.

It was beneficial for Bulgaria to have a soothsayer, to whom crowds of tourists and celebrities come from all over the world in search of predictions of their future from Vanga. Including politicians, which especially played into the hands of the Bulgarian special services. In the city where those who arrived at Vanga stopped, taxi drivers and maids in hotels gathered. And most importantly, the special services of Bulgaria were also involved in the collection of information.

Hence the awareness of Vanga, she told the story of a past life found out by the special services, a friend of my father.

To the soothsayer, they never immediately launched a person, they asked to wait a few days for which they collected all the information about the client. One of my father’s acquaintances asked his friends to arrange a meeting for him with a fortune-teller.

He was advised to tell everyone he knew in Bulgaria a story about himself. Ultimately, when he met Vanoga, he said that she was a good actress, but not a soothsayer.”

How a journalist exposed the clairvoyant Vanga using a voice recorder

I know exactly how logical this explanation is and it is true and it is easier to admit it than to believe in the unknown.

“There was a case at my sessions,” says journalist Dobriyanov, recording Vanga’s dialogues on a voice recorder.

– After we left Vanga, stunned by the ordeal experienced, the man said in surprise: “Why did she immediately ask me why I am a widower?” I used the opportunity to reproach him for giving himself up immediately at Vanga’s first question, but to convince him I had to listen to the magnetic recording again. During the sessions, there were many cases when Vanga asked about things that were already known to her from a previous conversation. It is natural to establish for yourself the answers to two questions: what is the significance of such a fortune-telling method, firstly, for a telepath and, secondly, for Vanga herself.

Tens of thousands of people who came to Vanga did not bring recording devices with them, so that after calmly listening to the past conversation. In conditions of high emotional stress, it is quite understandable that a person does not pay attention to what he said at the beginning of the conversation, and then he is surprised by Vangin’s “predictions”.

How many percent of Vanga’s predictions generally come true?

But it’s all about the past and the present. Things are much more complicated with Vanga’s predictions of the future, since Vanga really worked “blindly” here. And the percentage of guessing, although less than in a conversation about real events, is still too high for a random coincidence.

But according to Professor Georgy Lozanov, 70 percent of Vanga’s predictions come true.

A striking example is that Vanga’s predictions were set not before, but after they came true. So, for example, Vanga’s well-known prediction about Russia, that in 2000 by the year the Kursk submarine would be at the bottom of the sea, was deposited in the memory of everyone, but no one took it as a subject of analysis. And Vanga predicted something similar many times. For example, that “one of the Arabian states will disappear from the face of the earth and a large city will sink under water” (Kursk?).

Vanga never specified anything in the indicated prediction about Russia, saying only that what she saw “would not take place soon.”

Generally speaking, Vanga’s predictions about Russia are extremely dim in the most important places, while minor and unimportant ones were issued with great clarifications and details.

One of Vanga’s last predictions about Russia came down to one gesture: without saying a word, she made a large circle with her hands.

The future of Russia to Vanga was as follows:

  1. “Everything will melt like ice, only remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir (meaning the prince who christened Russia? Or Vladimir Putin?), the glory of Russia.”
  2. “Many sacrifices have been made,” Vanga said in predictions about Russia. “No one can stop Russia already. He will sweep him out of his way and not only will he survive, but he will also become the ruler of the whole world.”
  3. “All religions will disappear. Only one will remain: the doctrine of the Great Brotherhood (the Teaching “Living Ethics”). Like a white flower, it will cover the Earth, and thanks to this, people will be saved.”

But it won’t happen right away. What Vanga predicted about Russia will come true in sixty years (2040).

On Russia’s relations with China and India

But this, according to Vanga, will be preceded by the rapprochement of the three states. At one point, Vanga predicted, China, India and Moscow would converge … ”

But this, in Vanga’s prediction about Russia, will be preceded by the union of the three states. At one point, Vanga predicted, speaking about Russia, China, India and Moscow will converge … “But for the period of time in which we live, Vanga’s prediction about Russia is very unfavorable. In her opinion, “cities and villages will collapse from earthquakes and floods, natural disasters will shake the earth, bad people will win, and thieves and scammers and harlots will be innumerable.

