The prophecy of the shaman Artem Ignatenko about the change of eras

When the Altai shaman Artem Ignatenko talks about what is happening in the world, he talks a lot about cataclysms that occur all over the planet through the fault of man, no matter how sad it is to admit it.

As Artem himself says, there is nothing shamanistic in his reasoning. Everything he says is elementary science.

Humanity itself is to blame for everything. After all, it lives according to some of its own concepts, which completely contradict the laws of nature, although a person is completely dependent on it. Naturally, nature begins to resist and resent in response, or to be more precise, it simply eliminates what it does not agree with. And he fixes it all the way he can, using the elements.

According to the shaman, the problem is much deeper than everyone thinks. It’s not just that humanity is destroying the environment – man is also destroying the energy of the earth. He does this in many ways: he does not honor and does not respect the traditions and covenants of his ancestors, violates the norms of morality and ethics, and so on. Moreover, we are talking more about the destruction of the spiritual, and not the physical.

Ignatenko says that for several years now, a real struggle between good and evil has been going on on Earth. All this goes too far and can lead to a terrible catastrophe that will affect the entire planet.

Of course, you should not wait for the end of the world in the sense that we are used to. In addition, the shaman is sure that the forces of good will win and there is no need to be afraid.

The shaman says that a powerful light energy flow comes from Russia. Thanks to this, one can hope for the revival of the earth.

However, physical abundance is impossible without spiritual abundance. Therefore, if a person is poor in soul, then he simply has nothing to hope for in the future. Right now there is a change of epochs, and a new time is coming – the era of the spirit. But whether everyone will be worthy of it is unknown.

Every person living on the planet should think about whose side he is on. You need to choose your path, because there is not much time left.

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