Third Bible Prophecy

The apocalypse, according to biblical predictions, has already begun in our time. In addition to a general increase in aggression, immorality and blasphemy, the prophets recorded three important omens. They are listed as harbingers of the end of the world. Since September 2018, the concept of the third biblical prophecy has been actively discussed by representatives of Christianity and Judaism. The world watched as in a short period of time all the signs foretold in the Old Testament appeared.

  1. A red cow was born in Israel. There are no marks of a different shade on her skin. The animal was obtained after careful selection and artificial insemination. According to the Bible, a red cow sacrificed is one of the three omens of the end of the world.
  2. During prayer, a snake crawled out from under the Wailing Wall. She frightened the pilgrims and the dove, which is considered a symbol of peace and the Holy Spirit. In antiquity, it was noted that this event would entail the Apocalypse.
  3. The third biblical prophecy predicts the origin of life in the Dead Sea. Such an event, according to scientists, is impossible due to the critically high salt content in the water. But recently, the presence of living beings in the thickness of the sea mass has been recorded.

Predictions about the end times

Numerous prophets whose writings are included in the Old Testament mention the day of the Lord. This refers to the turning point when God will send down all his fury and anger to avenge mankind for their sins.

This concept has many verbal variations, but the only common meaning is: For, behold, the Lord will come in fire, and His chariots like a whirlwind, to pour out His wrath with fury and His rebuke with burning fire. For the Lord will execute judgment on all flesh with fire and his sword, and many will be slain by the Lord (Isaiah 66:15-17).

In the Bible, the concept of the end times is associated with the complete decline of mankind. According to the prophecies, there are clear indicators of the approach of the Apocalypse: natural disasters and man-made disasters; a tough struggle for the faith, including the appearance of false prophets, the fragmentation of religious communities, the weakening of the true church; blasphemy and a general decline in morality, wallowing in sins.

Contemporaries note how most biblical prophecies are being fulfilled in our time. In conjunction with the three portents of the end of the world, the approximate date for the beginning of the Apocalypse is set for 2021.

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