The USSR will be restored? The predictions of the “sleepy prophet” Case begin to come true

“Sleepy Prophet” saw the revival of the Soviet Union

Are the predictions made by the legendary Edgar Cayce in 1944 starting to come true?

Almost like Vanga

Last year marked the 130th birthday of Edgar Case (1877-1945), one of the strangest soothsayers in the history of mankind, who became as famous in the Western world as Vanga in the Slavic.

“Both clairvoyants received hundreds of people a day,” says historian Gennady LISOV. – Many famous personalities came to them, including presidents and ministers. And, by a strange coincidence, neither one nor the other saw their visitors. Vanga was blind. And Case predicted in a dream – he closed his eyes, naturally fell asleep and in this state he spoke. Therefore, he was nicknamed the “sleepy prophet.” By the way, upon waking up, Case claimed that he did not remember anything from what was said through him. The words of the seer were recorded by a stenographer.

“Early” Case mostly healed. And he surprised his contemporaries by the fact that, having no medical education, he made accurate diagnoses and prescribed treatment in terms familiar only to narrow specialists. The New York Times on October 9, 1910 devoted an article to this phenomenon entitled “An illiterate person under self-hypnosis becomes a doctor.”

Healed himself

“It all started with hypnosis,” says another researcher on the life of the legendary seer Nikolai NON-POMNYASHCHY. — At least there is such a bike about Case. It was as if his voice had completely disappeared after a sore throat. In the town of Hopkinsville (Kentucky, USA), where Case got a job as a photographer, a hypnotist nicknamed Laughing Man Hart came on tour. During the performance, Edgar volunteered on stage, was put to sleep and … spoke.

After the session, the voice disappeared again. However, word of the unusual healing reached local hypnotist Al Lane. And he suggested repeating the experiment. Further, numerous sources of that time describe the miracle that happened like this.

Lane put Case to sleep again and then recited over the body: “Your subconscious mind is looking at the throat. Now it will tell us what is wrong with this throat and what needs to be done to cure it.

“The cause of the disturbances lies in the partial paralysis of the vocal cords caused by the stretching of the nerve endings,” the sleeping Case replied. “To eliminate the violation, it is necessary to force the body to increase blood circulation for a short time in the affected area.”

After Lane said, “Command the body to do it,” the parents of the future prophet, standing nearby, saw their son’s neck first swollen and turned crimson, and then returned to normal. Awakened, Case gained the ability to speak. And he never lost his voice.

All hope for Russia

Case prophesied two world wars. And he named the dates of their beginning and end. He not only predicted the economic crisis of 1929, but also described in detail the catastrophic events on the stock exchanges. Saw a subsequent rise in 1933. He announced the defeat of the Germans at the Kursk Bulge, the end of fascism, the victory of the USSR. And a few months before his death, when the Red Army marched victoriously across Europe, he declared that the Soviet Union would disintegrate. As if looking into the water, prophesying: “The 20th century will not have time to end, when the collapse of communism will come. The Communists will lose their power there.”

Case also said that Russia, freed from communism, was in for a crisis. But she will safely come out of it “thanks to friendship with the people, on whose banknotes it is written” We believe in God “. It is easy to guess that the prophet was referring to the United States with its dollars, which indeed left an indelible mark on our post-communist history.

Although Yeltsin called Clinton “friend Bill”, and he called him “friend Boris”, one can doubt the true feelings. But who will argue that we were friends and continue to be friends with the dollar?

Since the seer guessed one thing, maybe the other will come true?

“From Russia,” Case said in a dream, sometimes calling our country a “brown bear,” hope will come to the world. Not from the communists, not from the Bolsheviks, but from a free Russia! It will be years before this happens, but it is the religious development of Russia that will give the world hope.” And then “those people who will be in close relations (with Russia) will begin to live better, gradually changing and finally establishing the conditions for the organization of life throughout the world.”

Well, Russia is free. Her religious development continues successfully. And those who have close relations with us are by no means in poverty. At least they get oil and gas.

Perhaps the deadline is approaching for another prophecy of Case, which a few years ago experts considered absolutely fantastic. Namely, the revival of the Soviet Union after 2010. Belarus is the first candidate for unification. And then, as modern political scientists quite seriously estimate, it is possible that Kyrgyzstan, Eastern Ukraine, Armenia, and Kazakhstan will be drawn to Russia. And, perhaps, even Georgia, which does not manage to live independently.

By the way, Vanga did not doubt our future. “Russia will again become a great empire,” she said.

There will be no third world war

Alas, the rest of Case’s global prophecies are not encouraging. Unless China will change beyond recognition: “More and more adherents of the Christian faith will come into politics … Yes, China will one day become the cradle of Christianity … By human standards, a lot of time will pass, but this is just one day in the heart of the Lord. For tomorrow China will wake up.” But who knows if that’s good or bad?

Case did not promise a third world war. But he predicted something no less catastrophic – natural disasters. First, Case prophesied global warming. I saw him in the 30s, when no one thought about climate change on the planet. “Areas with a cold or subtropical climate will become more tropical and ferns will grow there,” he said.

