Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Until modern information retrieval systems, economic forecasts and political analytics came to our world, the veil of the future could only be ajar in one way – for this it was necessary to turn to a sorcerer, shaman or clairvoyant. They calculated the trajectories of celestial bodies, fell into a dream or peered into the mist of magic balls to tell about the events of a new day, predict the fate of an individual, warn about dangers or describe the life of entire generations for hundreds of years to come!

Of course, the development of science has led to the emergence of a whole generation of skeptics – people consider many predictors to be mere charlatans. However, there is so much inexplicable in the world that the existence of those who are able to look into the mystical essence of objects and phenomena is quite possible. Nowadays, when conflicts are constantly arising in the world, crises are escalating and the spheres of world influence are limiting, the people of Ukraine turn to any sources that can give at least some information about the events of the future.

Everyone wants to know the good news, tune in to a positive mood and believe that very soon the country will have a cloudless and joyful future. Of course, everyone can make a mistake, even recognized experts in the field of geopolitical and economic trends. However, sometimes people are born who have special power over mystical matters. There are few of them, but their predictions are so accurate that they still amaze descendants.

Even in our time, there are astrologers and clairvoyants who are able to see the events of the coming days. Which of them will be right in their predictions – time will tell, because clairvoyance and prediction are a delicate matter, and interpreting vague words is not at all easy. That is why we have collected for you the most interesting forecasts made by oracles of the past and present for Ukraine for 2019.

Vanga’s predictions

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Vanga promises Ukraine a heyday when a certain Sagittarius comes to power

The Bulgarian blind soothsayer can be safely called one of the most famous and respected clairvoyants. Her predictions often came true with incredible accuracy: for example, it was she who warned of a terrible military conflict – the Second World War. The interpreters of her lines are still trying to find something related to the current time period. However, not so many such forecasts have been made, and they are formulated so metaphorically and figuratively that it is impossible to come to an unambiguous understanding of them.

Some followers of Vanga believe that the prediction of a bloody conflict that affected many peoples of the Eastern European region, which brought suffering and poverty, refers specifically to the events of recent years in Ukraine. Vanga said that the cause of bloodshed would be the struggle for power – while the top divides the wealth and introduces a new order, ordinary people will become impoverished. However, there is good news – according to the clairvoyant, the atrocities will end when an honest man called Sagittarius rules.

Many interpreters argue that this forecast is about 2019-2020, and with the advent of this person, territorial disintegration will begin in a state that is located in Eastern Europe, has access to the Black Sea and consists of several parts. In the global aspect, interpreters warn of a gradual decline in the global role of the United States – now China will be the main force, and the world will embark on the path of development of medicine and energy.

Predictions of Pavel Globa

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Globa predicts that the territory of Ukraine will be finally divided

A Russian specialist in the field of occultism and astrology claims that ten years ago he managed to see a warning about a paramilitary conflict in Ukraine in stellar trajectories. The forecast, compiled for the period from 2014 to 2020, contains information about the economic decline and the gradual division of the territory, part of which will become a subject of the Russian Federation. After 2020, the new Ukrainian authorities, formed after the next elections, will intensify partnership dialogue with Russia, and then a bloc will emerge in the Eastern European region, including Orthodox states.

Russia will lead the new world order, and the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance will cease to exist. However, Globa’s forecasts were not always accurate – for example, in his opinion, Yulia Tymoshenko should have become the current president of Ukraine, and Europe, already in 2018, would have to go through an incredibly deep crisis in the economy, which would have resulted in an exodus of people to other regions, including Russia. Alas, so far the situation is developing according to the opposite scenario – potential migrants are attracted by the EU countries, and not the Eastern European region.

Predictions of Vlad Ross

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Vlad Ross believes that the conflict in Donbas will subside soon

An Odessa astrologer calculated a long-term forecast for the situation in Ukraine a couple of years ago. The main event that refracts the negative trends in the development of the country will take place only in 2020, when the largest planets of our star system will unite in the sky in December. From January 2021, economic growth will accelerate in the country and there will finally be opportunities to stabilize the financial sector. The astrologer explains this by the connection of the state with the sign of Taurus, which is responsible in the heavenly spheres for money.

The heyday of the state will come in 2025 – Ukraine will become a place that attracts investment flows, business is activated, and ties will be established with Eastern Europe for mutually beneficial cooperation. With regard to the Crimean issue, the astrologer speaks unequivocally – the peninsula will no longer belong to Ukraine, but Russia will not hold it either. Over time, this area will become a territory controlled by two or even three powers. It is quite possible that the Turkish authorities will be the third force to intervene in the course of the conflict.

The conflict situation in the Donbass will begin to decline as early as 2019 – Vlad says that after that time he does not see any paramilitary clashes. The astrologer explains such conclusions by the weakening influence of Pluto. This planet stimulates aggression and catastrophes – for example, its critical proximity in 2014 caused the current conflict in Ukraine, and the United States was influenced by Pluto in 2001, when the tragedy with the Twin Towers happened.

Molfar predictions

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Molfars point to the importance of negotiations between the warring parties

Carpathian sorcerers, unfortunately, are becoming less and less – few of them have the same strong gift of clairvoyance as their ancestors. Among the last strong molfars, one should mention Mikhail Nechay, who died several years ago at the hands of a crazy criminal who decided to punish the sorcerer for “shamanism”. Back in 2011, Nechai predicted a confrontation between the Eastern and Western regions of the country, but believed that the conflict would be resolved when the peoples of Russia and Ukraine understood who really benefited from it.

