3 predictions from the great prophets about the future of the world

Not every person wants to know what awaits him in the future. And what about the future of an entire country, or even of all mankind? We cannot change the future. So isn’t it better to be ready for it. The greatest predictors had a chance to tell what awaits humanity in the future.

His predictions are in the form of quatrains, and these quatrains have a very ornate content. Their meaning is interpreted by different people in different ways. The confusion of meaning is explained by the fact that the French doctor Nostradamus made his predictions during the rampant Inquisition of the Middle Ages. For his gift, he could go to the stake. So he disguised them as poetry. Despite the fact that they do not contain exact dates and clear names, after some time the meaning of the predictions became very obvious. Predictions of Nostradamus are striking in their accuracy. Entwined with poetic techniques, they are read very unusually. Here you can meet the hope that genetic engineering will give to mankind. Also poetically, the French doctor-predictor told that after about 2035, medicine will reach an unprecedented flourishing. Doctors will be able to cure any oncological diseases. A long-awaited cure for the plague of the 20th century, AIDS, will be invented. Humanity will get rid of all diseases, including colds and viruses. Pharmacologists will invent a miracle pill that can detect and destroy viruses even at a distance.


This soothsayer is the greatest seer. She not only interpreted the future personally for each visitor. Vanga often turned to the future of all mankind. She also predicted a leap in development for medicine. Vanga compared growing new organs for transplantation in the future with the current process of growing cucumbers in a greenhouse. That is, it will be simple and large-scale. World domination in the future of our planet will belong to China. We are already seeing her prediction of global warming and melting glaciers coming true. She also talked about space flights to Venus. Vanga went so far in her prophecies that she even predicted the supposed end of the world around 5079.

Edgar Cayce’s Predictions

This prophet saw the future of mankind not so rosy. He predicted a series of cataclysms and earthquakes for our planet. However, for the Slavs, the American soothsayer predicted a great mission to restore moral values ​​and change the whole world.

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