The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

You know, we live in an amazing time! Now there is so much information around that it is sometimes difficult to understand it if you do not have some guidelines. The matter is aggravated by yet another aggravation in international rhetoric. The common man does not want to watch the news. There, whatever they say, almost everything scares. However, there are other sources that many recognize as their own guidelines. This refers to the predictions of seers about the future. Agree, they may well become bridges along which consciousness will calmly cross over the raging information hurricane. Let’s take a look at what kind of prophecy about Russia can become our support, help us get through difficult times, strengthen faith in happiness, if not for us, then for the children – for sure.

Plurality of Predictions

It should be noted that Russia was spoken about more than once. Books have been written, research is being done on predictions. Films are being made, people themselves are trying to convey prophecies to others, they are analyzing, studying, comparing. All this is then released to the public. The most interesting is the prophecy about Russia, part of which has already come true. Agree, after all, clairvoyants lived hundreds of years before our time. And their visions were not limited to the twenty-first century. So, many of their prophecies can be considered fulfilled.

Let’s take Wang. She loved Russia and spoke about it with pleasure and with some special trepidation. Among the published visions there is one that concerned the Kursk. If you watched a movie about this witch, then you probably remember: everyone thought that she was talking about the city, and the disaster happened to the submarine. Vanga’s prophecy about Russia is considered one of the most popular. People love to listen and read positive information. Let’s get acquainted with the predictions of the Bulgarian witch in more detail.

Vanga: a prophecy about Russia

You should start with the recent affairs (in relation to eternity). Around the eighties of the last century, Vanga had to answer the question about the likelihood of a Third World War. Her words sounded unexpected and were not understood. She literally said the following: “Syria has not yet fallen.” In those days, nothing foreshadowed the troubles of this prosperous country, however, like the USSR. However, now we see the importance of Syria for global security. Many are waiting for news about the ups and downs of the war in this country and worry about Assad. Recall that from the moment when the seer predicted this situation, about thirty years have passed. But back to Russia. The Bulgarian clairvoyant considered her the future stronghold of the world. Vanga’s prophecy about Russia is filled with unprecedented warmth and pride. She said that it was this country that would give the world hope in the most terrible times.

What Vanga saw Russia

The seer predicted many troubles for our world. She believed that people would wallow in sin. Russia will be cleared first. A new philosophical doctrine will arise on its territory. It will spread throughout the planet, leading people to light and peace. Other religions will gradually disappear. It is important that, according to Vanga, this is already happening! It was delivered in 1979. The seer named the exact date, in twenty years! That is, we are already in a new reality. And of course, the most famous is the mysterious phrase about the glory of Russia and Vladimir. It will never fade, nothing will stop the greatness of this country. Russia will be the spiritual leader of the whole world. And the current hegemon – America – will bow before her. In addition, already in those days, the seer knew about the collapse of the USSR, which occurred much later. She repeated that the Slavs would unite again in a new capacity. She also wished

However, the seer warned that the “golden age” would have to be paid dearly. Many sacrifices would be made, she repeated. But nothing can break Russia and stop it. There are also strange words in the film, which were not understood by many at that time. Vanga said that in Russia “the dead will stand next to the living.” Experts gave them some abstract meaning and could not explain what the clairvoyant meant. The event that Vanga spoke about happened before our eyes! There is no doubt that the seer had in mind the action “Immortal Regiment”, when, in response to the aggression of the West, the people demonstrated the cohesion and devotion to the great ancestors, which is so necessary for society. The strength of the spirit of all generations of Russians was awakened by this action. Vanga could not describe it in more detail, or maybe she did not see the details. But the essence of the event conveyed completely.

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

Messing’s prophecies about Russia

To our deep regret, this clairvoyant did not like to reveal the secrets of the future. He, as contemporaries testify, tried to confine himself to answering specific questions. Fame brought him that he named the exact dates of the beginning and end of World War II. However, it cannot be said that he was not at all interested in the events of the future. He kept diaries in which he recorded visions. After the death of Messing, they were seized. And now the content of the manuscripts is kept under the heading “secret”.

Messing’s well-known prophecies about Russia are that the country will become stronger and freer only after the collapse of the USSR. We have all been through this together. Therefore, the situation can be expected to improve. Messing devoted a lot of time to ordinary people. He was happy to talk with them, tried to help reveal purely specific personal questions and secrets. That is, he devoted himself to serving the people. By the way, the clairvoyant considered his abilities to be the most ordinary. He claimed that everyone has them. It’s just that people don’t develop them.

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

Elders about Russia

You know, there are special people among believers. Through prayer and fasting they reach an extraordinary state. They receive information about the future. Sometimes they share it with contemporaries. They write down the prophecies of the elders.

Much has been said about the future of Russia. The main thing is that the people of this country need to remember about faith in God. It is in spirituality that the revival of the Russian state lies. Note that the prophecies of the elders about the future of Russia are ambiguous. Matthew Vresfensky said that the country would be reborn and begin to grow stronger. However, almost the whole world will take up arms against her. The elder foresaw a big war. It will start in Yugoslavia (it has already happened) and take billions of lives. Russia will endure everything and create a “just kingdom”. It will unite other countries around itself, but will not conquer them.

Other prophecies of the elders about Russia are not so optimistic from the point of view of modern man. The fact is that they believed in the end of the world. That’s what they were talking about. But before the end of times, Russia is destined to be reborn. It will become the main state on the planet. Elder Vladislav (Shumov) predicts war with China and Germany. And it will happen at the same time. Everything will be on fire, but Russia will stand. It is interesting that the Chinese who came to the territory of the country will become Orthodox.

Troubles predicted by Russia

Not everything in the visions of clairvoyants is as magnificent as we would like. The prophecies of the elders about the future of Russia contain information about troubles and troubles. In addition to wars, they predict climatic and environmental disasters. Thus, Lavrentiy Chernigovskiy said back in the forties of the last century that people would have to go through a long period of schisms and heresy. But faith will live in a few. It is they who will lead Russia to the light. She will be reborn by the cares of the Queen of Heaven.

Many prophecies of the elders about Russia speak of the revival of the monarchy. They believed that a person appointed by the Lord himself, that is, the anointed of God, should lead the country. He will be a very strong and honest person. He will revive Orthodoxy, as sincere faith burns in his soul. People will love and trust him. This is how the elders saw the future of Russia.

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)


The French astrologer left many manuscripts in which he talked about his visions. Some quatrains tell about the fate of Russia. He called it the new Babylon.

