Predictions of Alexander Sheps for 2020 for Russia and the world

One of the brightest participants in the TV show “The Battle of Psychics”, Alexander Sheps, made a forecast for 2020. According to the medium, the coming year is preparing many surprises for Russia and the world.

Medium Alexander Sheps participated in the 14th season and won a brilliant victory. He is very popular with viewers, and his predictions almost always come true. This time, Alexander made a prediction for 2020, which will be held under the auspices of the Rat.

Sheps said that this year there will be quite a few unfavorable events for the world. He agrees with Vanga’s predictions and believes that a new source of energy will be found in the coming year. It will be more powerful than oil and gas, and this will greatly affect the world economy. Many countries that are dependent on gas and oil will have to rebuild their already established systems in order to start earning from a new source.

Predictions of Alexander Sheps for 2020 for Russia and the world

Sheps believes that Russia will also be among the countries that will be at a loss because of this. According to him, the government will try to keep the economy afloat, but the crisis will not be avoided. True, it will be fast. However, the medium immediately predicts prosperity for Russia and believes that it is in 202 that our country will become the leader in terms of living standards.

Many Russian cities will reach a new level thanks to modern technologies that can be compared with Chinese or Japanese ones. Sheps also believes that 2020 will be the most fruitful in terms of fertility. In addition, many great personalities will be born in the year of the Rat.

Sheps believes that another planet will be discovered in 2020, which may have signs of life. As for our planet, in the summer of 2020, the medium sees many cataclysms, including destructive ones, such as floods and fires.

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