Vanga’s brightest predictions for the 22nd century (3 photos)

The seer’s predictions about the twenty-second century of our era seem even more fantastic than her other statements. However, no one believed that Kursk would go under water, but nevertheless it happened. So all Vanga’s predictions should be refracted through the prism of their own thoughts, knowledge and beliefs.

Vanga’s predictions about the technological progress of mankind come down to the fact that an artificial sun will be invented, which will illuminate the dark side of the planet. But can such a statement be attributed precisely to the prediction of the scientific development of the planet? It’s too controversial for that.

In the future, Earthlings will be able to communicate with the Aliens, learn from them and develop more actively, as alien beings will support people, give advice and help them.

Thanks to these contacts with an extraterrestrial civilization, humanity will be able to settle under water just as calmly as it now lives on land, in connection with this the ocean will be fully studied, there will be no secrets left for humans.

But, if you believe Vanga’s prediction, then in the second half of the twenty-second century the ocean is crushed due to drought, and people will again be on earth, but this should not interfere with their life and development.

Vanga's brightest predictions for the 22nd century (3 photos)

At the end of the century there will be no division of mankind into Asians and Europeans – they will mix, forming a new human race.

At the beginning of the twenty-third century, there will be some new sources of energy that will be discovered by people. Perhaps we are talking about extracting energy from black holes.

This will be relevant, since the Sun will begin to cool over time and people will need powerful sources of energy that can heat the planet if the Sun goes out forever.

In this case, such cataclysms will begin on Earth that people will have no choice but to move to another planet, which they will do. But this migration will become a new era of renewal for humanity, everything will begin to emerge again, from the very beginning.

Vanga's brightest predictions for the 22nd century (3 photos)

Only on the new planet, Faith in God, moral and ideological values ​​will play a leading role in creation, the entire human consciousness will be renewed, society will become better and cleaner, there will be no place for lies, deceit and obscurantism.

This is such a difficult and dangerous path that the clairvoyant Vanga predicted for our civilization. It remains only to observe the development of this world and wait for her prophecies to come true.

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