By the way, the prophecies of Nostradamus about Russia have been tested by time. Some of them have already come true. For example, the execution of the royal family and the coming to the leadership of Stalin. Nostradamus also talked about the greatness of Russia. He believed that the people would become one Messiah. Under the leadership of Russia, the whole world “will go to beat the robbers.” This is how his quatrains are translated.

Researchers believe that such events are already beginning. Nostradamus built his predictions in chronological order. If you believe his quatrains, then the heyday of Russia began in 2014. Further, no tests can break or destroy it. The prophecy about Russia of Nostradamus is considered one of the most popular. Interestingly, an astrologer in the sixteenth century predicted the development of mankind for millennia ahead. He has seen the fall of empires and the pain of nations. His quatrains contain information about the termination and emergence of dynasties. He considered Russia to be the country that would bring prosperity to the world. He said that here they would be able to overcome aggressiveness and build a fair order. And the whole world will follow Russia.

I must say that many of the seer’s quatrains have already been deciphered. It was recognized that his predictions reflect the events that occurred. Therefore, attention to the works of Nostradamus does not weaken. It is constantly being studied. He is rightfully considered one of the most popular soothsayers and mysterious personalities.

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

Paisiy Svyatogorets

The elder, who lived in Greece, was practically our contemporary. His words are listened to mainly among sincere believers. Paisius Svyatogorets gave a lot of soul strength for the revival of Orthodoxy. He collected prophecies about Russia in a book. It says that the country will have to fight. The arena of action will be the Middle East. Here the forces of China, Russia and Europe will clash. According to Starets, Turkey will disappear from the map. The people here will convert to Orthodoxy. He also talked a lot about the role of the Jews, who will suffer a well-deserved punishment.

We will not argue that the predictions of the Elder are the most popular. However, they are consistent with the visions of other clairvoyants that Russia needs to strengthen its spirit and faith in the Lord. Only the strong will win, drive evil from the earth. And apart from Russia, there will be no one to do this. So thought Elder Paisios the Holy Mountaineer. Prophecies about Russia sounded from different parts of the world and times. It should be noted that their popularity depends on the audience. But there are also such predictions that have become known to everyone.

Seraphim Vyritsky

This Elder, who lived at the beginning of the last century, saw much suffering in the future of Russia. He grieved that godlessness would descend on the earth and warned others about it. “We need to pray, renouncing sin,” said Seraphim Vyritsky.

The prophecies about Russia made by him were of a spiritual nature. The elder believed that only patience would save the people. The Lord Himself will have mercy on him, then an unprecedented dawn awaits the country. But before that, you have to endure a lot of things. By the way, Seraphim Vyritsky made prophecies about Russia during conversations with ordinary people who came to him for a blessing. So, in 1939, he did not order one visitor to marry. He predicted a great war, which actually happened. He also gave a lot of advice to parishioners. And he invariably repeated that the glory of the country lies in the patience of its people. The suffering of the spirit will strengthen and allow you to overcome all the devilish temptations and persecutions. Many prophecies of the saints about Russia were devoted to this topic. They all saw the hard times ahead. This refers to wars, and revolution, and perestroika. However, their confidence

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

About hard times

You know, many prophecies about the future of Russia are connected with the decline of spirituality. In this, the clairvoyants saw the great sin of the people. As we now see for ourselves, the country had a hard time in the last century. The perspicacious Elders saw this.

Orthodox prophecies about Russia are connected precisely with the fact that people will turn away from the church and become atheists. Seraphim of Sarov said that few believers would remain, then great troubles would descend on these lands. He predicted: “Angels will not have time to receive the souls of the dead.” This has already been fulfilled and concerned the revolution and the Great Patriotic War.

Even the Elder was sure that Russia was waiting for a revival. It will become the greatest power on the planet, uniting all the Slavs. Approximately the same saw the future Matrona of Moscow. She spoke of the times when one would have to choose between the material and the spiritual. But the Lord will not leave this land, she repeated.

If we analyze all the prophecies about the future of Russia, then we will come to the conclusion that by suffering the people will deserve that “golden age” that some clairvoyants speak of. They selected words and images according to the period in which they lived. Therefore, they have to be deciphered for the modern reader. But the meaning is clear. First, Russia will come to greatness through suffering. Secondly, and more importantly, the approach of this happy time depends on people. Literally from everyone. It is necessary to work with the soul, rejecting temptations, cultivating faith and steadfastness in oneself. The Athonite prophecies about Russia do not contradict this idea either.

So, relatively recently Schema-Archimandrite Stefan said that a difficult fate awaits the United States. This country is destined to completely perish. Its inhabitants will be embraced by Russia and Serbia. No one else will find the strength to show compassion for these people. For that the Lord will reward Russia.


It should be noted that the described prophecies for the most part do not concern the distant and foggy future, but our present. Right now is the moment when Russia is at a fork in the road. Remember, as in a fairy tale: a good fellow stood in front of a stone and thought where to go next. So are the people of Russia. Now is not the time to seek prophecy. Now they need to be fulfilled. And in this case, the strength of every citizen who considers himself a resident of this country is needed. The souls will unite into a monolith, and that great nation, about which the seer and the Holy Elders spoke, will be born. Just not by itself. The reader also needs to take part in this, and everyone around. We are the ones who will fulfill the prophecies or perish with the country.

Predictions of the prophets about the rulers and the future of Russia

At all times, people wanted to look into the future of their country and get to know its rulers. Monk Abel, Nostradamus, Vasily Nemchin, Maria Duval, Vanga agreed in their prophecies that after a period of unrest in Russia, prosperity will begin again and this is connected with the fate of the new ruler who will come after Tsar Boris (he will go to the Labyrinth), Dwarf with a dark face and his unintelligent protégé…

ABEL monk (1757-1841) – Russian soothsayer. Peasant origin. For his predictions (of the days and even hours of the death of Empress Catherine II and Emperor Paul I, the invasion of the French and the burning of Moscow), he repeatedly ended up in a fortress and prisons, and in total he spent about 20 years in prison. By order of Emperor Nicholas I, A. was imprisoned in the Spaso-Efimevsky Monastery, where he died. In “Russian Antiquity” for 1875, excerpts from A.’s letters, from his “Life” and “very terrible books” were printed.

