8 Ray Bradbury Predictions from 1953 that came true today. Nostradamus is resting.

Who would have thought back in 1953 that the future distant almost 70 years ahead is already known, and it is known not to a predictor or some esoteric psychic, but to science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.

Modern people live in a reality that the talented dystopian writer Ray Bradbury described a long time ago. This is especially noticeable in the example of the modern United States, which, as if according to the scenario prescribed by Ray Bradbury, is carrying out almost everything he described.

The United States still presents itself as the abode of goodness and justice, which is why it is doubly surprising how Ray Bradbury exposed them back in 1953. It is extremely likely that what Ray Bradbury described will spread to the whole world if he continues to follow the United States in many respects, copying their main values ​​and institutions.

  1. Prediction one: an unspoken ban on walking. Those who lived in the USA saw it in reality – empty streets in big cities, lack of sidewalks in medium and small cities. Ray Bradbury emphasized in 1953 that people in the future will not look at the sky, that in the USA it will be considered shameful to walk during the day, look at the dew on the grass and enjoy nature and silence, walk all day instead of working 12 hours every day except weekends. The USA today is a country of empty sidewalks or their complete absence, why? If everyone is working or having fun? This does not mean that there is no typical urban environment, just that it is more filled with marginal elements, rather than respectable people, and this is evident to everyone who has lived in the United States.
  2. The second prediction: a constant and encouraged fashion for denunciations. Snitching is the very trend that is growing more and more, and developing in the United States and spreading to the rest of the world. If in the USSR it was often secret, then in the USA it is welcomed and rewarded, it has become the norm. Ray Bradbury wrote about special boxes for denunciations and an atmosphere of general suspicion, when you could get rid of someone with the help of a denunciation. Whistleblowing in the United States has become a daily routine, they are obligated to do so and almost forced to report.
  3. The third prediction: people are biorobots of constant consumption. Buy and work, work and buy, no complex mental work, no deep philosophy, there is no time for all this, it is sorely lacking, it is getting smaller and smaller. This is exactly what is happening to people in the United States now, and many people are still happy about it, as if it is very good not to think about anything other than what you can buy, thanks to which you can increase your status, image, prestige, give free rein to all his complexes and fantasies, of course, obviously without violating any criminal laws. Non-objective communication is encouraged, without any attempts at independent and thorough analysis. Not to live, but simply to kill time is not a vowel, but a clear setting about which Ray Bradbury wrote now everywhere in the USA.
  4. Fourth prediction:“processing” of people from early childhood. Ray Bradbury pointed out in his works the need to work on suggestion from early childhood, so that thinking family members do not have time to lay anything personal in the child (“Fahrenheit 451”). Households are enemies of the state, according to Bradbury’s bad heroes, but school is good, it is a brainwashing tool that has no alternative for American and Western society in general. Will the family of the child teach him everything? This cannot be allowed! It is necessary to grab the kids almost from the cradle and send them to kindergartens, justifying this by easing the already difficult lot of the working, hired and self-employed population. Schoolchildren in the United States are taught not to think or analyze, everything is within the framework of programs and schemes. Crowd to encourage and help them, and the rest to wean from the habit of thinking and analyzing. Do not ask a lot of questions, only the most necessary and concerning the most important, so as not to waste time, bombard with answers, so that they just sit and be silent – this is how Bradbury’s future and the present are presented now. After all, the modern education system really does not stand for students who have their own opinion, but for those who are silent and agree to everything. To educate obedient puppets, greedy for entertainment and vivid impressions – such is the task of the modern education system in the West. After all, the modern education system really does not stand for students who have their own opinion, but for those who are silent and agree to everything. To educate obedient puppets, greedy for entertainment and vivid impressions – such is the task of the modern education system in the West. After all, the modern education system really does not stand for students who have their own opinion, but for those who are silent and agree to everything. To educate obedient puppets, greedy for entertainment and vivid impressions – such is the task of the modern education system in the West.
  5. Fifth prediction: zeroing the memory of mankind. Erasing objectionable history, an alternative point of view on the past of mankind. To reality itself. With the help of the same chemistry and pharmaceuticals. A man in the West does not remember the most important thing in his life, but fills his head with one-day nonsense. At the global level, there is a global substitution of concepts. Human memory is short, and keeping silent about something important can erase the facts that need to be remembered and give rise to people who do not know a lot of important things, and believe that it should be so, it is almost impossible to convince them otherwise.
  6. Sixth prediction:the era of synthetic feelings and relationships. True love and friendship are becoming very scarce, with Bradbury, they are almost non-existent. No devotion, no sincere feelings, isn’t that what it all comes down to? Maybe it has already arrived? Although, of course, this is a thickening of colors, nevertheless, Bradbury’s forecast may soon come true, or it has already been partially fulfilled when they began to cultivate exclusively material values ​​of behavior, perception and goal setting. Indeed, in Western society, relations are based on material interest, according to the principle of profitable / not profitable. Indifference and indifference prevail, as does the need to shop, preferably at a higher price – such is the picture of Western modernity, which Ray Bradbury wrote about. Tortured faces, with empty eyes and cardboard smiles will convince the attentive observer that the prophecy of the famous science fiction writer has come true.
  7. Seventh prediction:medicine will take care of your nerves. The suppression of the expression of natural feelings and emotions in the West is on a wide scale, as Ray Bradbury told in 1953. Frank communication, cravings for daydreaming, plus being constantly indoors are still suppressed, all this leads to an increase in mental disorders, a pathological feeling of loneliness, constant depression. All of them are extinguished with special pills, medicines and sedatives. And they affect memory and other types of brain activity. With the psyche in the United States, problems are not only among adults, but also among schoolchildren. They have already become addicted to so-called “legal drugs”, and nothing is being done about it, although there are hundreds of cases when schoolchildren lost touch with reality and caused terrible harm to themselves, thinking that they were watching an exciting movie about themselves.
  8. Eighth Prediction:era of clip thinking. The era of greedy, uncontrolled consumption of information has already begun. She changed the consciousness of the inhabitants of the Earth. The shorter and brighter the information, the better the content is considered. It began with the fact that the works of the classics of world literature were reduced to 15-minute sound recordings, then even more, columns of text that can be run through in less than 2 minutes, then, even for encyclopedic dictionaries, they began to make the text no more than 10 lines, so as not to overload user memory, well, and then, just spin the video faster to hear what you specifically need and that’s it, almost no effort to assimilate the information, especially the ability to comprehend it. Shorten, shrink, retell, an extract from the retelling, one column, a title and one main phrase, and everything has already evaporated from the memory of a person – that’s what what modern humanity is striving for, in which it has been living for several years in a row. Do everything to make useless the power of thought, analysis, attention, wasting time on reflection and awareness.

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