Rasputin’s predictions that came true (3 photos)

Grigory Rasputin has become one of the most mysterious personalities in the history of Russia. Many historians and experts are still trying to find something new that can reveal this mysterious person even more. Many consider this man to be a swindler who simply got into the confidence of the royal family, and people on the other side say that he was a very strong psychic. Despite the dissimilarity of opinions, many of his predictions have already come true. Let’s talk about what Rasputin predicted and how his predictions came true?

The beginning of the revolution and the death of the royal family

Back in 1912, Rasputin published his own book, Pious Reflections, in which he described all the predictions. In his letters, he talked about the fact that he was praying for the royal family, because soon black turmoil promised them.

In 1916, Rasputin turned to the tsar with the words that they wanted to kill him, and also told the tsar about his death along with his family. He also said that the people will become in the hands of the killer the weapon of the devil and the Russian people will fight and spread death around the world. He said that these monsters will rule and mock the people three times for 25 years.

Now let’s think about whether it came true? Indeed, the young prince Felix Yusupov gave the order to kill Rasputin, who, in his opinion, was a bad influence on the tsar and his family. The participants in the murder were the nobles, who were named in his predictions. And after 2 months, the very revolution that Rasputin mentioned began, and the royal family was also executed. The Soviet Union, as we all know, lasted until 1991. That is, those same 75 years have passed since the death of Rasputin.

Historical predictions of Rasputin

In addition, a close friend of Gregory – Anna constantly quoted the statements of a friend.

For example, he foresaw the Second World War, as well as the most brutal blockade of the entire war – the blockade of Leningrad.

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A friend told me that once Rasputin quarreled with one of the Germans and shouted to him that they would surround Petersburg, they would starve people, they would try to break in – but they would not get the city, because many people would lay down their bones. He also said that all this would happen in the 25th year after his death. Many did not believe and considered him a madman, but as history shows, it came true.

Rasputin even saw Gagarin’s flight into space. Anna wrote down the words of Gregory, in which he said: “Here I look into the sky and see that the Americans go there and put their shameful flag on the moon. But we will not let them outrun the Russians, because our Yurka will conquer space.”

Rasputin made his prediction about Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1916. On that day, Grigory rushed about the room, shouting strange words and constantly talking about how he sees people burning and screaming. He saw two burned cities in which there are no people. He also mentioned that “God will not have mercy on the Japs and will not stop the angry hand.”

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Prediction about World War III

Rasputin’s predictions about the Third MV did not become alien either. The most interesting thing is that even the world-famous clairvoyant Vanga also talked about the third clash between the interests of countries. In both predictions, experts identified the main aspects: three snakes will crawl across Europe and leave a trail (most likely this is the consolidation of 3 aggressor countries). He said that these three snakes would kill and destroy all living things, but in the end they would die from their own sword. Peace will come, but it will be written in scarlet blood. after this there will be few people and few things that must undergo purification in order to enter the new world. He also said that the world is waiting for the “Three Lightnings” and a bloodthirsty man will come from the West, enslaving people with money, and from the east with poverty.

There have already been two “lightnings”, so when can we expect the third one? Share your opinion.

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