After seven decades of abomination and desolation, demons will flee from Russia. Those that remain will dress up in “sheep disguises” while remaining “predatory wolves”. Demons will rule Russia, but under different banners. A second Boris, a giant titan, will appear in Russia. Russia will be on the verge of disintegration and destruction, and under the guise of the revival of its former greatness, the last thing that remains will be destroyed. After the last three years of abomination and desolation, when dog children will torment Russia, the Giant will leave in such a way that no one will expect this, leaving behind many unsolvable mysteries. The giant will wander through the labyrinth, and a small man with a black face will sit on his shoulders. A small man with a black face will be half bald, half hairy. He will remain unknown for a long time, and then he will play the role of a servant. He will come from a southern family. He will change appearance twice. Russia will suffer great disasters from him. There will be a war in the Prometheus Mountains (Caucasus) lasting 15 years. There will be a third Tauride war – a crescent moon will appear there and the torn Taurida will bleed. And then they will put an unintelligent young man on the throne, but soon he, along with his retinue, will be declared impostors and driven from Russia. Demons rushing to power will hopelessly smash against a bear’s head and paws into which the spirit of the Russian ancestors will be embodied.
And the most terrible for Russia ten kings for an hour / thirty tyrants for an hour / will come:
a man with a helmet and a visor who does not reveal his face / a faceless swordsman, a man chained in chain mail, a man shedding blood /;

The man from the swamp. His eyes are greenish. He will be in power when he has two fives. He had a mortal wound, but it is healed. He fell, but rose again to unattainable heights and began to avenge everyone for his humiliation. And there will be blood Great blood in three, in seven, and through the fall of the green-eyed. It won’t be calculated for a long time. Then he will be thrown into the abyss;
The other will be long-nosed. Everyone will hate him, but he will be able to rally a great force around him;
A person sitting on two tables (thrones) will seduce five more like him, but on the fourth step of the ladder they will fall ingloriously;
Man with impure skin. He will be half bald and half hairy;
Marked will flash like a meteor and will be replaced by
Lame /crippled/, who will terribly cling to power;
Then the Great Lady with golden hair will lead a trio of golden chariots.
In the very south of the black Arap kingdom, a leader in a blue turban will arise. He will throw terrible lightning and turn many countries into ashes. There will be a great exhausting war of the cross with the crescent, in which the Moors will intervene for 15 years. Carthage will be destroyed, which will be resurrected and the prince of Carthage will be the third pillar of the unification of the armies of the crescent. There will be three waves in this war – there and back.

When a terrible death threatens everyone, the Swift Sovereign /Great Horseman, short-lived great sovereign, the Great Potter/ will come. If he is pure in soul and thoughts, he will bring down his sword on robbers and thieves. Not a single thief will escape reprisal or shame.
Five boyars close to the tsar will be put on trial.
The first boyar is a judge.
The second boyar flees abroad and will be caught there.
The third will be the governor.
The fourth will be red.
The fifth boyar will be found dead in his bed.
The Great Renewal will begin. There will be great joy in Russia – the return of the crown and the acceptance of the whole big tree under the crown. The three branches of the tree will merge into one after the flight of the demonic, and there will be a single tree.

There are many prophecies about the future of Russia. One of the most detailed and unusual belongs to the Russian astrologer and soothsayer Vasily Nemchin.

Anticipating his words about what awaits us in the coming years, it makes sense to mention those of his predictions that related to the recent past. Describing the last century in his manuscript, Vasily Nemchin says:

“In the first 15th year there will be a great war.” 1915 is the height of the First World War. “When the years are thrice 15, there will be great joy in Russia.” 1945 is the year of victory in the Great Patriotic War. All his predictions are based on 15 year cycles. He also speaks of the time “four times 15”, describing a great desecration of the sky. It (the sky) “will be plowed open, and the wicked will dare to argue with the angels of heaven themselves, for which they will be punished greatly.” “Four times 15” is 1960. This practically coincides with the year of the first manned flight into space. “5 times 15”, that is, in 1975, he says, “a great peace will be established throughout Europe and Asia.” Indeed, the Helsinki Agreement was signed in 1975.

About the “tyrant” Vasily Nemchin writes that he “will come out of the ground like an unholy grave spirit” and will be “twice buried.” Stalin was indeed buried twice – once in the mausoleum, and the other in the ground. But, the prophet writes, even when he is buried, his spirit will “excite and stir” people, and “his spirit will be kept by three elders associated with the forces of darkness, and the last of them will have the seal of the Antichrist, that is” three sixes will be incarnated.

The prophet considered the events of 1990 to be a turning point. According to him, this is “the time of demonic flight.” And, indeed, it all started in 1989, and the collapse of the USSR took place in 1991. 1990 was indeed the culminating point.

Further, Vasily Nemchin writes that the “last”, seventh 15th anniversary remains, when “demons will rule Russia, but under different banners.” It is this, this seventh 15th anniversary, which, according to the prophet, will turn out to be the most terrible for Russia, especially “the first 3 years of a nightmare.” Both in the 3rd and in the 7th 15th anniversary, he says, THERE WILL BE A DECISIVE BATTLE WITH SATAN ON THE TERRITORY OF RUSSIA, Russia, in his opinion, will be on the eve of complete disintegration and destruction, and under the guise of the restoration of ancient greatness, that the last thing left.

However, everyone who will strive for power will “hopelessly break on a bear’s head and paws”, in which the “spirit of Russian ancestors” will be embodied.

In Nemchin’s predictions about the recent past, there is a mention of the “second titan” (apparently, this is Boris Yeltsin), to whom he predicted a very strange and unexpected departure. “HE WILL LEAVE SO THAT NO ONE WILL EXPECT IT, he will leave, leaving behind many unsolvable mysteries.”

In addition, it is written that “he will leave through the labyrinth and the search for descendants who will hope to unravel the mystery will turn out to be hopeless.” The Russian seer compares the second “titan” with someone else, “of the same name with him”, who also ruled Russia in troubled times and indicates that “one was small, and the other was big.” Here we are talking about Boris Godunov, who really was of small stature. But if about Boris Godunov he claims for sure that he will die from poison, then about the modern titan, he just as categorically says that this one “will leave through the labyrinth.” What a strange symbolic image! And this will happen “after three years of abomination and desolation, unbelief and searches”, after the time when “dog children will torment Russia”.

The seventh 15 years is a persistent attempt by satanic forces to regain full priority. He also talks about some “long-nosed” who “everyone will hate” and who will be able to “rally a great force around himself”, “A man sitting on two tables,” the seer writes, will seduce five more like him on 4 on the th rung of the ladder they will fall ingloriously.” The “table” in this case is the “throne”, that is, we are talking about someone who combines two positions, two “thrones”. There is also a mention of some “lame”, “crippled”, who will also cling to power very much, the 5th year after 1991, according to Vasily Nemchin, will be a sharp turning point. “Many people will gather in the old city to greet the new man, THERE WILL BE A GREAT JOY WHICH ENDS IN SORRY.”