And part of America will sink: “New York, Connecticut and other areas on the east coast will shake so that they disappear from the face of the earth. The waters of the Great Lakes will merge into the Gulf of Mexico… Volcanoes will wake up in Hawaii, and such a strong wave will sweep that the southern coast of California will disappear under water in three months… Open waters will appear in the northern regions of Greenland, new lands will appear in the Caribbean Sea. South America will shake from top to bottom, and in Antarctica, not far from Tierra del Fuego, the earth will rise from the bottom and a strait with raging waters will appear.

Real estate in Western Siberia will rise in price

According to Case’s forecasts, climatic and seismic disasters will affect the entire planet, which will change it greatly. But Russia will suffer less than other countries. And he will lead a resurgent civilization, the center of which, as one of the prophetic dreams testified, will be Western Siberia.

Brad, it seems. And with the terms of Case, not everything is going smoothly – he assigned all these troubles to the end of the 20th century. In fact, guessed only global warming. But it is possible that he correctly identified the trend. Serious scientists have been scaring for ten years now that the intense melting of ice in Antarctica and Greenland can provoke violent tectonic activity on Earth. And as a result – volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods.

It is not a sin to recall Vanga again. Perhaps she hinted at the coming climate warming, saying in 1979: “Everything will melt like ice, only one thing will remain untouched – the glory of Vladimir, the glory of Russia … She will sweep everything out of her way and not only survive, but also become the ruler of the world.” As they say, good to hear.

The Seer will return in 2100

“I met Case’s grandson at the Pulkovo Observatory in St. Petersburg,” says Gennady Lisov. – Strange as it may seem, the outstanding astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev was present there. The grandson, in particular, noticed that the lion’s share of the grandfather’s prophecies remained undeciphered. In total, there are more than 14 thousand transcripts, which have now been transferred to a specially created association named after Edgar Cayce.

– In December 2000, the exhumation of Case’s remains was carried out in order to study his DNA, – continues Gennady Petrovich. – This was reported by the American magazine Weekly World News. It seems that a bundle of papers with unknown predictions was found under the remains of the prophet. Perhaps we are waiting for new discoveries.

Case himself during his lifetime declared that he would be reborn again in Nebraska in 2100. And personally verify the truth of their prophecies.

skeptical opinion

Sacramento College Philosophy Chair (California) Robert Todd Carroll: He was leaked information

– Case himself has repeatedly declared his prophetic abilities, the ability to see the future, but he never agreed to prove it in controlled laboratory conditions. Many of the myths about Case were unconditionally accepted and spread by the researcher Thomas Sugrue, who believed that the seer cured him of a serious illness. In his book The River of Life: The Story of the Great Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce (1945), Sugrue claimed that Cayce saved his own son from blindness and his wife from tuberculosis, although both were under the supervision of ordinary doctors.

The thousands of reports left after the seer are useless in themselves, since it is impossible to know what exactly Case determined with the help of his unusual abilities, and what his assistants told him, letters from the patients themselves or a simple examination. After all, Case usually worked with assistants, among whom were John Blackburn, MD, homeopath and hypnotist Wesley Ketchum, and osteopath Al Lane. There is a suspicion that Vanga was also leaked information by local taxi drivers who took clients to her house, and Bulgarian security officers.

Case had no formal education beyond the high school level. But I read a lot. In addition, he worked in a bookstore, which contributed to his passion for occult literature. He was not at all the illiterate ignoramus he sometimes tried to look like in order to make his diagnoses more mysterious.

The legends of Atlantis were spread by Case

Many have probably heard that in Egypt among the pyramids – specifically under the Sphinx – the entrance to the dungeon is hidden. There, in immured chambers, what is left of the mighty civilization of the Atlanteans is stored – books, equipment, the remains of the Atlanteans themselves. Where is the bike from? After all, Plato, who spoke about Atlantis, did not even stutter about this.

It turns out that the data belongs to Case. He even pointed out where to dig. But no one is digging. The Egyptians do not allow. Apparently, they do not believe the prophet. Although studies on the surface using seismic instruments show that there are some cavities under the Sphinx.

Case saw that Atlantis was. It was located between the Gulf of Mexico and the Mediterranean Sea. More precisely, in the region of the Bahamas, one of which, Bimini, was “part of the once great continent that remained under water.” Atlantis sank about 15,000 years ago. But not all Atlanteans died. Some escaped on airships, ended up in Egypt and built pyramids there, which are two times older than is commonly believed.

Case claimed that the Atlanteans owned the “Big Crystal” – the Tuaoi Stone. Like, he served as a powerful source of energy. But he also drowned. And now lies at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in the Bermuda Triangle. Why there are various mysterious phenomena.

Surprisingly, in 1991 there were reports of an expedition by oceanographer Verlag Meyer. Allegedly, with the help of sonar, the scientist discovered not one, but two whole objects in the very center of the Bermuda Triangle at a depth of about a kilometer. In shape, these pyramids are much larger than the Egyptian ones. And they are made of some kind of transparent material. In a word, poured “Big Crystals”. Meyer spoke about the pyramids at a conference in the Bahamas. And more, alas, nothing is known about his discovery. But suddenly one day it will be confirmed? And it turns out that Case was not delirious about Atlantis either? And about the fact that one day the Atlanteans will be reborn – genetically: another race with supernatural abilities will appear on Earth. including prophetic ones. After all, Case considered himself among the descendants of the Atlanteans. And in a dream, saying “we”, he spoke on their behalf.

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