Day of death cannot be changed

You can believe in predictions, or you can treat them with humor. However, to protect yourself from death, knowing that it is predicted, is almost impossible.

Stranger from darkness

In 1860, a year before his death, General Alexei Petrovich Yermolov, the illustrious hero of the war of 1812, told in the company of old friends a story that happened to him at the age of twenty, when he served in one of the towns of the Smolensk province.

Once he was sitting in an apartment hut and was busy with staff papers, when suddenly a stranger appeared in front of him, as if materializing from the thickened darkness, a stranger. The young officer was not afraid and even at the request of a strange stranger gave him a pen, paper and ink.

The unknown person, wrapped in a cloak, sat down at the table and quickly filled out a sheet with words and numbers, and then explained to Yermolov, dumbfounded by surprise, that he had set out on paper the whole future life of the current quartermaster, but was ready to give this mysterious document only if the young man wanted to find out the year, day and hour of his own death.

The officer agreed, and the stranger, having entered the last line, disappeared without a trace. Yermolov began to read: cruel battles, victories, awards, titles, titles were painted on paper. Dates were put down as in a calendar: year, month, day. The last figure is April 12, 1861.

When Alexei Petrovich told this story, which was not very plausible for a war hero and a sane person, his friends treated her with distrust. Although it seems that Yermolov was not distinguished by a penchant for fiction, and a leaf from the treasured box was presented. At the same time, the assembled guests recalled that Alexei Petrovich predicted both the war of 1812 and other events that had taken place in Russia.

On April 13, 1861, General Pokhvisnev, who was present at this conversation, driven by quite definite feelings and doubts, drove up to Yermolov’s mansion on Ostozhenka. Mourning reigned there: Yermolov died a day ago. As predicted by a stranger.

Mysterious connections

On the night of June 28, 1914, Bishop Josef Lanyi had a dream that he was reading a letter. The bishop was once the teacher of the young Franz Ferdinand, nephew of Kaiser Franz Joseph and heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The dream shocked Lanyi. The letter received in a dream looked ominous. In the upper corner of the sheet was a limousine, in the back seat of which sat Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophia, and in front of the general and the driver. The car was surrounded by people, among whom two people with pistols stood out.

Beneath this drawing, the bishop read the text: “Your Eminence, dear Dr. Lanyi, I want to inform you that my wife and I have been victims of a political assassination. Pray for us.”

Josef Lanyi sat down at his desk and wrote down his nightmare from memory. At the end I put the date: “June 28, 3.15 am.” For a long time he could not calm down, tormented by a heavy foreboding. And at 15.30 the bishop received a telegram with the tragic message that his disciple had been killed during a trip to Sarajevo.

By the way, before and during the First World War, there were many cases of a mysterious connection with those who should die. One such case is described in Arthur Ford’s autobiographical book Nothing Strange.

In 1918, as a young officer, Arthur Ford served at Camp Grant. At that time, an influenza epidemic was raging in the United States. One morning, Ford dreamed of a list with the names of soldiers who had been hospitalized and those who had died of influenza the night before. The list soon changed. And so, day after day, at the moment of awakening, Ford clearly saw the lists with the names of the victims of the epidemic.

One day he dreamed of a list with the names of those who would die in battle. On the same day he saw in reality this list printed in the newspaper. Every day for a long time, Arthur Ford wrote down the names of those whom he saw in a dream, and checked his lists with newspapers. Some of them were killed in battle, the death of others he foresaw in advance.

Ford became so convinced of his prophetic gift that he was ordained after the war and lectured frequently on the relationship between religion and parapsychology. In particular, he argued that Jesus Christ was a great psychic and all the miracles described in the Bible are nothing but examples of psychological phenomena. He was also one of the organizers of the Spiritual Frontier Brotherhood, a group that studied various aspects of parapsychology.

The phenomenon of clairvoyants

In the middle of the 20th century, the clairvoyant Jane Dixon was very popular in the USA and Great Britain. She warned Indian Prime Minister Gandhi of the impending assassination, even naming the date. The warning, however, did not help.