Then he writes about “a crocodile devouring people”, about some kind of monsters coming out of cans, test tubes and retorts. These monsters will “replace people.” He writes that “THE SOULLESS MONKEYS WILL OWN MANY CITIES… The sea will overflow its banks and be stained with blood. It will be at the turn of the century.” But near 2005, writes Nemchin, there will be “great joy – the return of the crown”, and then the “acceptance under the crown” of the entire “big tree”, in which there will be three “shoots”. In time, this will approximately coincide with the restoration of the monarchy among the Franks – “the French dynasty will return again.” This also corresponds to the words of Nostardamus about the return of the Bourbons. Rano Nero also writes about the restoration of many monarchies in Europe. Vasily Nemchin says that first the French king will regain his position, and then the Russian one, and they will be bound by some kind of ties.

About the rulers of Russia, Nemchin also writes that 10 Tsars will rise from the troubled kingdom. And after them, another person will begin to rule, different from all the previous rulers. He will be a sage and esoteric, who owns secret knowledge, he will be mortally ill, but he will completely heal himself – the “Great Potter”.

He promulgates the concept of the New State, built exclusively on an absolutely independent economy, based solely on self-sufficient principles. The “Great Potter” will come to the very pinnacle of Russian power when two fives come together personally with him.

Under the “Great Potter” there will be a union of 15 leaders who will create a New Great Power. The state of Russia will be recreated within new borders.


I. Ten “kings” before the coming of the “Great Potter”:

1. Ulyanov (Lenin) – 1918 – 1923
2. Stalin I.V. – 1924 – 1953
3. Khrushchev N.S. – 1953 – 1964
4. Brezhnev L.I. – 1964 – 1983
5. Andropov Yu. – 1983 – 1984
6. Chernenko K. – 1984 – 1985
7. Gorbachev M.S. – 1985 – 1991
8. Yeltsin B.N. – 1991 – 1999
9. Putin V.V. – 2000 – 2008
10. Medvedev. YES. – 2008 – 20?? G.

II. A person who owns fundamentally new knowledge and technologies.

III. A person who survived after, as the people say, after wounds incompatible with life.

IV. This person turns 55 in 2011 or 2012.

Soothsayers of different eras and religions are unanimous in one thing, HE is coming. It’s not just a coincidence, it’s worth considering. Elections a year later. And this year we will have the opportunity to see and hear it. And in 2012, make a choice in which RUSSIA we want to live.

Looking into the future, Vasily Nemchin speaks of many difficult trials. He talks about the numerous desecrations of the sky, about the “conquest of the red planet.” In the middle of the 15th anniversary, “a terrible death will threaten everyone,” all of humanity. He sees some kind of event that will “shake everyone in the middle of the 15th anniversary.” And yet, according to the prophet, humanity will be saved, survive and become only stronger from such shocks. But in the south, a war with “three different sides” will rage, “blacks” will intervene in it, united by a terrible leader who “eats human meat.”

The war will last 6 years and end with “the victorious march of the Frankish sovereign and two northern leaders.” At the same time, RUSSIA WILL UNITE WITH TWO OTHER “BRANCHES”, SOMETIME SEPARATED FROM IT. There will be a union of 15 leaders who will create a new state.

Vasily Nemchin has another interesting prediction regarding the Far East, which will become a completely separate state, especially the “island-fish”. Apparently, we are talking about Sakhalin, where a new race of people will appear. “Mighty tiger people will give rise to a state”, where “whites will unite with yellows”. The rest of the territories will remain connected with Russia, except for the “fire-breathing country of Kashma”; the local “golden tyrant” will lead the country to great prosperity. By the way, this “golden leader” will subsequently fight with the Sakhalin Republic. But this will happen in more distant times, when the seas overflow their banks, ENGLAND WILL BE FLOODED, AND THE CRIMEA WILL BECOME AN ISLAND.

In “Prometheus Mountains” (in the Caucasus), Nemchin foresees “15 years of war.” And here is what the prophet writes about scientific and technological progress: he says that there will be “flying cities”, and people from the Moon will talk with people from the Earth, and we will see that the sky over the Moon is the same as over the Earth. And people will fly”, “like the angels of heaven”, without sitting in “iron balls” or “iron boats” for this. AND THEN WILL BE PEACE AND PROSPERITY ON THE EARTH.

But before that, big shocks await us. He writes about some “reasonable talking plants” and that after the 21st century the most terrible test for people “will come out of the abyss of the sea.” It will be “a mind alien to man.” Maybe we are talking about some terrible mutations among marine animals, which in the end will give rise to “monsters” dragging ships and fighting land.” It is worth noting that the topic of the future of Russia is quite popular on many forums and blogs, since it concerns each of us.

Paracelsus’ prediction

There is one people that Herodotus called Hyperboreans – the progenitors of all peoples and all earthly civilizations – Aryans, which means “noble”, and the current name of the original land of this ancient people is Muscovy. Hyperborea in their turbulent future history will know a lot – both a terrible decline with a great variety of all kinds of disasters and a powerful great flourishing with a great number of all kinds of blessings, which will come already at the beginning of the 21st century, i.e. even before 2040.

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted:

