The terrible prophecy of the “Great Lame” – Tamerlane (2 photos)

This story began as early as 1936, when Joseph Stalin was read a report on the possible discovery of the remains of Tamerlane, known as the Iron or the Great Lame, in Samarkand. After confirming the expediency of the excavations, it was decided to appoint an expedition. True, this happened much later – only in 1941.

For scientists, archaeological excavations in Samarkand were of the highest importance. Having studied the excavation site, it would be possible to say with certainty whether Tamerlane was there (it is known that he was limping on his right leg) and to recreate his portrait.

In addition, the object was of interest to scientists because of the discovery of huge hollow metal objects in it.

And finally, people said that sometimes an unusual glow appeared over this place. One way or another, but the study of the place seemed appropriate enough.

The expedition began work at the excavation site in the early summer of 1941. First, all the necessary equipment was brought in and searchlights were installed. Only two weeks later, the actual excavations began.

On June 19, 1941, scientists reached the plate, behind which Tamerlane was located. It was inscribed on the jade stone that all people will leave the Earth, no matter how great they were before, and after them there will be the same minds.

But there was also a warning – a terrible punishment will come upon those who disturb Tamerlane.

The terrible prophecy of the "Great Lame" - Tamerlane (2 photos)

None of the archaeologists paid much attention to this prophecy. The first warning was when the winch broke, so the slab had to be moved manually and with incredible difficulty. Under the slab was a stone sarcophagus, which was opened only the next day.

When everyone saw a wooden sarcophagus under it, the light suddenly went out for three hours. The electrician never figured out what the problem was. The light itself went out and suddenly caught fire.

The third warning was received from three elders, one of whom showed an ancient book with a prophecy. Whoever disturbs Tamerlane will release the spirit of war, as terrible as the world has ever seen.

The expedition leadership, seeing the prediction, ordered the elders to be driven away and the work continued. By the way, no one else saw these elders either before or after.

June 21, 1941 opened a wooden sarcophagus. Studies have confirmed that Tamerlane was there. After fruitful work, the entire expedition slept off, and the next morning the war came – the Second World War. The prophecy of Tamerlane was fulfilled exactly.

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