Top 10 Nostradamus predictions for 2019 (3 ​​photos)

The exact prophecies and predictions of Nostradamus puzzled even the most ardent skeptics, but what did the French soothsayer predict for 2019?

The famous mystic Michel de Nostrdam began to predict future events in the 16th century, publishing them in the form of quatrains. Supporters of the soothsayer believe that he accurately predicted the rise to power of Adolf Hitler, the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, World War II and much more.

Many also believe that the mysterious quatrains of Nostradams predict the world the Third World War, the collapse of the Western world and the fall of the asteroid. So far, none of these predictions have come true, but some experts believe that 2019 will be the first step towards global change.

Nostradamus considered 2019 the year of justice, in which everyone will get what they deserve according to their own actions in the past.

While financial prosperity will be lacking next year, he said, it should push us to develop strategies that will improve the situation. Only by working hard, avoiding risk, and being fully informed can we bring prosperity into our lives.

Michel Nostradamus predictions

1. According to the quatrains of Nostradamus in 2019, some European countries will have to face floods of unprecedented proportions . Among others, countries such as Hungary, Italy, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom will be most affected.

2. Both European countries and the United States will solve the problems not only of immigration, but also of increasing terrorist attacks .

3. According to Nostradamus, the strengthening of religious extremism in the Middle East and in different countries and regions of the world will lead to discord and wars, which will force many people to leave their homeland and try to find refuge in Europe.

“Where will they be afraid of the coming of famine,

From there will come saturation,

Eye of the sea with dog greed

To one and to the other he will give oil and wheat.”

Here the text refers not to organic hunger, but to spiritual hunger. A “sea” of people will decide to accept Christianity.

Top 10 Nostradamus predictions for 2019 (3 ​​photos)

4. Nostradamus predicted that climate change would continue to affect our planet, and political leaders would come to an agreement on reducing emissions of air pollutants.

“We will see how the water rises and the earth falls under it ,” the prophet predicted for 2019.

5. The prophet also warned of a wave of hurricanes that would touch different regions of America , and leave behind a gloomy picture. Category 1 hurricanes will overtake the US in 2019, and people must prepare for devastating cataclysms.

6 . The beginning of the Third World War , in which the two superpowers will be involved, will last 27 years. It is believed that the Third World War will begin after the death of the last Pope, who will be killed by the Antichrist.

See how the Aventine Hill lights up at night,

The sky will suddenly darken in Flanders,

When the monarch drives away his nephew,

Their churchmen will make scandals.

There is a reference to St. Aventine, who was considered the protector of all who suffered from mental illness, as well as Aventina – one of the seven hills on which Rome is located. In addition, a solar eclipse in July 2019 could start a catastrophe that will affect the Catholic Church, but also some Christian churches. The assassination of the head of the Catholic Church will wreak havoc around the world, and this event will take place during this period.

Top 10 Nostradamus predictions for 2019 (3 ​​photos)

7. According to some experts, humanity also needs to prepare for a major asteroid fall . The cataclysm may coincide with nuclear war and other catastrophes.

” The moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky .”

8. Nostradamus also wrote that people will be able to talk to animals . He argued that animals would become closer and more devoted to people than their brethren. ” Pigs will become brothers to man .” Some believe that people will stop cruelty to animals, while others believe that technology will allow us to understand the language of animals.

9. Medicine will advance, and new discoveries will help extend people’s lives . Those who read the predictions of Nostradamus claim that in his prophecies he wrote that people would live up to 200 years.

10. And also the fact that ” After the advent of the new mechanism, the world will be the same as in times before the Tower of Babel .” Many believe that this mechanism is the Internet, and technology will eventually create a new universal language.

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