“The 20th century will not have time to end, when the collapse of communism will come in the USSR, but Russia, freed from communism, will not progress, but a very difficult crisis, however, after 2010 the former USSR will be reborn, but will be reborn in a new form. It is Russia that will lead the revived civilization of the Earth, and Siberia will become the center of this revival of the whole world. Through Russia, the hope of a lasting and just peace will come to the rest of the world.
Each person will begin to live for the sake of his neighbor, and this principle of life was born precisely in Russia, but many years will pass before it crystallizes, but it is Russia that will give this hope to the whole world. The new Leader of Russia will not be known to anyone for many years, but one day, he will suddenly come to power thanks to the power of his new completely unique technologies, which no one else will have to resist him. And then he will take all the supreme power of Russia into his own hands and no one will be able to resist him. Subsequently, he will become the Lord of the World, will become the Law that brings light and prosperity to everything that exists on the planet … His intellect will allow him to master all the technologies that the entire race of people have dreamed of throughout his existence, he will create unique new machines, which will allow him and his associates to become fantastically strong and powerful almost like Gods, and his intellect will allow him and his associates to become practically immortal … The rest of the people will call him himself, and even his descendants, who live for 600 years, nothing more than Gods … him, his descendants, his associates, there will be no lack of anything – neither clean fresh water, nor food, nor clothes, nor energy, nor weapons, for the reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when all the rest the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” and his intellect will allow him and his comrades-in-arms to become practically immortal… The rest of the people will call him himself, and even his descendants, living for 600 years, nothing but Gods… He, his descendants, his comrades-in-arms will not lack anything – not in clean fresh water, neither in food, nor in clothing, nor in energy, nor in weapons, to reliably protect all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” and his intellect will allow him and his comrades-in-arms to become practically immortal… The rest of the people will call him himself, and even his descendants, living for 600 years, nothing but Gods… He, his descendants, his comrades-in-arms will not lack anything – not in clean fresh water, neither in food, nor in clothing, nor in energy, nor in weapons, to reliably protect all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” and even his descendants, who live for 600 years only as Gods … He, his descendants, his associates will not lack anything – neither clean fresh water, nor food, nor clothes, nor energy, nor weapons , for the reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” and even his descendants, who live for 600 years only as Gods … He, his descendants, his associates will not lack anything – neither clean fresh water, nor food, nor clothes, nor energy, nor weapons , for the reliable protection of all these benefits, at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ” at a time when the rest of the world will be in chaos, poverty, hunger and even cannibalism. … God will be with him … He will revive the Religion of Monotheism and create a culture based on goodness and justice. He himself and his new race will create centers of a new culture and a new technological civilization throughout the world … His home, and the home of his new race will be in the South of Siberia … ”

Clairvoyant Vanga predicted in 1996

“A new man under the sign of the New Teaching will appear in Russia, and he will rule Russia all his life … The new teaching will come from Russia – this is the most ancient and most true teaching – will spread throughout the world and the day will come when all religions in the world will disappear and be replaced this is the new philosophical teaching of the Fiery Bible.
Russia is the progenitor of all Slavic states, and those that separated from it will soon return to it in a new capacity. Socialism will return to Russia in a new form, there will be large collective and cooperative agriculture in Russia, and the former Soviet Union will be restored again, but the union is already new. Russia will grow stronger and grow, no one can stop Russia, there is no such force that could break Russia. Russia will sweep away everything in its path, and not only survive, but also become the sole undivided “mistress of the world”, and even America in the 2030s will recognize the complete superiority of Russia. Russia will again become a strong and powerful real empire, and will again be called by the old ancient name Rus.

Prophecy of the soothsayer Max Handel

“The Highest Initiate will appear publicly at the very end of the present era, this will happen when a sufficiently large number of ordinary citizens themselves wish to completely voluntarily submit to such a Leader. This is how the ground will be created for the emergence of the New Race, and all current races and nations will cease to exist… It is from the Slavs that the New People of the Earth will come… Humanity will form the United Spiritual Brotherhood… The main factor that will advance the Slavic race much higher than their current state will be music, and it is music that will allow, even in the absence of proper intelligence, to mentally rise much higher in the level of harmony … ”

Astrological forecast of astrologer Sergey Popov

“In 2011-2012, Uranus will leave the sign of Pisces, and Neptune will leave the sign of Aquarius – this will end the period of “prosperity” of the current Russian oligarchic elite, new people will come to power in Russia, patriotically oriented and in mental potential corresponding to the tasks facing Russia. Russia is a global locomotive of development, pulling everyone else along with it, a monopoly on the latest technologies will pass to it, Russia will have a “bright future” and a period of prosperity. It is to Russia that the Center of World Politics will shift.

Predictions of the French clairvoyant and astrologer Marie Duval

“Against the backdrop of a global depression, an exceptionally bright future awaits Russia and an enviable fate awaits the Russians – it is Russia that will be the first to get out of the crisis, stand firmly on its feet, acquire a strong army, continue its development and even lend money to many European countries … By 2014, Russia will become the richest power and the standard of living of an average Russian will already reach the current very high standard of living of an average European, and all citizens of Russia will have approximately the same wealth, but in order to acquire this power, they will have to pay a certain price – Russia will have to fight with someone. All mankind is on the verge of the birth of a new world, in which new inventions await us, including a cure for old age, which increases life expectancy up to 140 years,

Predictions of the Italian clairvoyant Mavis

Russia has a very interesting future, which absolutely no one in the world expects from Russia.
It is the Russians who will initiate the rebirth of the entire World. And no one imagines how deep these changes will be in the whole wide world, caused precisely by Russia. In Russia, even the deepest province will come to life, a lot of new cities will appear and grow on the very periphery … Russia will reach such a uniquely high level of development, which is not now and even by that time not even the most developed state in the world will have … Then after Russia all the other countries will also follow… The former current Western path of development of earthly civilization will very soon replace the new one, and namely the Russian path.

American clairvoyant Jane Dixon

The natural disasters of the early 21st century and all the global disasters they caused will affect Russia least of all, and they will affect Russian Siberia even less. Russia will have the opportunity for rapid and powerful development. The hopes of the World and its revival will come precisely from Russia.

American clairvoyant Danton Brinky

“Follow Russia – which way Russia will go, the rest of the World will follow the same way”

Predictions of 1996 by clairvoyant Valeria Koltsova

“By 2009, a powerful World Economic Crisis will ripen – this crisis will shake America more than the Great Depression, the dollar will depreciate and turn into a useless piece of paper, and the Russian ruble will take its place in the world for oil trading, which will then become a single world currency, since the euro , like the collapsed US dollar, will also not justify itself … In the period from 2010 to the end of 2012, a huge tsunami wave will cover New York and all the cities of the US East Coast. A hysterical terrible panic will begin in America, people will be urgently evacuated and relocated to other cities … And since then, a gradual but inevitable flooding of the oceans of the lands of North America and Western Europe with water will begin … During this period of economic crisis and natural disasters, the United States will be ruled by “black ” The president,

Not far off is the new year, which will bring changes that await the majority of the inhabitants of Russia. The most long-awaited predictions for Russia will not turn out to be true, since the previous prophecies of these people have come true.
Global catastrophes and maneuvers of politicians, the economic situation of the country, social policy, and unexpected innovations. People will change their attitude towards oracles and become more careful.
For the world in 2018, a turning point is prepared, and only one thing can help to quickly come to prosperity – morality and honesty.
The predictions of clairvoyants, astrologers, psychics, the predictions of saints are suspiciously similar and speak of one thing – changes are coming in the daily and not only. So what awaits Russia in 2018?

