What happened and didn’t happen. Psychic predictions for 2018

On New Year’s Eve, people not only sum up, but also make plans for the future. We try to imagine what the next 12 months will bring us, and with what baggage we will come to the next December 31st. A common way to look into tomorrow is to get acquainted with forecasts and predictions. Some of them are very plausible, others portend something fantastic, but still arouse interest. WORLD 24 lists ten of the most intriguing prophecies for 2018.

Nostradamus: World War and Natural Disasters

The French soothsayer Michel Nostradamus predicted that in 2018 global disasters would hit humanity. “A great war will begin in France, and all of Europe will be attacked, it will be long and terrifying for everyone,” says one of his quatrains. The war is to last 27 years, after which peace will come, but only a few survivors will be able to enjoy it. Another verse prophecy speaks of the eruption of Vesuvius. In 2018, the volcano will wake up and begin to “rock the Earth”, which will kill at least six thousand people. And in the western part of the United States there will be a powerful earthquake, the echoes of which will be felt throughout the globe.

Vanga: the power of China and the new energy on Venus

Bulgarian soothsayer Vanga predicted that in 2018 China will become the world’s leading power. Interestingly, this forecast was made in the 1970s, when the share of the Middle Kingdom in world GDP was only 4.1%. Experts were very cautious in assessing the potential of this country, but in 2015 its share increased to 15.6% – although China still could not get ahead of the United States. In addition, humanity will receive a new source of energy, and they will find it not just anywhere, but on Venus.

Pavel Globa: frightening August

August in Russia is notorious. Historically, it was during this month that coups took place that changed the fate of the country, or tragedies (suffice it to recall the death of the Kursk submarine). Astrologer Pavel Globa predicted that at the end of the summer of 2018 major road accidents or plane crashes could occur. Space constellations (the position of the planets) indicated the likelihood of terrible incidents on August 28-30.

Nibiru: the mysterious planet X

In the summer of 2018, according to ufologists, the Earth was supposed to collide with the planet Nibiru. Mentions of this mysterious cosmic object are found in ancient Sumerian texts. Although the descriptions are so vague that it is difficult to guess what exactly they are talking about. Modern interpreters have come to the conclusion that Nibiru is a huge planet that rotates in a very elongated orbit and approaches the Sun once every several thousand years. She brings death to all living things – so, it was because of her that Mars once turned into a huge red desert.

Israel: Prophecies of the Apocalypse

In the fall of 2018, believers announced that three Old Testament prophecies had come true in turn, announcing the imminent end of the world. It all started when a local photographer noticed a live fish in the Dead Sea. This fact was associated with the words of the prophet Ezekiel about the appearance of life in dead waters before the Day of Judgment. After that, it became known about the birth of the “red cow” – a calf, whose skin and wool were perfectly even reddish hue. Such an animal is prescribed to be sacrificed for complete purification and forgiveness of sins.

Finally, a snake crawled along the Wailing Wall. The reptile was filmed on video and posted on the Internet. According to eyewitnesses, the snake hunted the dove – and ancient texts say that dangerous times will come when the dove cannot find shelter on the Temple Mount. All these events happened within one month. According to religiously minded people, they testify to the imminent coming of the Messiah and the end of time.

Edgar Cayce: Telepathy and the Second Coming

The American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce died in 1945, but managed to give a fairly detailed forecast for the distant (for himself) future. In his opinion, in 2018 North America will experience one of the most severe winters in its history. We can say that it came true – the country really had abnormal frosts, and even Niagara Falls partially froze. But Casey’s other assumptions look quite fantastic. So, he believed that people would begin to master telepathy, and a new Messiah would appear in the world in the form of a nine-year-old boy. He will heal people with the touch of his hands, and the churches will be forced to recognize his divine origin.

James Edward Hansen: climate catastrophe

James Hansen is a Columbia University professor known for his climate research. It is believed that it was his appeal to the US Congress in 1988 that became the starting point for the fight against global warming. On the eve of 2018, the expert said that in the coming months the planet will face powerful cataclysms. A significant part of the land will be under water – the flood will cover the cities of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia. India is waiting for a tsunami, and North America – tornadoes and tornadoes. The spilled Yenisei will flood about six hundred Siberian settlements. The rate of melting of the polar “caps” will increase significantly – several of the largest glaciers may disappear during one summer season.

Hopi Indians: Beginning of the Fifth World

The Hopi Indians are one of the oldest indigenous civilizations in the Americas. Today their number does not exceed a few thousand people, they live on the reservation. But the Hopi managed to preserve the ancient traditions and texts of their people. The most popular legend lists signs of the coming end of the world. The Indians call modern civilization the Fourth World, and it must come to an end when the nine signs come true.

Interestingly, eight have already come true. Among them: the European invasion of the American continent, the appearance of railways, telephone and power lines that entangled the planet, oil spills (“the sea turned black and many die from it”) and even hippie culture (“young people with long hair will come to the elders to learn their wisdom.”

The ninth prophecy is: “The abode in heaven will fall with a great noise, and it will look like a big blue star.” You might think that we are talking about a comet. But some believe that the “abode” may be the Chinese space station “Heavenly Palace”. It fell to Earth in April 2018 – most of the debris burned up in the atmosphere, and the rest ended up in the Pacific Ocean.

Craig Hamilton-Parker: the destructive forces of nature

The modern predictor, who is believed to have predicted the Nice attack and Brexit, has given a very frightening forecast for 2018. In his opinion, most of the glaciers will break away from Antarctica, and navigation in southern waters will stop due to icebergs. California and Australia will be covered by forest fires, and India and China will suffer from floods (as we can see, this has partially come true). Parker also repeated the prophecy of Nostradamus about the awakening of Vesuvius and added that Naples would have to be evacuated. Earthquakes will happen even where there have not been for thousands of years, and the echoes will reach New Zealand.

The DeathList: death list

The DeathList website, created in 1987, publishes an annual list of celebrities who are likely to die within the next 12 months. It contains exactly 50 names. As a rule, these are people of a very respectable age or suffering from serious diseases. In the forecast for 2018, there were quite a few hits. The resource predicted the death of French chansonnier Charles Aznavour, physicist Stephen Hawking, creator of the Marvel universe Stan Lee, politician John McCain, British singer Vera Lynn, George W. Bush and his wife Barbara Bush.

The list also includes the husband of Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, Prince Philip, fashion designer Pierre Cardin, actor Kirk Douglas and the first performer of the role of James Bond, Sean Connery. It is interesting that in the very first list of The DeathList (remember, for 1987) there was a person who is alive to this day. This is musician Ozzy Osbourne. At that time he was only 39 years old. Probably, the authors of the site mentioned him because of his rampant and destructive behavior.

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