On Spiritual Uplift and Prince Vladimir

  • The soothsayer Vanga predicted that Russia would experience a huge spiritual upsurge: “God gave her strength!”
  • Vanga’s predictions say that Russia will gain its power when “Prince Vladimir” rules.
  • “Vanga loves Russia very much!” – we heard these words in Bulgaria more than once from those people who knew Vanga closely.

On the relationship between Russia and Bulgaria

She wanted to visit Moscow, but she never had the opportunity to set foot on Russian soil.

When the Soviet Union fell, Bulgaria became impoverished, as it was firmly connected with the once-existing state. Hard times have come, but Vanga, despite everything that has happened, has always been a true friend of Russia. People who were in despair came to her. They said that the Russians had betrayed Bulgaria, that now there was no trust in them. To this, Vanga replied that the Bulgarians would not be abandoned by Russia. Vanga’s predictions said that this would help Bulgaria become a prosperous country again.

About Gorbachev, Yeltsin and the submarine Kursk

Vanga’s predictions – everything that this famous seer said about Russia has become a reality: Gorbachev is in power, in 1991 the putsch, Yeltsin again stood at the helm of the country, the city of Grozny on fire, the lost Kursk submarine …

About the withdrawal of all predictions about Russia by the special services of Bulgaria

Vanga’s predictions, which concerned Russia, many people heard them. Kept by Lyudmila, the daughter of the Bulgarian ruler Zhivkov Todor, the archive of revelations that were recorded on tape mysteriously disappeared after the prophetess passed away. According to Krasimira, Vanga’s niece, there is an opinion that the special services seized him and sent him to Russia. There is another version, maybe they hid the archive, and it lies somewhere.

At least in Russia, no traces of it have yet been observed. But, in Bulgaria there is still a chronicle, unique, sound. Vanga’s predictions, therefore, were led by Boyka Tsvetkova, a psychologist, she was allowed to do this by the prophetess herself.

How and who distorts Vanga’s predictions?

Vanga’s predictions – there are a large number of them. But, she is also credited with those prophecies that she never made.

Many books that have been written about Wang have been analyzed in the most thorough way.

It hurts to realize the horror of this picture.

Vanga’s predictions are simply misinterpreted, in the books she appears before us as a completely different person, such as the seer was not. Fables. Fantasies, and sometimes fairy tales – that’s what is actually written in these writings.

Vanga was credited with the thoughts that are full of various teachings of Masons, Tibet and many other teachings. Meanwhile, the famous Bulgarian was a true Christian of Orthodoxy, she denied and never recognized any other faiths and theories.

Vanga was credited with all sorts of recipes for folk medicine. In fact, they are corny pulled out of some books and reference books.

On top of that, the dream books were also assigned to Vanga. It turns out that everyone wants to do it.

That is why Vanga’s niece gave all of herself to ensure that people know the truth, she separates lies from the truth.

One of Vanga’s fulfilled predictions about Russia in 1979

In addition to Vanga’s global prophecies about the fate of the world, her predictions about Russia – about how Vanga saw her in the future and past – also deserve a separate description.

What is contained in Vanga’s visions about the future of Russia? If you read a large number of publications that mention Vanga’s words about Russia, it is clear that she treated Russia with great respect and – perhaps, great love. Many Russians visited Vanga, and the wise seer predicted their future and told them about the past and the present.

“There are a lot of holy places in Russia… There is one special hill, near the Don River…. You walk barefoot on it and you will feel its effect. There are many medicinal herbs growing on it, and there is also a spring with healing water. Saint Sergius visited this hill three times, and each time he blessed the hill. He also erected a cross in this place. And when a person comes here, he feels like in a church, his strength surges, and wings seem to appear.

An outstanding prophet is St. Sergius, he is the most important saint now. How he helps people – beyond words! He turned into light and sends this light to people endlessly.

He seems to be holding Russia in his palm. I see a tall church. I see more people with spears in their hands and in helmets.

(Spoken by Vanga in 1979. Quoted from the publication “Vanga and Lyudmila” by V. Sidorov. – Sofia, Reporter, 1995.)

On the banks of the Don, excavations began in 1984 after Vanga uttered her prophecy. Some time later, a princely grave and an ancient Russian fortress were found in the hill. In addition, a previously unknown spring with clean cold water was found near the hill.

