The main prophecy of St. Basil the Blessed about the onset of the Golden Age of Russia

Any person, not only in our country, but also in the world, knows that in Moscow on Red Square there is an ancient temple with colored onion domes. This temple was erected during the time of Ivan the Terrible in honor of St. Basil the Blessed. But who was this man, and with what prophecies did he become famous in Russia?

Moscow holy fool

The Holy Wonderworker was one of the most mysterious Russian saints. Folks often called holy fools those people who differed in their behavior from others. Simply put, they “not all at home.” Whether the blessed ones actually had mental abnormalities, you need to ask psychiatrists about that. But in Orthodoxy, foolishness was considered one of the most difficult feats for the glory of the Lord.

Most often, such people had the gift of clairvoyance, could heal with a prayer word, predict the fate of not only ordinary people, but also entire nations and states. They saw the future as if it were real. They could “look” even centuries ahead. The people said that the Lord himself speaks through the mouth of the holy fools.

The main prophecy of St. Basil the Blessed about the onset of the Golden Age of Russia

As for St. Basil the Blessed, he really turned out to be God’s guide, a mediator between the Lord and people. And he began to play the fool at the age of sixteen.

visionary gift

The birth of Vasily can be considered a miracle. For a long time, his peasant parents could not have children. They went to holy places and prayed for the long-awaited child. And God heard their prayers. According to legend, Vasily’s mother was born right on the porch of the temple.

When the boy grew up, he was given to learn the skill of a shoemaker. It was at this time that people began to notice that the boy could see the future. Once a rich merchant ordered such boots so that they could not be demolished in a year. Vasily promised to sew such shoes, which the merchant never wears at all.

The shoemaker was angry – why tell a lie to customers, how can you sew such boots that do not have demolition? To this, Vasily replied that the merchant would soon die, and therefore the boots would remain as good as new. And so it happened.

And there were many such cases.

Action for the Glory of Christ

The main prophecy of St. Basil the Blessed about the onset of the Golden Age of Russia

At the age of 16, Vasily decided to devote himself to the service of the Lord. And he chose the most difficult path for this – foolishness. He completely abandoned clothes and shoes, went naked in any weather. On all icons, St. Basil the Blessed is depicted with a loincloth on his loins.

Most often he was seen among the counters of merchants. The holy fool overturned jugs of kvass, threw pies off the trays. For this he was beaten, but he accepted the beatings with joy. Then it turned out that chalk was added to the pies to save money, and kvass was not at all suitable for consumption.

And somehow the blessed one did an incredible deed for a charitable person. A miraculous icon of the Mother of God was hung on the Barbarian Gate. Moscow people bowed to her and asked for healing. And then Vasily appeared. He looked at the icon, grabbed a cobblestone and let them hit the holy face. They rushed to stop him, and he said – scrape off the paint. It turned out that the face of the Virgin was inflicted on the vile muzzle of Satan.

Friend of the king

The news of the impious icon reached Ivan the Terrible himself. And of course, he became interested in the holy fool. He ordered to be called to him in order to look at the outlandish naked man. And take that one, and tell me – the fire will be terrible, half of Moscow will burn down.

The king was angry, and he drove the blessed one out. And he went to cry to the Temple of the Exaltation, on the Arbat. And it was at this place that the Great Moscow Fire began on June 24, 1547.

John thought, again invited the holy fool into the chambers, and again Vasily behaved impudently. He poured three cups of wine one by one into the window. And to the shout of the angry tsar he answered: “I am putting out the fire in Novgorod.” Only after some time it became known that Novgorod was burning on that very day, and the fire went out literally by a miracle.

Since then, Ivan the Terrible began to honor and respect the holy fool, from time to time asking him for advice. And when he rested in peace, with his own hands, with the boyars, he carried the coffin of Vasily to the place of his final resting place.

The most important prophecy of St. Basil the Blessed

The Moscow holy fool made many predictions. Basically, they concerned the near future, which for us has long since become the past. But one of his prophecies is still waiting in the wings.

He once said that Russia would live without a tsar for more than a hundred years. It will be ruled by the godless. And the Russian people will forget God, and the churches will be destroyed. But the time will come when temples and monasteries will be restored, but there will be no more piety and righteousness in them. The holy fathers will forget about their debt, they will sell their spirituality for gold. And people will become selfish, evil and cruel. But when the Orthodox Tsar appears again in Russia, the Golden Age will come.

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