Predictions of Swami Dashi. What awaits us in 2020

Forecasts for the future are always interesting. Now many are turning to psychics in order to find out their future. Today I want to introduce you to the forecast for 2020 from one of the strongest Russian psychics – Swami Dasha. As you probably remember, he is the winner of one of the seasons of the popular television project “The Battle of Psychics”.

Swami Dasha Predictions for 2018

  • In 2018, the views of the West and Russia will continue to diverge, so you won’t have to wait for good relations.
  • Europe will increase sanctions against Russia.
  • The country’s economy will grow at the expense of farms.
  • Relations between Russia and Ukraine will worsen even more.

At that time, many did not believe in these words. What can you say today? They came true!

What awaits us in 2020 according to the vision of Swami Dasha?

  • We are facing hard times. The people will express their distrust of the government.
  • International relations will heat up.
  • Due to the fall of the Russian ruble, people will live even worse.
  • There will be several reforms.
  • Scandals await Russia throughout the year.
  • The production of some products will be adjusted.
  • The number of refugees and emigrants will increase.
  • There will be no catastrophes and the end of the world.
  • As well as prosperity, Swami Dashi also does not see.
  • Also in the conduct of the medium arise: the emergence of a new leader and popular disagreements

As the clairvoyant says, not all predictions for the future come true, which is why he asks the people not to panic. Next year will definitely not be easy, but something serious will not happen. So be calm and try to treat everything with optimism. Gradually, the economic crisis will end and production will improve. So everything will be fine in the future.

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