A new forecast for the future for the 21st century has appeared – 10 predictions

In the 21st century, the life of mankind will change dramatically …

1. Thanks to globalization and technological innovation, there will be one billion dollar millionaires in the world in 2025.

2. The textile industry will experience a revolution. Thanks to new developments in the field of SFIT (smart fabrics and intelligent textiles, smart fabrics and intelligent textiles), fabrics that change color, smell and other properties will appear and spread.

3. The main external threat to the US will not be terrorism, but China and Russia.

4. Cash will disappear and be replaced by wire transfers and credit cards. This will be facilitated by new optical scanning technologies. Cashless payments will become so secure that society will survive the disappearance of cash quite calmly.

5. The threat to biodiversity will remain a huge problem. The rate of extinction of animal and plant species will increase significantly. The protection of biodiversity will require great sacrifices, self-restraint in local human communities, many of which already live below the poverty line. Protecting their economic interests will be inseparable from addressing the issue of biodiversity.

6. Water in the 21st century will be as valuable as oil in the 20th. Water scarcity by 2025. will be experienced by two-thirds of the world’s population. New seawater desalination plants will be built in California, which will provide 10-20% of the state’s needs. After 2020, desalination technologies will develop even more actively.

7. Due to the development of health care and reproductive technologies, by 2050 the world’s population may be larger than previously predicted. The UN has already increased its 2050 population projection from 9.1 billion to 9.2 billion.

8. In Africa, the threat of floods will increase. By 2080, the number of inhabitants of this continent exposed to the threat of floods will increase 70 times. – from 1 million to 70 million. By the same time, world sea level will rise by 38 cm.

9. The lack of natural resources will lead to a sharp struggle for the Arctic – not only for its oil and gas, but also for nickel, copper, zinc, coal, fresh water and fish. Solving issues related to the Arctic will be a major political challenge for the world community.

10. Computers, robots and other artificial devices will make more and more important decisions in the field of finance, health care, education, and even politics. The reason for this lies in the ever-increasing complexity of the world around us, with which a person more and more often cannot cope.

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