Vanga’s predictions regarding 2019 (3 ​​photos)

Let’s make a reservation right away that the famous Bulgarian fortune teller Vanga never named the year 2019, although she sometimes mentioned the end of the second decade of the coming century. Moreover, even at the same time, she did not say anything specific about our time, these were all hints and some general phrases that today everyone can interpret in the way they like best.

Nevertheless, let’s analyze the most interesting interpretations of the vague phrases thrown by Vangelina regarding the future. Moreover, even a translation from Bulgarian can radically distort the meaning of the prediction, not to mention many other factors (for example, falsification) that can reduce all these prophecies to almost nothing.

Vanga's predictions regarding 2019 (3 ​​photos)

And yet, to whom it is interesting, let’s read what Vanga allegedly said about our time, and what the most insightful researchers of her heritage think about this:

The actions of a huge country will plunge the whole world into turmoil

There can be only three options here: these are the United States of America, China or Russia. Whom the blind seer had in mind is not given to anyone, but every nation has the right to interpret this prophecy in its own favor. How else? Many in the world hope that this is still Russia, since Vanga always called our country the brightest and most spiritual.

The old order will be replaced by a new one, pleasing to man and God.

It is said that in recent years Vangelina repeated this saying like a refrain, moreover, often pointing specifically to the end of the second decade of our century. Experts believe that this is the most optimistic forecast of the Bulgarian fortuneteller, but now it is hard to believe in it. Can everything change so drastically and so quickly? ..

People will kill each other for their faith, confident in the justice of such killings.

But this prophecy is already coming true. It suffices to see how the confrontation is growing in the Middle East, the real threat of terrorists acting supposedly in the name of Allah, and so on. In this case, even the migration wave that swept over Europe, its deadly consequences are quite suitable for this prediction.

The earth will rebel and many will perish for this reason

Natural disasters in the form of volcanoes, earthquakes, monstrous hurricanes, incomprehensible climatic cataclysms are already rampant on the planet today. It seems that in the near future such a protest of the Earth will only grow, which Vanga warned us about.

Vanga's predictions regarding 2019 (3 ​​photos)

Researchers of the predictions of the Bulgarian seer constantly mention that she spoke about the victory over cancer, old age, flights to the Sun and many other amazing things that will certainly happen in the future, without naming a specific date, but necessarily emphasizing that much depends on the people themselves from their faith and love. And now, if we take into account, first of all, these words of Vangelina, we can single out the main thing – she perfectly understood that the future is ambiguous, that it can be radically changed by bringing the Apocalypse closer or, conversely, pushing it back. The main thing is to believe in the best, strive for it, and everyone does for this a little good that is in his power.

And then, it is quite possible that the coming year 2019 will become a turning point for our civilization for the better, when, as Vanga predicted, an order will reign on Earth that will be pleasing to both God and every person living on our planet …

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