This prediction of Vanga is a detailed description of the painting by Nicholas Roerich. The picture depicts St. Sergius, in whose hand is the patriarchal church – a symbol of Russia. Sergius gives a blessing to the soldiers going to battle with the troops of the Golden Horde (Battle of Kulikovo, 1380). St. Sergius of Radonezh provided extremely important assistance to the Prince of Great Russia Dmitry Donskoy in preparation for the Battle of Kulikovo.

Vanga’s prophecies constantly contain references to Russia. Quite possibly, this is because it was often visited by writers, scientists and statesmen of all ranks …

Krasimira Stoyanova Vanga’s niece about predictions for Russia and a difficult life before death

Stoyanova Krasimira keeps Vanga’s predictions with special care, she personally heard them.

What Vanga said to the leading people in the state

According to the testimony of the niece of the prophetess, Vanga at the very beginning of the nineties communicated with the democrats, the new ones, those who stood at the helm of Bulgaria. The fortuneteller asked them not to sell enterprises that belong to the state, she said that the land should be quickly returned to the peasants, the owners should unite in cooperatives. She asked to take care of the elderly, so that they have a decent pension, and the biggest request was that the rulers do not quarrel with Russia. Of course, they did not listen to Vanga.

What did she say about the potential of Russia

Vanga’s predictions show us that the prophetess sees Russia’s enormous spiritual potential: “God gave her strength!” She also said that power would return to Russia again, “Prince Vladimir” was mentioned by Vanga. The seer said that glory awaits Russia after her spiritual upsurge.

What she said about the end of the world and how to avoid a dark future

Vanga never spoke about the fact that the end of the world was approaching. But, Vanga’s predictions about the future of man are not joyful. Environmental problems are getting worse. The prophetess said that in order to correct the future, it is necessary to change the human consciousness. The ten commandments of God must be obeyed by all mankind.

What did she say about herself, who is she

Even when Vanga was alive, newspapers wrote about her like this: “a living saint”, “prophet No. 1”. These headlines were read to her, the indignation of the seer knew no bounds. She even said that we are all sinners, and I am not a saint, I am a martyr!

Vanga is a great sufferer. Judge for yourself how easy it is to know about everything, to see the destinies and sins of everyone?

What killed prophet #1 Wang?

Like links in a chain, we passed through Bulgaria from one person to another. We collected the strokes for the portrait. So I wanted to know and understand what or who ruined Vanga?

Born in the 20th century, she carried all his pains and troubles on her heart. The answer suggests itself: unbelief, and our vices killed the seer. There were times when the soothsayer was accused by the authorities of espionage, of religious propaganda.

What did the church say about the soothsayer

Church ministers reproached her, the one who everywhere and always called to believe in God. She was said to serve the Antichrist, “the witch from Rupite”. Such accusations were shot in the heart. Vanga carried her cross moderately, enduring all the reproaches, a bad word was never directed towards her persecutors.

How they mocked Vanga

She was severely bullied. Memories of Krasimira about the search in the soothsayer’s house:

Slavcho Slavchev, a neighbor of the fortuneteller, who was a policeman, took out a bra from the wardrobe. Putting it on himself, he stood at the icon of the Mother of God, where Vanga was praying. Slavcho began to grimace, saying: “Holy Mother of God, give us a drink!”

The soothsayer endured everything. She accepted all the charms of fate with dignity, until the very last moment of her life she received people.

The seer built a church. She bequeathed her property to the state. And you and I could forgive all insults like that?

What happened when the clairvoyant died

When there was not so much time left before Vanga’s departure, certain people clung to her fame, they created a fund in her name, on their part there were attempts to embroil the soothsayer with her relatives. In the ward where the world-famous Bulgarian woman was dying, a priest was not called to conduct the rite of last repentance. Only those who truly believe will understand how painful and sad it was for her to leave this world with a heavy soul.

Relatives, perhaps, would have been able to bring the priest in time for confession, but a terrible case brought Vanga’s death closer: there was an accident, or maybe it was someone’s malicious intent, the lights suddenly went out in the government’s elite hospital. The artificial lung ventilation apparatus stopped working at the very moment when the surgeon had just begun to perform the operation.

