Forecast for the Third Millennium from Johann of Jerusalem

Elder Nikolai Guryanov is a famous religious figure of the 20th century. He became famous not only for his deeds, but also for predictions about the future.
About the old man.

  • Nikolai was born in a Pskov village into a peasant family. From an early age he served in the church. Graduated from technical school. From the first year of the Pedagogical Institute, he was expelled for speaking out against the government.
  • After that he served 3 years in Tosno in the Church. Then in the village of Redma, where he was arrested for promoting religion.
  • Due to an unsuccessful escape from the Leningrad prison, Guryanov was transferred to Syktyvkar, where the old man injured his legs at work.
  • After his release, he completed theological courses and became a priest at a convent in Riga.
  • After graduating from the seminary, due to his health, he transferred to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, located on the Pskov island of Talabask.
  • When the elder came there, there was nothing there but a house and an abandoned cemetery. Over time, he put everything in order.
  • In the 70s, a gift was opened to him. He began to heal, help with advice, answered questions about the future with short phrases, pilgrims reached out to him.

Predictions about Russia

Forecast for the Third Millennium from Johann of Jerusalem

  1. The president after Yeltsin will be a military and political system will be linear.
  2. The time of his leadership will be extremely difficult for people and Russia as a whole.
  3. The state order will resemble the traditions and foundations of the Politburo during the Communist period.
  4. After all the difficulties, the true Orthodox Tsar will come. He will restore order in the country, and a bright time will come.

In many ways, the elder’s predictions regarding the fate of Russia echo the visions of other seers. On our channel there are many reviews of various kinds of predictors.

Prophecies of the End of the World

What did the elder say about the End Times?

To questions about the future last days of the world, Elder Nikolai Guryanov did not like to speak, invariably answering that everything is set forth in Holy Scripture, and the revelation of John tells everything in detail, even very well.
When asked about the sign of the Antichrist, Nikolai said that this is not some other document (some seers suggest that the TIN, barcode, and even chipping people can be considered the sign of the Antichrist). It will be a special sign, different from others, and it is also described in the Bible.
His main parting word for posterity was that one should not think about the bad, one must be humble and believe in God. All this will help to be saved in the last days of the world.

Well, as always, I’m interested in the opinion of readers about this prophecy. Write in the comments what do you think about it?

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