The astrological forecast for 2018 for Russia is very multifaceted. We will enter the year of the yellow dog, which will show its teeth, subject to deceit. This means that processes and relationships that are built on lies and profit will be in decline .
The economy and ecology will begin to rise after some shake-up, provided by a negligent attitude towards natural resources, humanity will begin to listen more closely to natural processes. Man’s craving for harmony with nature will improve the lives of many. One question remains – what awaits the world in a new role, how will the international community react to the changes in Russia?

Family, loyalty, integrity and spirituality – these components of society will weigh more.

Business can take on a completely different shape, and those who take humanity, honesty and sincerity as a basis will be able to achieve significant heights.
Politicians will decide to take a course towards unification, strengthening relations with the countries of the former Soviet Union.
Astrologers’ predictions for 2018 are full of hopes for the emergence of a new peacemaker in the country – a person who will create or open the way to reconciliation of the warring states.

Pavel Globa sees the end of the crisis and the beginning of dawn

Already at the end of this year, as a modern astrologer, a period of stability will begin, which may be mistaken for stagnation. In fact, this moment will be the starting point for the rise.
Predictions for 2018 for Russia are literally extraordinary, but there are many similar positions in them. No natural disasters should be expected, and global climate change should not be feared. The average weather for Russia will remain normal.
The astrologer, like some interpreters of visions, hints that the North and Siberia will make their own adjustments, and from there a new movement will begin, bringing a breath of fresh air into the stagnant one. The West, as a measure, will cease to exist, and people will begin to pay attention to the origins.
Science and art will develop in conjunction with spirituality. Pavel Globa sees a new person who will significantly turn the course of history and direct it in a different direction.

Nostradamus’ hint at progress and changes in values

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

Starting from 2016, according to the notes of Nostradamus, Russia is entering a phase of rebirth, and 18 years along this path is a turning point when you need to get rid of the ballast and move forward with a wealth of experience.

People will become the most valuable material, spiritually rich people will occupy their proper places. Education and family will become the preferred topics for development.

There are no obstacles to the development of science not at the expense of morality, and this is the path the country will choose. Spirituality, mutual affection, a return to fraternal relations, a reverent attitude towards nature – all this will become fundamental from mid-2018 in the country.
Are we really in for a serious natural disaster that will force us to change our attitude towards the environment? 2018 predictions make you think about the quality of life.
Neighboring states may change their attitude towards Russian policy and reconsider their views. This will avert the risk of war, and the threat of prolonged tensions.

Vanga spoke about the time when values ​​will be revived

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

In the coming year, this time will come, and those values ​​that were erased by the 1917 revolution will begin to revive in the country. About Russia.

Family and integrity, respect for the history of their ancestors, the church, love – these concepts will be at the forefront.

The predictions of clairvoyants, who predict the fate of the world as ambiguously as this blind prophetess, can be considered from different angles, and not come to one opinion. But she clearly says that the chaos that began with the illness of the strong beast, under which she had the Union, “will end with the emaciation of the beast, and that beast will become fat in the year of the dog.”

Matrona of Moscow urged to return to faith

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

The predictions of saints such as Matrona are incomprehensible to us only because they did not know how to name the event or place they saw. If you carefully consider the little things that Matrona described, then the events described by her fall on our time. Description of the number of refugees – brothers who returned home, the strengthening of the country by increasing the peoples.

Matrona urges not to lose roots, not to lose your culture and foundations, so as not to lose the essence of life. Love and spirituality – that’s what will save you from diseases that doctors cannot study for a long time. The family and the church will retain the most important thing for which they died under her, even after her death.

The predictions of seers quite often focus on morality and morality, and here, the biblical covenants are the basis. A life of love for one’s neighbor will put everything in its place, a disinterested, pure thought idea will bring good. The vision of change is very similar to the words from the elders for 2018-2020. Many Orthodox and Muslim prophets call this period of time long-awaited for the Russian land, where God will return.

Edgar Cayce on the financial well-being and integrity of Russia

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

The clairvoyant left enough records and predictions about Russia, including for “years of slow recovery and gaining integrity.”
Predictions for Russians for 2018 from Casey make us believe in the coming recovery. He saw the strengthening of relations with the East, and saw the initial degree of degradation of the country in the era of disintegration. The beginning of the path to the title of the strongest power has already been passed. Ahead is the breaking of stereotypes, some rollback to the past, the development of a new level of relations with the world.
About Russia, Casey’s predictions are always full of details, and this time, they can be seen in the instability of agriculture, the weak development of small businesses.

Wolf Messing predicted Russia’s superpower status

The most famous prophecy about Russia. Predictions about Russia (18 photos)

Difficult relations with the East will turn into cooperation and prosperity. Diplomatic relations with the US will become strained. The country will return to its roots and find a new leader. Achievements in science will lift new machines into the air, and doctors will learn to exchange useful information.
The people will change their attitude towards confrontation, and stand under one banner. Difficulties end for those who valued manual labor, for it will be appreciated. In 2018, the predictions will come true, as his previous predictions came true.

Psychics of our time portend a difficult year

Psychic predictions for 2018 are full of contradictions, and most of them carry not the best forecasts for the country.
Popular discontent, according to them, will increase significantly, and the state will begin to weaken from such a mood of the Russians. This is not the most correct political step that can weaken the country.
History will open from a new angle, and the one who was the enemy will become a symbol of a bygone time. This can be applied to the figure of Stalin, which has already begun to be identified with honesty, restraint, and purposefulness. The country needs a strong and cold-blooded step. The predictions of the saints are somewhat more humane.

Fatima Khadueva

The psychic explains the reason for the complexity of the year, the end of the payment for royal blood. People had to be punished, and they endured it. Those who understood the mistake will never take up arms again, and the world in 2018 will begin to change in relation to Russia.
Politicians and doctors will not be able to take office if they do not have the proper level of competence, and the clergy will take a step towards the people. The predictions of the prophets will be seen by everyone, and they will be taken more seriously.

Julia Wang

Predictions about the chaos that the country is entering in 2018 Julia confidently informs in her sources. She says that the people will stand up for their rights, foundations, principles, if they do not coincide with the views of the government. What awaits us in 2018, and what will be the price of peace within the state, depends to a greater extent on ourselves, on the ability to build a dialogue.
Siberia, about which modern visionaries talk a lot, can become a strong center for the emergence of new values ​​that are more like the old ones, or a return to them. A completely new time will begin in Russia.

