Prophecy of the old seer Maronkh from Altai

Altai Krai is a special place on the map of Russia. The region is home to many famous and amazing people. Among them there is one little-known elder Maronkh, who has an amazing gift to see the future. Grandfather lives in the village of Akbom and every day receives people who want to know what lies ahead for them. Prophet enjoys universal respect and reverence

The prophet is able to predict the future not only for an individual person, but for the whole world as a whole. Visions come to the elder suddenly, usually when he is in a trance state, into which he suddenly falls.

Once he received a young man who was trying to find out the future of his daughter. He was lucky to be present at one of the moments when the elder suddenly fell into a trance. At that moment, the prophet suddenly began to speak. He told that at the moment the world was captured by some dark forces, which are the source of all evil on Earth. These forces have been raging on the planet for many centuries and cannot calm down in any way. The cradle of these forces is far beyond the borders of our country, but evil is trying in every possible way to penetrate it and poison existence here.

The incidents in Nice and Turkey that occurred the day before are a direct result of the influence of these forces. The one who is their source is an insidious and cunning manipulator, provoking wars and always remaining in the shadows.

When the elder suddenly fell silent, the young man asked if we could ever overcome this evil. The prophet replied that the dark forces would inevitably collapse, which is why they are so rampant now. The population of Russia needs to show wisdom and unite in the face of this scourge.

By the way, many prophets agree that it is Russia that will contribute to the reign of peace and stability on Earth.

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