The end of the world will come very soon

Recently, researchers have noticed signs that predict the apocalypse. Biblical predictions about the end of the world turned out to be a reality. Conspiracy theorists also claim that the end of the world awaits humanity very soon.

The end of the world will begin with the Russian Federation

The researchers came to this conclusion after they saw images in space sent by the HUBBLE telescope. In these pictures, experts saw the harbingers of the coming apocalypse. This photo has already managed to get the sonorous name “bear horseman of the apocalypse.” The image shows the outline of an angry bear, which is historically associated with Russia. The silhouette of death with a scythe is also clearly visible in the picture. Conspiracy theorists have come to a common opinion that it is from the Russian territories that the apocalypse will begin. So far, researchers cannot say for sure what will happen to the planet, but the sign gives an unequivocal answer to this question – the end of the world will take place.

Specialists – ufologists associate all unusual signs from outer space with events that took place on Earth earlier. They concluded that the Maya were not mistaken in their predictions, and that the apocalypse had already arrived in 2012. Only this end of the world is not the way it is presented in Hollywood films. He is not so swift, and slowly brings all of humanity to death. People for many millennia violated the commandments of the Bible, sinned more and more and mired in debauchery. The Earth has been accumulating negative energy all this time, and the time when this energy will begin to splash over the edge is already very close. Experts believe that a sign was given by higher powers that the time for reckoning had come. And the cataclysms and catastrophes that often occur on the planet in recent years are just the beginning.

The end of the world will begin in June 2019

Conspiracy experts believe that the apocalypse will begin very soon. Researchers predict that in the current 2019, the Earth will be 12 times threatened with complete destruction. Experts informed that the end of the world could have happened on March 18 due to an unfavorable parade of planets for the Earth. The apocalypse didn’t happen. However, a new parade of planets can provoke the end of the world, at least 11 times before June 6, 2019. On this day, numerologists predict the most massive destruction and cataclysms, since the 6th and the 6th month will add up to the unfortunate number 12 for the Earth.

The other ten possible ends of the world were predicted by Nostradamus, and also taken from predictions about the planet Nibiru and from pseudoscientific predictions about the end of the world. It is known that Michel Nostradamus and David Montaine (ufologist) said that in the period from March 8 to March 18, 2019, humanity will be subject to a hundred misfortunes. The beginning of this will be connected with the parade of the three planets. Conspiracy theorists believe that one of these planets was supposed to be the mythical planet Nibiru. This planet, having destructive gravity, attacks two other celestial bodies, after which it will be the turn of the planet Earth. However, experts are convinced that the most likely date for the death of the planet is June 6, 2019.

In addition to the predictions of conspiracy theorists about the coming apocalypse, disappointing predictions were also made by NASA scientists. They say that a little-studied asteroid (codenamed CJ 2019) is flying towards the Earth. It is still unknown what kind of danger this celestial body is fraught with, but scientists consider the asteroid potentially dangerous for the Earth in the future. Experts have calculated that the speed of the flying CJ 2019 is 17316 km/h. This is 14.02 times faster than the speed of sound. Scientists believe that the asteroid will come close to Earth about twenty more times before February 2133.

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