The soothsayer has done a lot for people. And they caused her a lot of pain and suffering, words simply cannot describe it. When she left this world, she held no malice towards anyone. She bequeathed to all of us to live according to God’s commandments. Worth trying. Pray for Vanga’s soul.

What instructions did Vanga leave after her death and what did she call people to

General instructions for people

  • If you do good, hope, and evil will come back to you.
  • Do not quarrel among yourselves. Love each other. Good begets good, and evil begets evil.
  • People, be people: don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t kill.
  • If you knew how to read the Bible, as you should, the solution to the problems would have been found a long time ago. It is a pity that there are many non-believers.

What did the prophet say to people who did not like her words

Not everyone liked Vanga’s predictions, she answered that this life has its own rules, and you needed to break them.

The seer could not speak empty words, therefore, what a person would like to hear was not heard from her.

Everything that will be is predetermined from above. If a person works and believes, then sooner or later he will find the answer. Any question has an answer, you just need to know how to ask a question and what answer is needed. And if there is no certainty all your life, then you will go around with this question, and the answer will not be found.

What was the Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga afraid of?

Vanga was afraid of chaos in human souls, also that anger makes its way, while good is slowly leaving.

People have embarked on a path that will lead to madness. Violence, the desire to gain power.

The prophetess could not understand why it happens that it happens when people are ruled by yesterday’s criminals.

Vanga’s predictions said that perversion, deceit, godlessness would still come back to haunt humanity, and most importantly, that opposition to good comes, and sticking to evil.

Vanga’s words:

  • Remember the truth: if a person is an unbeliever, then it is difficult to help him.
  • Children are sinless, but it is they who have to bear redemption for the deeds of their parents.

Vanga’s big prediction about Russia during the USSR (Soviet Union)

The USSR collapses, God, why? He will not be! The Republic will secede, there will be poverty in them, rivers of blood will be shed there. The seer received many cones precisely because of these phrases.

There will be many people who have ears but do not hear anything, not without eyes, but blind. Children will be abandoned by their mothers, brother will go against brother. Salvation will be sought one by one. A small fraction will be rich, and the whole people will be poor, and then everything will get worse. There will be many diseases, as flies die, and humanity will go to another world.

But the day will come when lies will leave the face of the Earth. There will be no theft and violence. There will be no war, and those who are still alive will understand that life is priceless and must be protected.

The famous writer of the USSR Mikhail Chulaki about the visions of the future of Vanga

I would like to say that earthquakes and floods have always been and will always be.

Here is what Mikhail Chulaki wrote about this: even if you believe in predictions, albeit at a home level, you must admit that famous prophetesses such as Vanga, as well as her imitators, their name is legion, are usually evil creatures. When all kinds of miracles are shown to impressionable people, it must be remembered that neither Vanga’s predictions, nor all kinds of astrologers, nor the holy fool in Christ informed the victims of accidents, earthquakes that took place after prophecies, and today there are extremely many such negative factors. The future will always be unexpected, the suddenness of accidents is inevitable.

Vanga’s predictions, if they came true, would make a paradox, exactly the same as the time machine: the possibility of returning to the past and correcting something in it will entail changes in the present. If only it were possible to predict future dangers, and even avoid them, then Vanga’s predictions would also change and go against the prophecy already made.

The famous Bulgarian is not a villain at all, she is a sweet old woman, she knows no more about the future than other people.

