Vanga’s prophecy has come true! 2020 – Coronovirus. Interesting Facts

The year 2020 has arrived. The people will begin to remember the predictions of the great soothsayer Vanga. The prediction was the secret of 5 deuces. She drew people’s attention to the two pivotal dates of 2020, focusing on the days when all five twos converge. There will be two of these days in the current year: 02/22/2020 and 12/22/2020. On the first date, it was predicted that a shadow would fall on the earth. Many critics believe that such a prediction could be a prediction of a solar eclipse.

Further, it turns out that it is on the night of December 21-22 that the parade of planets will take place – the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. These planets will be so close to each other that they will be separated by only 5 arc minutes. And because of their proximity, they can seem like a double planet.

Vanga's prophecy has come true! 2020 - Coronovirus. Interesting Facts

The danger for our planet will be that these two planets are the largest and superheavy. Their dimensions are many times larger than the size of any of our other planets. With this parade of two supergiants, anything can happen. Starting with powerful earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and ending with huge tsunamis. These phenomena can wipe everything off the face of the earth.

But besides this danger, humanity can also be threatened by the bacteriological threat that Vanga predicted. She predicted some ancient disease that would return to earth after a long time. What is it: plague, anthrax, Spanish flu?. Or maybe the sensational attack caused by the Coronovirus that broke out this year. Although the first outbreaks of this virus were observed after 2 thousandths. But whether this is true, no one knows. Will it all come together.

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