Predictions of Mitar Tarabic – a prophet from Serbia

Mitar Tarabic was born in 1829 in Serbia, he was an ordinary illiterate peasant, but at the same time he could easily predict the future. Mitar told his visions to the priest, thanks to whom the world learned about this prophet.

In his prophecies, Tarabich talked about almost all the wars that, one way or another, concerned the Serbian and friendly Russian people. In addition, the predictions talk about the future inventions of mankind – computers, mobile phones, the Internet and much more.

Tarabić’s predictions say a lot about the beginning of the First and Second World Wars. Moreover, unlike many other prophets, there is no confusion and allegory in his texts. The prophecies are given in plain language, which practically does not allow other interpretations.

Tarabich said that Russia would play the main role in defeating the enemy during World War II. They are also told about the coming to power in Serbia of General Tito, during whose reign the country will live well. He said that people would ride self-propelled carts and fly through the sky in special vehicles. As you might guess, it was about cars and planes.

Many Serb predictions tell about the coming collapse of his country. About the fact that there will be a war on the lands of Serbia, when one people will grapple with another, and brother will go to brother. Almost all the prophecies of the Serb came true to the smallest detail.

He also talks about future environmental disasters, talks about viruses that will appear out of nowhere and infect masses of people. Tarabich talked about people traveling into space and to the moon, about the fact that life would not be found there. Although, as the prophet stated, there is life in space, but people simply do not see it.

If you believe the peasant’s predictions that have not yet come true, the fate of mankind depends on the people themselves, and if people do not change their minds, then a new world war will happen, in which almost all of humanity will find its end.

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