Another Hutsul sorcerer, Orest Stafiychuk, claims that positive changes will begin at the end of 2018. The best solution to the problem is long and careful negotiations involving the entire world community. The prosperity of the country will be possible only in five years, when neutrality will allow to establish trade and business ties. Well, the sorceress Magdalena received a revelation about an integral Ukraine – the country will be headed by a new political force that will lead the state to unity. In 2019, we can expect the first positive changes, but the situation will finally be resolved only after 15 years.

Many Molfars say that a person with a special love for the country, incredible energy and impatience for the oligarchy can come to power in the elections. His correctly realized ambitions and indisputable authority will provide Ukraine with a reliable position in the world community, and the economy and other spheres of life will soon be rebuilt following the example of the Baltic countries.

Predictions of Valery Moskovchenko

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

According to Moskovchenko, Crimea can still return to Ukraine

Valery calculated the position of the stars and planets, deciding that the future of Ukraine now depends solely on the actions of its inhabitants. The current trajectories of celestial bodies can contribute to the implementation of any plans, but this will not be blind luck. The situation in the sky is now favorable for those who are ready to make efforts and work for the benefit of future generations.

The astrologer sees that the new elections will bring with them a change of political forces – a new generation of politicians, who do not have strong ties to the established oligarchic system, stimulates economic growth. However, Valery predicts that the current government will not give up so easily, and the changes may be far from peaceful. The main stake in foreign economic policy should now be placed on the activation of agricultural production.

Very soon, many countries will feel the need to buy more and more on the foreign market – this is where Ukraine will get the opportunity to maximize its potential. The industry will develop more slowly, so it is not worth betting on it yet. With regard to the Crimea, the astrologer speaks very carefully. The stars may provide an opportunity to return the peninsula to Ukrainian jurisdiction, but this will only happen if power is changed in Russia in future elections.

Predictions of Maxim Gordeev

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Maxim Gordeev predicts that military conflicts will not subside for another 5-6 years

Gordeev is a specialist in the field of tarot cards – it was the layouts on this ancient magical instrument that allowed him to make a forecast for the near future. According to the predictor, now the life of the country is led by the same individuals who previously profited from its wealth, so that a turning point can be achieved only in the next elections. This path is simple, bloodless and the best possible. Otherwise, in a few years, the prerequisites for another clash between the people and the authorities will ripen.

However, Ukraine still has energy reserves to withstand another turmoil and finally take the path of positive reforms. The Eastern conflict, according to the predictor, will be in force for several years. Periods of activity will be replaced by an improvement in the situation, but people from different regions of Ukraine have moved away so much that they are already used to living separately. Maxim did not see the final disintegration of the country into several independent parts, but Ukraine will not be in its entirety for another 5-6 years.

Predictions of other seers for Ukraine

Real predictions for Ukraine for 2019 (8 photos)

Many clairvoyants predict the arrival of a leader for Ukraine who will be able to overcome the oligarchy and improve the lives of ordinary citizens

  • Elena Osipenko,  in general, is very positive. The astrologer promised that the stars predict a positive change in the field of economics and politics for the citizens of Ukraine. After a round of regular social exacerbations in 2019, the situation will begin to level off. But before that, Ukrainians will have to endure a deepening crisis, financial destabilization and sharp social disproportions. The critical moment will come during the elections – the Ukrainians will be able to remove the oligarchs from the helm, and the new leaders will be able to reduce the severity of the Eastern conflict, establish dialogue and partners in the Black Sea region and further strengthen ties with the European Union.
  • Nostradamus. One of the most enigmatic figures among the seers, seeing the future for many centuries to come … It is not surprising that the interpreters are trying to decipher the verses-quatrains that came out from under the hand of Nostradamus as accurately as possible. Some researchers of his works argue that the prophecies also contain information about Ukraine – a philosopher, astrologer and alchemist predicted an important role for it in changing the world order. The events taking place in Ukraine will launch a whole chain of political reforms in the world. However, Nostradamus did not voice specific names – these are just assumptions based on the geographical features of Ukraine, which coincide with what the famous seer described in his poems.
  • Mikhail Levin. The head of the Astrological Academy (Moscow) traced the position of the Sun and came to the conclusion that Ukraine will soon be able to take a stable position in the world community, finding its own, individual path. The astrologer says that the state will function separately – he does not predict Ukraine’s entry into the EU. Power will not change in the country for about 10 years – of course, there will be new rulers, but they will be weak. Only after two presidential terms will Ukrainians choose a truly strong personality, but active prosperity and stability will be achieved only by 2080.
  • Natalya Nesterenko.Another star specialist made a forecast for Ukraine for the period from 2018 to 2020. She calls this a time of radical change – in 2019, the heavenly bodies will give Ukrainians a chance to resolve the accumulated problems. Today, prerequisites have arisen in the state for the destruction of the old political system. Structures that have become obsolete will change, and society will finally formulate values ​​and prospects for the coming years. We should expect revolutionary changes – this is the only way Ukraine will be able to complete the renewal. The main contradictions, according to the astrologer, are caused by the mutual actions of the Moon and Venus. The phase, which now includes celestial bodies, contributes to effective reforms, but for their implementation it will be necessary to go through a crisis, an aggravation of the political struggle, the destruction of the power structure and the deepening of conflicts with the world community. The astrologer does not see the reunification of Ukraine with Crimea, the DPR and the LPR – the conflict will be resolved as a result of intense disputes, and in a very ambiguous way.

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