Malakhat Nazarova

Having predicted the political situation from 2015 to the present day, she continues to surprise people with accurate data. Malakhat told what awaits Russia in 2018, and her new predictions are full of optimism.

Predictions for Russia for 2018 can be considered a start to prosperity and development. The country will gather around itself a close-knit ring of states, and form a new Union. This will be the beginning of a new era, where the US and Japan will surrender their positions.

Conflicts with these countries will be the main destabilizing factors, but they will be the reason for a new step – unification with the East.

Alexander Litvin

The latest events that so “shake” the twin countries will soon appear in a different light, and the one responsible for this discord will be identified. The war will die out in 2018, and the predictions about peace and the joint development of the Slavic countries are quite accurate and clear.

About Russia, according to Lytvyn, it will be possible to judge only towards the end, when the external economy will really get stronger.

The predictions of clairvoyants very often relate to some kind of man-made disaster, but Litvin claims that this is not true, and the maximum that can stir up the country is a new idea of ​​​​ecological settlements. Over the past few years, this idea has caught on, and in 2018 it will reach its peak, when even a small investment in this business will bring unimaginable returns.

Alexander Sheps


The medium undertakes to tell in detail what the world expects next year, and his statements about the further influx of migrants to Europe and Russia may turn out to be not unfounded. Unemployment, low wages in Russia, popular discontent and outbreaks of uprisings in places – predictions of 2018 from Alexander.

The country will begin to rise not earlier than in five years, but for now it will develop in the field of sports, science, and raise its moral potential. What awaits Russia in 2018 can already be assumed from the current time, and some moments are historically cyclical, Sheps says. The war in 2018 will end in many countries, or take on a slightly different shape.

Prophecy of the elder monk-schemnik John, who labored in the Church of St. Nicholas the Pleasant in the village of Nikolskoye (Yaroslavl region, Uglich district) of the Yaroslavl diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church:

“In April, when the “bald man” is taken out of the Mausoleum, Moscow will fall into salty waters and little will remain of Moscow. Sinners will swim in salt water for a long time, but there will be no one to save them. They will all die. Therefore, for those of you who work in Moscow, I recommend working there until April. Astrakhan and Voronezh regions will be flooded. Leningrad will be flooded. The city of Zhukovsky (Moscow region, 30 km from the capital) will be partially destroyed.

The Lord wanted to do this back in 1999, but the Mother of God begged him to give more time. Now there is no time at all. Only those who leave the cities (Moscow, Leningrad) to live in the countryside will have a chance to survive. It is not worth starting to build houses in the villages, there is no time left, you will not have time. It is better to buy a finished house. There will be a big famine. There will be no electricity, no water, no gas. Only those who grow their own food will have a chance to survive.

China will go to war against us with a 200 million army and occupy all of Siberia to the Urals. The Japanese will be in charge in the Far East. Russia will be torn apart. A terrible war will begin. Russia will remain within the borders of the times of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. The Monk Seraphim of Sarov will come. He will unite all the Slavic peoples and states and bring the Tsar with him … There will be such a famine that those who have accepted the “seal of the Antichrist” will eat the dead. And most importantly, pray and hurry up to change your life so as not to live in sin, since there is no time left at all … “.

The prophecy of the elder Archpriest Vladislav Shumov from the village of Obukhovo, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region (October 1, 1996):

The earthquake in Moscow will be big. Six hills in Moscow will turn into one… Father Vladislav
warned the Russian people about the many dangers awaiting everyone on the path to God: – Yes, there will
still be persecution of the Orthodox Faith! future events of world history: – Japan and America will go under water together. All of Australia will be flooded too. “The ocean will flood America all the way to Alaska. The same Alaska, which will again be ours … – The southern half of China will be flooded by the waters of the Indian Ocean. And then the Chinese will reach the city of Chelyabinsk. Russia will unite with the Mongols and drive them back.

– When China goes to us, then there will be a war. But after the Chinese conquer the city of Chelyabinsk, the Lord will convert them to Orthodoxy…”.

Prophecy of Elder Vissarion (Optina Pustyn):

“Something like a coup d’état will happen in Russia. In the same year, the Chinese will attack. They will reach the Urals. Then there will be a unification of Russians according to the Orthodox principle … “.

The prophecy of the old woman Evdokia Chudinovskaya (1870-1948) from the village of Chudinovo (Chelyabinsk region), which the people affectionately called “Blessed Dunyushka”.

“Soon the Chinese will drink tea in Chelyabinsk, yes, yes, they will drink tea. Today you have icons, but you will live to the point that you wall up one icon in the entrance hall, and you will secretly pray for it. Because there will be large taxes for each icon, but there will be nothing to pay.

And you will also live to the point that all of you believers will be sent to the North, you will pray and feed on fish, and whoever they don’t send, stock up on kerosene and lamps, for there will be no light. Gather three or four families in one house and live together, it is impossible to survive alone. You get a piece of bread, climb into the cellar and eat. If you don’t climb in, they’ll take it away, or else they’ll kill you for this piece.”

Blessed Evdokia told people: “Tell your people that, going to bed, they forgive all offenses, because if you lie down under one authority, and get up under another, everything will happen at night. You will fall asleep in your bed, and wake up beyond the edge of life, where every unforgiven offense will fall like a heavy stone on your soul.

From the memoirs of Evdokia: “Once Dunyushka sat, sat, seemed to be sleeping, and then she went up to the cradle with the baby and how she pricked him with a spindle:“ That’s how it will be.

Why are you like that, Dunyushka? we ask her.

I’m not him, I’m all of them like that – and showed how all Russian children will be killed with bayonets.

When you are led to torment, do not be afraid. A quick death is better than slavery, the blessed one warned.

The blessed one was asked: “When will this be, mother?”

“At first churches will open, and there will be no one to go to them, then they will build a lot of magnificent houses with decorations, but soon there will be no one to live in them, the Chinese will come, they will drive everyone out into the street, then we will get drunk to our heart’s content. When that will be is a mystery. A man told me that at the end of the world there will be two Paschas. Right and wrong. The priesthood will correct the wrong, and the war will begin.

