Predictions for this year from Craig Hamilton-Parker

Today, probably, there is no person who would not be interested in the predictions of clairvoyants. Some people read them for fun, while others take them very seriously. It is for the latter that I write articles. Today I want to introduce you to the forecast for the future, which was given by the English psychic Craig Hamilton-Parker.

At the end of last year, he published his predictions on his website on the Internet. Initially, no one took his words seriously. But as soon as this year began, suddenly, unexpectedly, they remembered his predictions. And what made them so interested?

Fulfilled predictions for the past year

  • severe fires in Australia;
  • Trump’s failed impeachment;
  • conflict in Hong Kong.

Craig Hamilton-Parker is very famous in psychic circles for his clear and unambiguous phrases.

Predictions for this year

  • conflict in Iran. That’s what made me think of Craig. At the close of last year, he clearly said the Iranians would sink an American aircraft carrier and that would be the start of a big conflict. Because of this, the Americans will hold protests, after which they will remove high-ranking parliamentary leaders from their posts.
  • the clairvoyant is also sure that against the backdrop of the Middle East conflict, the government of Russia and the United States will find a common language and sign some very important paper.
  • in the near future (perhaps even in the second half of this year) new US presidential elections will be held.
  • earthquakes will start happening everywhere. Because of this, the 2020 Olympics will be cancelled.
  • also an earthquake on some island will lead to a volcanic eruption, and it will disappear from the world map. What kind of island the clairvoyant does not say.
  • Europe will be covered by an economic crisis. In European countries, a lot of problems will arise, to which natural disasters and wars will lead, which will prevent them from flourishing.
  • a revolution is expected in China in the coming year until the government apparatus changes its political views.
  • Sev. Korea will test nuclear weapons this year. After that, Kim Jong-un will go on the run and take refuge in China.

These are the predictions made by Craig Hamilton-Parker.

What do you think could happen from all of the above?

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