What is the future for Russia? Edgar Cayce’s Predictions

The world-famous seer Edgar Cayce, nicknamed “sleeper” because he did all his predictions in a state of hypnotic trance. In total, he made about 30 thousand various kinds of predictions, but most of his prophecies were connected precisely with Russia.

According to his predictions, great difficulties awaited Russia in 2019 – popular unrest, political upheavals, worsening relations with the United States, etc. But he argued that Russia would be able to overcome all difficulties and eventually become the most powerful power in the world. Those countries that remain in alliance with Russia and do not turn away from her in difficult times will also prosper.

Western Siberia will become the center of Russia. It will not suffer from environmental disasters and will become a place of strength and protection for people.

It is Russia that will bring spirituality into the world, it will teach you to live not for yourself, but for the sake of your neighbors. That is, our country will also become the center of spirituality, which has been lost in many parts of the world.

According to Casey, the new leader will be unknown to the people before coming to power, he will come thanks to his fortitude and will bring many positive changes to the life of his country.

In the future, according to the predictions of the prophet, Russia will be a place of safety, where it will be possible not to be afraid even of natural disasters. Which will soon cover the Earth. According to his predictions, Europe will be completely destroyed by global natural disasters, Japan and Great Britain will be covered by huge tsunamis and eventually disappear under water.

Paying tribute to history, Edgar Cayce himself did not consider himself and his predictions to be true in the last instance. He believed in the free will of man and in the power of prayer, which can change everything, including the future. Nevertheless, it was he who predicted with absolute accuracy the beginning of the world war, the assassination of Kennedy, the independence of India and much more.

What do you think of Casey’s predictions? Will Russia become a spiritual leader and the most powerful power in the world?

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