Generalization of Vanga’s predictions over the years

2000 to 3000

  • 2008 – Assassination attempts on 4 heads of government. Conflict in Hindustan. This will be one of the causes of the 3rd World War.
  • 2010 – Beginning of the 3rd World War. The war will begin in November 2010 and end in October 2014. It will start as a conventional one, then nuclear and then chemical weapons will be used first.
  • 2011 – As a result of radioactive fallout, neither animals nor vegetation will remain in the Northern Hemisphere. The Muslims would then launch chemical warfare against the surviving Europeans.
  • 2014 – Most people will suffer from ulcers, skin cancer and other skin diseases (a consequence of chemical warfare).
  • 2016 – Europe is almost deserted.
  • 2018 – China becomes the new world power. Developing countries are turning from exploited to exploiters.
  • 2024 – The Earth’s orbit will change slightly.
  • 2025 – Europe is still sparsely populated.
  • 2028 – Creation of a new energy source (probably a controlled thermonuclear reaction). Hunger is gradually overcome. A manned spacecraft is launched to Venus.
  • 2033 – Polar ice melts. The level of the World Ocean is rising.
  • 2043 – The world economy is booming. Muslims rule Europe.
  • 2046 – Any organs are grown. Organ replacement is becoming one of the best treatments.
  • 2066 – During the attack on Muslim Rome, the United States uses a new type of weapon – climate. Sharp cooling.
  • 2076 – Classless society (communism).
  • 2084 – Restoration of nature.
  • 2088 – A new disease – aging in a few seconds!!!
  • 2097 – Rapid aging is defeated.
  • 2100 – An artificial Sun illuminates the dark side of the Earth.
  • 2111 – People become cyborgs (living robots).
  • 2123 – Wars between small states. Powers do not interfere.
  • 2125 – In Hungary, they will receive signals from space (again, everyone will remember Vanga).
  • 2130 – Underwater colonies (with the help of alien advice).
  • 2164 Animals are turned into demi-humans.
  • 2167 – New religion.
  • 2170 – Great drought.
  • 2183 – A colony on Mars becomes a nuclear power and demands independence from Earth (as the United States once did from England).
  • 2187 – It will be possible to stop the eruption of 2 large volcanoes.
  • 2195 – Sea colonies are fully provided with both energy and food.
  • 2196 – Complete mixture of Asians and Europeans.
  • 2201 – Thermonuclear processes slow down on the Sun. It’s getting cold.
  • 2221 – In search of extraterrestrial life, humanity comes into contact with something terrible.
  • 2256 – The spacecraft brought a new terrible disease to Earth.
  • 2262 – The orbits of the planets gradually change. Mars is threatened by a comet.
  • 2271 – The changed physical constants are recalculated.
  • 2273 – Mixing of yellow, white and black races. New races.
  • 2279 – Energy from nothing (probably from vacuum or from black holes).
  • 2288 Time travel. New contacts with aliens.
  • 2291 – The sun cools down. Attempts are being made to light it again.
  • 2296 – Powerful solar flares. The force of attraction changes. Old space stations and satellites begin to fall.
  • 2299 – In France – a partisan movement against Islam.
  • 2302 – New important laws and secrets of the Universe are discovered.
  • 2304 – The secret of the moon is discovered.
  • 2341 – Something terrible is approaching the Earth from space.
  • 2354 – An accident at one of the artificial Suns causes a drought.
  • 2371 – Great famine.
  • 2378 – A new rapidly growing race.
  • 2480 – 2 artificial Suns collide. Earth at dusk.

3000 to 4000

  • 3005 – War on Mars. The trajectories of the planets will be broken.
  • 3010 – A comet will ram the moon. Around the Earth is a belt of stones and dust.
  • 3797 – By this time, all life on Earth will die, but humanity will be able to lay the foundations for a new life in another star system.
  • 3803 – The new planet is sparsely populated. Few people-to-people contacts. The climate of the new planet affects human organisms – they mutate.
  • 3805 – War between people for resources. More than half of the people die.
  • 3815 – The war is over.
  • 3854 – The development of civilization practically stops. People live in packs like animals.
  • 3871 – A new prophet tells people about moral values, religion.
  • 3874 – The new prophet receives the support of all segments of the population. A new Church is being organized.
  • 3878 – Aliens, together with the new Church, re-educate people in forgotten sciences.

4000 to 5000

  • 4302 – New cities are growing on the planet. The leadership of the new Church stimulates the development of technology and science.
  • 4302 – Development of science. Scientists discover common mechanisms in the influence of all diseases on the human body.
  • 4304 – Found a way to defeat any disease.
  • 4308 – Due to a mutation, people are finally starting to use their brains by more than 34%. The concept of evil and hatred disappears completely.
  • 4509 – Acquaintance with God. Man finally reaches such a level of development that he can communicate with God.
  • 4599 People acquire immortality.
  • 4674 – The development of civilization reaches its peak. The number of people living on different planets is about 340 billion. Assimilation with aliens begins.
  • 5076 – Found the edge of the universe. No one knows what is behind her.
  • 5078 – A decision is made to leave the boundaries of the universe. Although about 40 percent of the population is against.
  • 5079 – End of the world.

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