Will there be a big war in Russia in 2019: experts, psychics and predictors

Economic instability in the world and political confrontations between the US, Russia and Europe can lead to irreversible consequences. There is endless talk in Russia about the irreversibility of World War III. These thoughts are fueled by daily news from the main hot spots: bombings again in Syria, military confrontation has escalated in Ukraine. What awaits us in the future, will there be a war in Russia in 2019: the opinion of experts, clairvoyants, psychics = this is the topic of our today’s material.

Not only political scientists, economists and analysts can answer this question. Psychics, predictors and clairvoyants also do not stay away from future events. Each person has a choice whether or not to believe in the supernatural, but there is no superfluous information, especially in such a matter.

Expert opinion: Russia is on the brink of a big war

First of all, with all the love for the sacred world, when analyzing the future, it is worth turning to professionals. Experts: historians, economists, analysts, military men, politicians give official explanations without leaning towards mysticism. They rely on “dry” facts, and issue a forecast extrapolating the current situation into the future. At the end of 2018 and the beginning of 2019, most experts expressed the opinion that passions were heating up in the world, and we were waiting for three scenarios:

  1. First scenario. Differences between Russia and the European Union, fueled by the United States, will lead to a military clash in one of the republics of the former USSR.
  2. Second scenario. Tough and aggressive US policy will provoke North Korea to launch nuclear missiles.
  3. Third scenario. Another pinpoint strike by the United States in Syria will hit the Russian group of troops, which will be followed by an immediate response.
  4. Fourth scenario. The cyber-troops of one of the special services will capture top-secret data of the enemy state.

Fact. All experts are inclined to believe that in 2019 the first scenario of the outbreak of war in Russia is the most realistic. Any republic of the former Soviet Union is suitable for the role of a stumbling block: Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia and even Belarus. 

The balance in the world has long been broken, each of the parties will not tolerate even the slightest infringement of its rights. All versions may have their continuation, but no one can say for sure what could cause a military confrontation. The established bipolar world is coming to its logical end, and the precarious balance depends only on how much patience and wisdom the leaders of Russia and the United States have.

Predictions of astrologers and clairvoyants

In 2019, Russia has a significant impact on world politics in matters of peaceful cooperation. But whether this will help prevent the tragedy is difficult to unambiguously answer. Do Russians want wars? No. Since ancient times, our ancestors, in order to avoid ambiguity, did not turn to experts, but to knowledgeable shamans, sages who could foresee the future. However, with the development of civilization, the traditions of the ancestors have sunk into the past.

Vanga’s prophecies

The name of the seer Vanga is widely known both on the territory of the former Soviet Union and beyond. Her predictions very accurately reflected many events of the 21st century. Vanga gave a lot of information on the state of affairs in Russia:

  • Starting in 2019, Russia will influence all other states;
  • By the middle of the 21st century, all Slavic lands will unite;
  • After full unification, a leader will appear in Russia who will raise the country to a new level of development.

Fact. Note that Vanga did not predict the outbreak of war in Russia at least in 2019-2050, that is, until the unification of all Slavic Orthodox states.

This is not the whole list of Vanga’s predictions, but even these three inspire and inspire confidence. The seer constantly pointed out to people that the planet itself would destroy the world order: there would be many earthquakes, floods, fires and other cataclysms. Such forecasts are not encouraging, but, as Vangelia argued, only through suffering can people come to mutual understanding and cooperation. And only after that the spiritual rise and prosperity of all mankind will begin.

Predictions of Pavel Globa

Pavel Globa is one of the most popular astrologers, whose opinion is listened to by both esoteric specialists and ordinary people. His forecast for 2019 also contains an optimistic scenario for Russia. Globa claims that there will be no war, and the Russians will begin a period of prosperity in all spheres of life, in his opinion, we are waiting for:

  • Growth of all economic indicators;
  • New discoveries will appear in science and medicine;
  • Space will be successfully explored;
  • Finally, the notorious nanotechnologies will be put to practical use;
  • The well-being of people, first of all, will be associated with the modernization of industry, which will give impetus to the development of production;
  • The loyal policy of the country’s government will attract many friendly states to Russia;

Against the backdrop of the collapse of the United States and the European Union, a new powerful economic alliance will appear. This prediction is confirmed by other well-known soothsayers. Also, most psychics agree that 2019 is very important for Russia. After him, a new head of state will appear who will not allow the start of a big war. He was called the “Great Potter”. He will be able to negotiate with neighboring countries on long-term friendship and cooperation, and joint development.

Predictions of the holy elders

Here are the predictions about the war in 2019 given by the holy elders who lived at different times in Russia:

  • Archbishop Theophan of Poltava. A ruler erected by God will appear on the territory of Russia. He will be distinguished by unbending faith, strong will and bright mind. This knowledge is revealed by God. It remains only to wait for the fulfillment of the prophecy. Everything confirms his imminent coming, unless our sinfulness leads to a change in the promise of the Lord.
  • Archimandrite Seraphim. Everything is the will of God, and much in life depends on the deeds of the Russian Church, on the strength of our people’s belief in divine justice, and on the fervent prayer of the Orthodox.
  • St. John of Kronstadt. Russia will be reborn into a powerful and great power. She will go through all the torments in order to rise up renewed, believing according to the old testaments in Christ with the Holy Trinity. It will follow unity, as the founder of Russian Christianity, Prince Vladimir, bequeathed. Because now the people have forgotten that Russia is under the protection of God. A Russian person should be grateful to God for being Russian.
  • Seraphim Vyritsky. The world will lose stability when a strong state appears in the East. They will take the number and the fact that their people are very hardworking and non-drinking, unlike us. … But there will be a time of discord and turmoil when Russia falls apart. It will be divided in order to be completely plundered. The Western world will participate in the plunder of Russia and will lead to the fact that the eastern part of Russia will be under China. He will insidiously occupy the vast territory of Siberia to the Urals. The Chinese will marry Russian women in order to gain a foothold in our land. And the Japanese will appear in the Far East. The Chinese will want to continue to conquer Russia, but the West will interfere with their plans. The territory of Russia will be the same as during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.
  • Grigory Rasputin. Petersburg is the place where the meeting of the three kings will take place. Europe will be full. The last time will be colored with great signs and sufferings. People will be plunged into darkness. But all attention will turn to the East, to Russia. That’s right, there are new prophets. They will glorify the Lord who will appear in Russia…
  • Iona Odessa. In a neighboring and friendly country for Russia, there will be serious unrest, lasting 2 years, and then a long bloody war will begin. And after the war, a great Russian ruler will appear.

Possible opponents in the war with Russia

Many countries are suitable for the role of opponents in a hypothetical war with the Russian Federation, but if you look at things realistically, the circle narrows to only three options: the United States, Ukraine and an internal conflict, that is, a civil war.

War with the USA

Will there be a war between the US and Russia in 2019? The first thing that catches your eye is that the rhetoric of the current leadership of the United States of America is rather militant, and many actions in the political arena are aimed at drawing the Russian Federation into a large-scale military conflict. It is obvious that the main goal of the United States under no circumstances is to lose leadership and prevent the emergence of a bipolar world order. But how prepared are Americans for a real war?

  1. Nobody wants a nuclear war. Russia is a nuclear power and it makes no sense to fight “in full force” with us – we will simply destroy the planet.
  2. America cannot fight on its own. America and the Americans last seriously fought in Vietnam, after which such a howl arose in society that they never fought real hostilities with mobilization. Real combat operations are understood as conflicts involving mobilized civilians, and not mercenaries from PMCs.
  3. But what about the anti-Russian hysteria? This is an excellent opportunity to resolve the contradictions between the ruling parties. Blaming each other for ties with Putin and blaming him for all the problems, the US ruling elite solves many domestic issues. The “Red Menace” is a traditional scarecrow that has just been pulled out of the closet where it has been gathering dust for the past 30 years.

Output. Will there be a war between Russia and the USA? Hardly. Why fight on our own, it is much more profitable to print dollars and distribute them to everyone who wants to undermine the order and economic growth of the Russian Federation. Actually, this is what the states are doing, buying up the extreme opposition and buying out the leadership of the countries of the former USSR: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia.

War with Ukraine

Will there be a war between Russia and Ukraine in 2019? But this is more likely, unfortunately. The puppet regime of Ukraine is capable of any suicidal actions to draw Russia into a full-scale war.

  • And now that there is no war? At the moment, it is impossible to call the confrontation between the DPR and LPR with Ukraine a full-scale war – the parties have entrenched themselves on the occupied lines and are holding their positions. Russia supports the DPR, the USA supports Ukraine. Both those and others support very modestly, if more resources are poured into the conflict, the war can reach a new level. For example, the United States can sponsor an increased salary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and help with weapons, while Russia, in turn, can also help with ammunition and money. But that doesn’t happen.
  • So what’s next? Most likely, the conflict will be taken to a fundamentally different level. At the moment, the message is being introduced into Ukrainian society that not only Putin is an enemy, but in general all Russians. Plus, a religious card with Thomas is played. Either one or the other will definitely work – and then help will come from overseas, and the war will flare up with renewed vigor.
  • Events in the Krechensky Strait on November 25. Can this provocation serve as a pretext for the start of hostilities? Most likely no. The capture of several Ukrainian ships that illegally crossed the border of the Russian Federation is too little reason. It is obvious that this farce is organized by the current president of the Square – P. Poroshenko with the sole purpose of introducing martial law and preventing the next elections. That’s just how the curators from Washington will look at it is not yet clear.

Output. Will there be a war between Ukraine and Russia? Most likely, the leadership of our country understands much more in this matter than you and I, and is unlikely to want the start of real hostilities. Most likely, we will not react to provocations in any way and will maintain the “status quo” until the last opportunity.

Civil War

Will there be a civil war in Russia in 2019? At the moment, there are no prerequisites for its beginning. Yes, society is dissatisfied with the state of affairs in domestic politics: pension reform, corruption, lack of production – all this worries our citizens. However, the real level of discontent is very far from the boiling point.

  • There is no real alternative. At present, there is no real alternative: a party, a force, or at least an ideological leader who could proclaim some clear goal and lead the masses of the people. The entire opposition is guided by the same principle that everyone else “enrich yourself”, does not offer any ideas or clear plans. In addition to the slogan “Putin must go” – there is nothing in the bottom line.
  • Everyone knows what the revolution leads to. The older generation remembers the results of the revolution of the 90s, and is well educated to know the results of a dozen more different revolutions and civil wars, both in our country and in others. None of them did anything good.

Output. Will there be a civil war in the Russian Federation? No, it will not. There is not a single real prerequisite for its beginning, no one needs it, including those who are now campaigning for it.

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