Predictions of the Indian prophet Baba Virs Singh about the high mission of Russia

Usually a person is interested in what will happen to him personally and to his country, so we pay little attention to what is predicted for this or that state. Do you wonder what will happen in some Nepal or Tanzania? Many do not even know where these countries are located.

But prophets and soothsayers living in different parts of our planet pay attention not only to their own countries, but also to major world giants such as the USA, Russia, and China. And the Indian saints do not let our country out of their field of vision at all, because back in the last century it was predicted by them that one day the whole world would follow Russia, but India would show her the way.

Who is Baba Virsa Singh

The future Maharaja was born in 1934 in the Pakistani village of Raja Jang to an Indian Sikh family. At the age of thirteen, the family moved to the village of Saravan Bodla. This area was famous for its powerful energy, because many Indian gurus and saints lived in this village at different times.

From birth, the boy had a gift to heal people and work miracles. They say that such a gift is given to those who in a past life achieved high results in their spiritual development. After the teenager began to treat his fellow villagers, he had a lot of followers.

He did not heal by the laying on of hands and did not say what medicines were needed, but simply plucked leaves or fruits from the sacred tree, and people were healed. There were so many suffering that one day all the leaves on the tree ended, and then the young healer simply gave people water to drink. The sick recovered and the name of Virs Singh was praised throughout the region.

More and more people came to the healer, he began to be called a saint. After all, he could not only heal terminally ill patients, but also change destinies, see the future.

Babaji could not get a good education, but he was respected even by very educated people. Religious figures, government officials, celebrities came to him. But of course, most of all, he accepted ordinary people. For him there was no difference whether a person was rich or poor, he was high in position or at the very bottom of the social ladder.

Virsa Singh treated everyone who came to him equally favorably. People noted the love and peace emanating from him. Babaji did not consider himself a guru or a prophet, he did not need fame, reverence or money. He said:

“Only God is the only Arbiter, the One who gives you everything. Give all your love to God. I’m just trying to get better as a human being. The only difference between you and me is that I have faith in God.”

Connection with Russia

As a child, Virs Singh often had visions of the distant snowy land of Russia. He turned to his spiritual teacher for clarification, and he told the boy that he had a special connection with this amazing country. He also said that Russia was destined to be great and it was endowed with the mission to lead the whole world along to spiritual development.

“As a child, I had a vision that the people of the country “Rus” would become the most spiritual people in the world.”

Maharaja’s visit to the USSR

Baba Virsa Singh visited our country several times. The first time this happened was in 1989. The Indian saint was invited to speak on central television, and even then he said important things for all of us.

The great sage warned that if the reforms introduced by Gorbachev continued, the Soviet Union could collapse. Then they did not listen to him, but in vain – the prophecy soon came true.

Baba Virs Singh’s advice to Russians

Later, Russian people began to come to the Maharaja. He noted that Russians are not fixated only on their well-being, they are interested in the future of their country, as well as how they can personally help Russia achieve prosperity.

Some time after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Virsa Singh said that Russians have lived under certain pressures for a long time, but they are oriented to move forward. All they need is to start improving their consciousness, and then Russia will achieve enlightenment.

  • “Wake up! Get to work! Bring progress and enlightenment to your country, bring back the scientific mind that you had, as well as your spiritual potential, because you were very religious people. Religion was widespread in your country. Your churches testify to your former spirituality. How can you say that your country is atheistic? You are very good people and have the same spiritual qualities as before. You have such wealth as a developed mind and physical health.

Second visit to Russia

In 2004 Baba Virsa Singh came to Russia again. He never forgot about her, he always mentioned her in his prayers and tried to keep abreast of events taking place in our country. Every day the Indian Guru met with his admirers. Meetings were also organized with representatives of the authorities, big business, and celebrities.

And more than once Maharaji spoke about the greatness of Russia.

“There will be many spiritual people in Russia… Russia suffered a lot, the people suffered a lot, and this suffering will be replaced by joy and love. God has decided that happiness will be given to Russia. Russia will again become a great, economically developed power, possessing huge reserves of natural resources. The historical destiny of Russia is to become the spiritual leader of mankind. These times for your country are approaching.”

He mentioned that visions of Russia still come to him. In them, he sees that the time is approaching when peace and prosperity will come to Russia. The Lord never left Russia, and always supported all good undertakings. But we must remember that the country does not belong to one person or a handful of oligarchs. The country belongs to the people. And for the sake of its prosperity, each person must work for the benefit of others. Only labor and strict observance of God’s commandments and laws will help revive Russia, and it will take a leading place in the world.

About wars and conflicts

According to Virs Singh, people are divided by artificially created borders and different religions. Because of this, conflicts arise. It is especially sad when they arise because of religious disputes. But in any religion there are no calls to destroy their own kind.

“Why are there conflicts all over the world today? Because people do not follow what is written in their holy books. Neither the Bible, nor the Koran, nor the Torah, nor the Guru Granth Sahib has ever called for war.”

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