Prophecy of the elder blessed Nikolai of Ural (1905-1977):

“Everyone here is afraid of the West, but we must be afraid of China … When the last Orthodox Patriarch is overthrown, China will go to the southern lands. And the whole world will be silent. And no one will hear how the Orthodox will be exterminated. In severe cold, women, old people, children will be driven out into the streets, and Chinese soldiers will settle in warm houses. No one can survive that terrible winter. Everyone will drink one cup of death to the bottom. Europe will be neutral towards China. She will see China as a kind of antediluvian giant creature, isolated and reliably protected from any enemy by the Siberian and Central Asian expanses. Chinese armies will march to the Caspian Sea. Millions of Chinese settlers will follow the Chinese soldiers, and no one will be able to stop them. The entire indigenous population will be subjugated and doomed to extinction.”

Prophecy of the elder father Anthony (Chelyabinsk diocese):

“First of all, all kinds of technical catastrophes – the system of existence created by man, in fact, satanic, because it absolutely contradicts the laws of God, will begin to break down. Planes will fall, ships will sink, nuclear power plants and chemical plants will explode. And all this will be against the backdrop of terrible natural phenomena that will occur throughout the earth, but especially strongly in America. These are hurricanes of unprecedented strength, earthquakes, severe droughts and, conversely, flood-like downpours… Cities will be a terrifying sight.

Even those that avoid complete destruction, deprived of water and electricity, heat and food supply, they will resemble huge stone coffins, so many people will die. Gangs of bandits will endlessly commit their atrocities, even during the day it will be dangerous to move in the city, but at night people will gather in large groups in order to try to live together until morning. Sunrise, alas, will not herald the joy of a new day, but the grief of the need to live this day …

China will overwhelm most of Russia … all the lands beyond the mountains and after them will be yellow. Only the power of the faithful Andrei, his great descendant Alexander and the closest sprouts from their root will be preserved. What stands, will stand. But even this does not mean that the Russian Orthodox state will be preserved within the limits of the rule of the Antichrist, no. The name may remain, but the way of life will no longer be Great Russian, not Orthodox. A completely non-Russian beginning will dominate the life of the Orthodox inhabitants in the past.

The yellow invasion is not the only one. There will be a black invasion – hungry Africans, stricken with incurable diseases, will fill our cities and villages. And it will be much, much worse than what is happening now because of the dominance of immigrants from the Caucasus, Central Asia … Although these people will not leave you with their attention – their number will grow. They will willingly accept everything that is offered to them for lentil soup: they will enter the united “church”, they will accept the Antichrist …

The Elder’s Prophecy: Schema-Archimandrite Seraphim (Tyapochkin) from the village of Rakitnoye describes the future development of events in Russia in this way (1977):

“The biggest tragedy will be the capture of Siberia by China. This will not happen by military means: due to the weakening of power and open borders, the Chinese will begin to move to Siberia in droves, buying up real estate, enterprises, and apartments. Through bribery, intimidation, agreements with those in power, they will gradually subjugate the economic life of cities. Everything will happen in such a way that in one morning the Russian people living in Siberia will wake up … in the Chinese state. The fate of those who remain there will be tragic, but not hopeless. The Chinese will brutally crack down on any attempts at resistance.

The West will promote this creeping conquest of our land and support China’s military and economic power in every possible way out of hatred for Russia. But then they will see the danger for themselves, and when the Chinese try to seize the Urals by military force and move on, they will prevent this by all means and can even help Russia in repelling the invasion from the East. Russia must endure in this battle, after suffering and complete impoverishment, she will find the strength to rise in herself ..

The topic of Ukraine is a constant source of controversy, disagreement and at the same time regret that everything turned out this way and nothing else. It is impossible to forget about it, because this explosive center is located too close to us, which, moreover, from time to time becomes the subject of bargaining with Russia and pressure on it. And therefore, the predictions about Ukraine for 2019 definitely deserve attention, since it is important to understand what are the trends in the events that may occur in its territories.

The clairvoyant did not make prophecies for 2019 in which Ukraine would be directly mentioned. But there are her words that can most likely be “attached” to this particular country. Based on them, it is possible to predict an aggravation of the situation in Ukraine; Vanga herself called it hard times. On the other hand, for about the same period, she also saw cardinal changes that would be a way out of the current impasse. And the big question at the same time is what exactly this output will turn out to be. The fact is that around 2019 Vanga predicted the collapse of a certain state near the Black Sea. She did not say its name, so one can only guess what specific lands they are talking about. Although, perhaps, there’s just not much to guess about here …

The situation in Ukraine from Vera Lyon

She (the situation) in 2019, according to the Kazakhstani Vanga, will not change significantly compared to the previous year. Verbal attacks against the states with which Ukraine borders will continue. There will continue to be a risk of unleashing a big war in Ukraine. There is only one moment of optimism in this whole situation: Vera Lyon did not see that Russia would be directly drawn into the civil war, which has been going on in this country for many years.

At the same time, the fortuneteller believes that next year the topic of Novorossia will not only not dry up, but even become aggravated. This will be connected, in her opinion, with the fact that the idea of ​​separating the territories historically included in its composition into an independent entity will begin to seem more and more realistic. There are likely to be some changes in this direction. Moreover, this will be expressed not only in the desire for autonomy from Kyiv, but also in the desire for the closest possible ties with Russia.

Visions of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce talked a lot about the fact that the Soviet Union would collapse and then be restored again. And although he did not specifically mention Ukraine or any other former Soviet republics, experts associate the likelihood of such events with 2019. And here the word “Novorossiya” inevitably comes to mind. After all, perhaps the American prophet had in mind exactly the same thing as Vera Lyon, namely: the formation of New Russia as a New Ukraine (an independent entity) and its rapprochement – political and economic – with Russia.

Prophecy of the Matrona of Moscow

Saint Matrona foresaw the events taking place now in Ukraine. And, if everything that she predicted is true, then there are quite few hopes for quick improvements on the territory of this – so far – state. In 2019, according to St. Matrona, the impoverishment of the bulk of its inhabitants will be further exacerbated. Their poverty can reach such an extent that they have to choose “between the cross and bread.” This makes us fear that persecution of the Orthodox Church will continue in Ukraine, that people will be forced to renounce their faith, threatening their lives and depriving them of their basic rights. Although, on the other hand, this may mean that many people in the struggle for survival will completely forget about religion and morality, sinking in an effort to survive even to the most unacceptable sources of income.

It will be possible soon enough to check which of the clairvoyants made the most accurate predictions for Ukraine for 2019. The only pity is that there is too little positive in them, so that one could wish for their too precise execution. Therefore, we can only wish Ukraine common sense and adequate people at the head of power, especially since new presidential elections are planned in 2019.

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