Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the fate of the Russian people

Many among the holy righteous were seers and soothsayers. And a special place among them is occupied by John of Kronstadt. His prophecies are still being studied by historians and representatives of the Orthodox Church.

He was remembered by his contemporaries as a great miracle worker, able to heal hopeless patients and see the fate of not only ordinary people, but also the Russian state.

Holy righteous miracle worker

In the Arkhangelsk province, a weak baby was born in the family of a poor rural deacon. They hurried to christen him so that he would not go into another world as a non-Christ, but the baby chose life. Parents considered this a real miracle, and from an early age they began to prepare their son for the fate of a clergyman. Thus began the life path of the future holy righteous John of Kronstadt.

The parish was poor, they lived from hand to mouth, the boy grew up sickly and lagged behind in development, and not only physical. At the age of ten, he was assigned to a parish school, and a real nightmare began for Ivan. He didn’t remember anything, he didn’t understand anything, he could barely read. He was mocked by fellow students, and teachers looked contemptuously.

But one night something seemed to shake him up. It seemed to Ivan that unknown fetters were falling from him, and he felt an incredible lightness in his soul. And the real miracle was that he remembered word for word the lectures of the last classes.

From that day on, the boy began to study perfectly. He graduated from college with honors, and then from the seminary. He was admitted to the Theological Academy at public expense, received a scholarship. Life got better.

After receiving the degree of candidate of theology, John thought about his future fate. He had two ways – to take tonsure and serve in holy monasteries, or to become a priest in some parish. The monastic life did not attract John, and in order to get a parish, one had to get married.

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the fate of the Russian people

His mentors from the academy advised him to marry Elizaveta Nesvitskaya, the daughter of the archpriest of the Kronstadt Cathedral. So John did. And after his marriage, he took the priesthood in the same cathedral.

His arrival was special. From ancient times, unreliable people were sent to Kronstadt – tramps, vagabonds, beggars, mentally unbalanced. And these people not only accepted, but also began to respect the new priest immensely. And soon the fame of him spread throughout Russia.

Thousands came to John for help and guidance, he received so many letters every day that he had to open a special post office. Grateful believers sent money to charity. Every year, more than a million rubles passed through the hands of John – the amount at that time was simply grandiose.

Some donations were sent back by John, somehow he knew they had been ill-gotten. Yes, and not everyone helped, but only those who really needed it.

His temple could only accommodate five thousand people. Many people wanted to hear his sermons. John often traveled to other cities of Russia, and crowds of people always gathered for his services. Once in Kharkov, he had to serve on the square near the temple – more than 60,000 people gathered to listen to Father John.

The power of John’s prayer word was so great that even terminally ill patients, who had long been abandoned by doctors, turned to him. And there were many healings. Sometimes it was enough for a miracle worker to simply send a letter or telegram to get well.

He passed away at the age of 79, and thousands of believers came to see the real shepherd on his last journey.

God’s prophet

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the fate of the Russian people

Much about the fate of Russia could be learned from John’s sermons, but he wrote down some of his predictions and visions in his diary. Long before the start of the First World War, he indicated in the diary of its participants, the defeat of Russia, and later foresaw the fall of the royal dynasty and the long power of the atheists.

About the king

John spoke a lot about the fate of Russia and the Russian people. In 1907, he wrote in his diary that Russia was closer than ever to the fall. And if the atheists and anarchists are not stopped, then it will become empty and spiritually impoverished.

“Poor country! When will you prosper? Only when you cling with all your heart to God, the Church, love for the Tsar and the fatherland and purity of morals … Arise, Russian people! Who taught you disobedience and senseless rebellions in Russia? Stop being mad!.. Enough to drink a bitter cup full of poison for you and Russia! Russia suffers and suffers from a bloody internal struggle, from godlessness and an extreme decline in morals … What will we become, Russians, without the Tsar? Our enemies will soon try to destroy the very name of Russia, because the bearer and guardian of Russia after God is the Sovereign of Russia, the Autocratic Tsar, without him Russia is not Russia … “.

He foresaw the death of the royal family back in 1900, when a wealthy Perm merchant once came to him. John said then that a black cross hangs over Perm. After 18 years, the last Russian tsar with his family and servants was killed in Yekaterinburg, which at that time belonged to the Perm province.

About the revival of Russia

Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about the fate of the Russian people

In one of his sermons, Father John said that Russia would again be victorious and great when it threw off the yoke of the atheists, and the Russian people returned to the faith.

At that time, no one perceived these words as prophetic. People did not even guess that a coup d’état was coming, and very soon the believers would be persecuted by the godless communists. No one could even imagine that churches and monasteries would be destroyed, and priests would be exiled to camps and shot.

About material and spiritual

With pain, Father John told me that there will come a time when the wallet for people will become the most important thing. They will forget about faith and spiritual development. Stop going to church. And the shepherds themselves, instead of instructing their flock, will take care of material goods.

And it will last for many decades. But one day the Russian people will come to their senses, they will turn to God more and more often, they will begin to regain spirituality. Russia will become even stronger because it will rise like a Phoenix bird from the ashes. It will stand on the bones of the holy martyrs who suffered for the faith, as on a strong foundation. This is how the new Russia will be reborn.

“A Russian person must understand that Russia is the foot of the Throne of the Lord, and thank God for being Russian!”

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