Wolf Messing’s prediction for Russia for 2019 – Russia will have two main enemies (4 photos)

According to the clairvoyant, during this period Russia will have two main enemies.

Wolf Messing is one of the most famous clairvoyants not only in our country, but throughout the world. This is an incredibly bright personality in history, who managed to prove in his own practice that human superpowers exist, and almost everyone can reach unprecedented heights by developing their talents.

According to the mystic, during this period, Russia will have two main enemies – the United States and China, the first will act openly, and the second will be hypocritical and hide its aggressive intentions behind the mask of friendship.

However, despite the sticks in the wheels inserted by rivals, the Russians will be able to resist and even get stronger in the fight.

Messing predicted that Ladmeya’s Russia would become a leader in its region in all respects, and people would finally gain the long-awaited prosperity.

In 2019, Russia will develop an incredible, unparalleled weapon system, which, by the way, will not be put into practice, but will become the main reason for maintaining peace, postponing the Third World War for at least another 100 years, the Katun 24 TV channel notes.

As for more global predictions that determine the future fate of the entire human race, here the clairvoyant was not verbose. Biographers of the mystic know only a few such statements, repeating to some extent the essence of each other. All such words of the soothsayer come down to one meaning, that humanity will survive two falls and two flourishes.

As the clairvoyant predicted, from the beginning of the 21st century, bloody conflicts aimed at the extermination of peoples will begin to occur in the world. This can turn into a big revolution against the shadow government, which will end with a “victory of conscience and goodness.”

After a string of bloody trials, humanity is waiting for a hundred years of peace and cultural revival, but then the selfishness of those in power will provoke a new global military conflict, after which most of the world’s population will be destroyed.

According to Messing’s prophecy, after these events, humanity will finally come to its senses and renounce cruelty in all its manifestations.

How and when Messing’s talent was discovered

Wolf Messing learned about the extraordinary nature of his abilities very early. At a young age, the life circumstances of the future magician were such that he had to go to Berlin on his own and face all the severity of adult life there.

Due to the complete lack of money, he had to go to many tricks to survive. Once, while traveling by tram, and at the same time without a ticket, Messing handed the controller a simple piece of paper, suggesting that it was a travel ticket. The depot clerk then did not notice anything, taking the illusion at face value.

Living in the capital, the young soothsayer limited himself in almost everything. It even got to the point that at one point he simply lost consciousness from exhaustion and systematic malnutrition. At the same time, the young man’s fainting was so deep that the doctors examining him declared death. However, after a while the guy came to his senses, which incredibly shocked the medical board of the German capital.

Wolf Messing's prediction for Russia for 2019 - Russia will have two main enemies (4 photos)

The most famous prophecies of Messing

Wolf Messing's prediction for Russia for 2019 - Russia will have two main enemies (4 photos)

As you know, Messing, being a Jew by origin, has always opposed the aggressive actions of Nazi Germany. During the Second World War, he tried in every possible way to help the Soviet troops at the front, transferring most of the fees from his concerts to the purchase of equipment for the army.

Once, during the next performance, he clearly saw the date of the end of the war, saying that the bloodshed would end with the complete victory of the Allied forces on May 8, while the seer did not specify the year of such an important event.

After the final defeat of the Nazi troops, Stalin personally called and congratulated Messing on the accuracy of his forecast.
Wolf Messing's prediction for Russia for 2019 - Russia will have two main enemies (4 photos)

Some time later, the clairvoyant named the exact date of the death of the leader of the peoples. Joseph Vissarionovich was destined to part with his life on the day of the Jewish holiday Purim – 03/05/1953.

In addition to these predictions, Wolf Messing left behind many more interesting prophecies concerning both the peoples of Russia and the whole world as a whole.

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