How the world and humanity will change in the next 100 years. The prediction of the scientist Michio Kaku

According to the forecasts of an American scientist who has some incomprehensible name and surname for me, the world must change dramatically in our century. Michio Kaku in his book “Physics of the Future” gives the following predictions about how the world will change in the next hundred years. In it, he talks about the emergence of new technologies and new threats that challenge all of humanity.

And now for more details. Already, technology surpasses the last century so much that even Stalin, for example, could not even dream of them. As the scientist assures, if growth rates continue to grow in the same progression, then computer chips will be built into absolutely everything during the 21st century. They will be “mounted” in buildings, food and even people.

In the next 10 years, glasses will be developed that will connect to the Internet and all information will instantly appear on the lenses. Thanks to the navigation built into the glasses, people will be able to find out the right route and even where to buy something cheaper.

It seems to me that he described the moment in which Google Glass tried to bring this technology to life, the project is currently (on hold). Honestly, I don’t know what this “freeze” is actually connected with.

Unlike other scientists, Michio Kaku does not admire robotics and robots at all. He views such progress with extreme caution. He believes that robots over time will shift people into the background and subjugate people. It seems to him that in the future artificial intelligence will try to revise the “do no harm to a person” algorithm itself. But he also believes that artificial intelligence will have no reason to destroy humanity. A debatable point, in my opinion.

Michio Kaku also believes that it will be possible to achieve a state of symbiosis between a human and a robot. In such a symbiosis, the scientist sees the possibility of long journeys around the universe.

In 25-30 years, scientists will learn how to change people’s genes, thereby they will be able to slow down the aging of mankind.

In the future, a microsensor will be “built into” the body of each person, according to the scientist. Thanks to him, at any time in the time period, it will be possible to shoot or track health indicators. A nano-robot “built into” the human body will be able to deliver medicines to the source of the disease.

In the 21st century, thanks to genetic technologies, people will be able to resurrect dead and extinct plant species and extinct animals that have a slightly preserved genome.

In the next 5-20 years, social problems will fall, so to speak, on all of humanity. Oil must end, and migrants arriving in the West will flood it.

The scientist called the solution of such problems the necessary creation of new energy sources. The future will depend on the Sun and hydrogen technologies.

In the future, cars and trains based on the magnetic principle of movement should appear. Because of this, their speed parameters will be increased, due to the fact that there will be no friction.

Restoration of ecology will begin all over the planet.

Also, all people unite in one global state with one world leader and one religion.

These are the forecasts described in his book by the scientist Michio Kaku.

From the author:

After reading his book, I honestly thought that he plagiarized some of the material from Aizik Asimov. Painfully a lot of what he described in his book I met with an American science fiction writer.

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