Predictions of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky about the “seal of the Beast” and the future of Russia

More than forty years have passed since the death of the wise old man Tavrion. Not all the clergy liked him, he cared too much about his flock, having received the recognition and love of the common people.

His life was filled with suffering and torment, but this did not embitter the righteous man, his love for people became even stronger. Even during his lifetime, he knew that his name would be desecrated for forty years. But the time has come to tell what kind of person Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky really was.

Rebellious Elder

In 1898, Tikhon Danilovich Batozsky was born into the family of a petty official. From childhood, the boy gravitated in faith, at the age of 8 he already became a servant in the church. After graduating from the zemstvo school, he studied at the seminary, wanting to take the veil as a monk.

At the age of 15, he went to the Glinsk Hermitage, a male monastery of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. Having a talent for drawing, he worked in an icon-painting workshop. At the same time, he studied at missionary courses.

In 1914-1918. was at the front, then returned to the monastery again, where he was tonsured a monk with the name Tavrion.

In those days, monasteries and temples were massively closed, this fate did not pass and the Glinsk Hermitage. The monk Tavrion had to look for another monastery. He became a resident of the Novospassky Monastery in Moscow. There he graduated from the drawing school, and became a real master of painting.

Three years later, this monastery was also closed. The newly minted hieromonk had to move first to the diocese of Kursk, and then to Vitebsk, where the still quite young Tavrion became hegumen and received the post of rector of the Markov-Troitsky Monastery. Later he became the rector of the church in Perm, received the rank of archimandrite.

The Soviet government mercilessly cracked down on high-ranking clergy and deeply religious people, trying to eradicate faith in the Lord and build a new society of atheists. In 1929, Archimandrite Tavrion was arrested for the first time, and exiled to camps for three years.

After his release, he worked as an artist, visited secret Orthodox communities, where he instructed believers in strengthening the faith. Before the start of the Second World War, he was again arrested and “soldered” for 8 years in the camps. At first he worked at a logging site, then the regime was softened and sent to the cultural part.

He received an early release, but they did not release Tavrion, but exiled him to Kazakhstan, where he again worked as an artist. He received his final release only in 1956, after which he went to his native Glinskaya Pustyn, becoming the abbot of the monastery.

The cathedral of the elders of the monastery at first received the new rector benevolently, as a former novice. But after Tavrion decided to introduce changes that were contrary to the charter of the Glinskaya Hermitage, the council of elders violently opposed the new reforms.

The top leadership took the side of the elders, and Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky was transferred first to the Pochaev Lavra, then to Ufa, Yaroslavl, and Riga. In general, the old man was vilified throughout the Soviet Union.

The elder did not develop relations with the highest leadership, but ordinary people loved him, and constantly turned to him for prayer advice and instructions. Tavrion received fame as an excellent confessor. Spiritual children from many cities of the USSR came to him.

What is the future of the world

The elder was our contemporary, but he could not even imagine how “digital” the planet would soon become. And yet the righteous man described in detail what future awaits our country and other powers.


Predictions of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky about the "seal of the Beast" and the future of Russia

Today, all goods have barcodes, which can be used to determine the origin of a particular product. The archimandrite, foreseeing their wide distribution, considered the figures unpleasing. And he recommended making a reserve of things not marked with dashes and numbers.

“The mark of the beast will be under the guise of the numbers of the Old Testament Solomon’s treasury. And there will be some sticks, and three – long or short, as he thinks. Will be on all products. Stock up on those things that do not have these lines.

World digitalization

Humanity will forget about live dialogue, citizens of all countries will turn their attention to soulless machines that will replace the love of their relatives.

The passports will have the same dashes as on the products. But the execution of such documents will lead to the disappearance of God’s Grace. The mercy of the Lord will also disappear from the new temples, which will grow like mushrooms and berries after a summer rain. Divine energy remains only in old churches and monasteries.

But this is not scary, but getting into the world computer, which, according to Elder Tavrion, is a tool of the Antichrist. The devil includes the soul that has fallen into the web into the Book of Death, and there is no turning back from there. Christians who entered this computer renounce Christ, from faith, their souls after death will experience hellish torments, until the Second Coming.

Relations with China

Predictions of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky about the "seal of the Beast" and the future of Russia

The righteous man predicted that the Celestial Empire would not fight with Russia, but would use our state as a kind of corridor for moving its troops. With whom China will have a war, the elder did not say. It can be assumed that these will be European states.

Tavrion also said that many Chinese, once on the territory of Russia, would convert to Orthodoxy and become defenders of the Christian faith.

Relations with the USA

Archimandrite Tavrion had a negative attitude towards the States, perhaps that is why his words about America were very harsh. He compared the United States to a dog that barks at a bear and excites other dogs with its bark. But nothing more – to bite, tear – the States will not be able to.

The elder was convinced that the strength of our state lies in Orthodoxy. And if the Russian people keep the faith, repent for the murder of the tsar, then soon the reign of the true Sovereign will await him, who will return Russia to its former power and wealth.

The soul of the great old man flew to the Lord on March 13, 1978. At the funeral, there were many parishioners and spiritual children who wanted to see their confessor on his last journey. Eyewitnesses said that multi-colored light, like a rainbow, poured from the sky onto the grave of an old man.

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