In May 1956, American newspapers published Dixon’s forecasts for the coming years. They said, in particular, that in the US presidential election of 1960, a young blue-eyed man would win, who would be killed in the south of the country before the end of his term. The prediction referred to John F. Kennedy, who was shot dead in Dallas.

In 1961, Jane Dixon warned her friend not to get on the same plane as UN Secretary General Doug Hammerskjöld when he flew to the Congo in September. The plane will definitely crash, she argued. Indeed, the plane crash occurred exactly on September 18th.

In 1988, American black civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. was going to march on Washington with his supporters. On this occasion, Jane Dixon said: “King will not get to the capital – he will be killed before this shot in the neck.” And so it happened.

The clairvoyant also tried to warn the brother of the late president, Robert Kennedy, of the danger that threatened him at the Ambassador Hotel. But for the umpteenth time they did not listen to her.

In April 1967, the Soyuz spacecraft, piloted by V. Komarov, was supposed to go into orbit. The next day, the second Soyuz was supposed to go into orbit. It was assumed that the ships would dock and A. Eliseev and E. Khrunov would cross to Komarov through the open hatch.

The start of the Soyuz controlled by Komarov was successful, but problems soon began. One of the ship’s solar panels could not open up, and the Soyuz found itself without an energy resource. In view of the complications that had arisen, the MCC decided not to launch the second Soyuz with three cosmonauts, and Komarov to prepare on a suitable orbit for landing.

It was during this time that the famous medium Lorna Middleton had a “vision”. She told the press: “Someone is flying to the moon. But the ship will burn.

Over Africa, the braking system of the Soyuz was turned on, the ship entered the zone of radio control of ground stations. Then the connection was interrupted. Arriving at the intended landing site, the rescue team found that the spacecraft had crashed. As it turned out later, the imperfection of the design of the parachute block led to the fact that the parachutes did not open on time. Colliding with the ground at high speed, the Soyuz broke apart and caught fire.

Three kinds of time

Experts say that the so-called “insights in a dream”, as a continuation of the concentrated activity of the brain, can still be explained, but it is much more difficult to understand prediction dreams.

Professor Boris Iskakov says about this: “We are dealing with cases of seeing events that have already taken place, information about which has not yet been received in the usual way, but, having thrown out a material signal about itself, ahead of time, it came to people with special sensitivity. Being engaged in the study of energy-informational exchange, I came to the conclusion about the material nature of biofields.

Academician Leonid Prishchepa adds to the above: “Our living Nature, the biosphere of the Earth, the matter and energy of the Universe are related by the common source material, the laws of electromagnetic motion – from microparticles to giant formations in space … The human brain is no exception. It is woven from electromagnetic oscillations operating on the principle of a pendulum, emitted and absorbed by cells. Like all living things in Nature from its inception to the present day.

“A friend of the famous English writer and playwright J. Priestley said that he often imagines disasters with the names of the victims. So, during World War II, three weeks before the death of the Duke of Kent in a plane crash, he “saw” a falling plane with the words inscribed on it: Duke of Kent. And two days before the death of actress Bonar Colleano, he “saw” the tragedy that happened to her, like in a movie. “

In his book Man and Time, Priestley gives other examples of future foresight. For example, one woman dreamed that her son would fall ill. Three weeks later, the boy really fell ill and died soon after.

“Or another case. Naval officer Stephen King-Hall suddenly thought that someone was about to fall overboard. He ordered the team to get ready. What for? — did not understand him. But at the same moment there was a cry: Man overboard! “

Based on his observations, J. Priestley put forward an interesting theory. According to him, there are three types of time. The first is usually the current time. The second is contemplative time, that is, the time we have in dreams. It can be incredibly stretched, or, conversely, a large period of time and events can pass in front of a person in a few seconds. The third is the time where changes can be made, that is, in this time there is and is exercised full control over the mental process.

According to J. Priestley’s theory, when a person dies, he falls out of the First Time, but continues to exist in the Second and Third.

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