Prophecies of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky (3 photos)

In the world he was called Tikhon Danilovich Batozsky, he was born in the Kharkov province in 1898 in the family of a treasurer. The family was large, like everyone else at that time. In the zemstvo school he received 3 classes of education and went to study at the teacher’s seminary. From an early age, he served in the temple, then worked in an icon-painting workshop in the Glinskaya Hermitage. All this time he dreamed of becoming a monk, but the First World War came and Tikhon was drafted into the army. After the war, he returned to the Glinsk Hermitage and in 1920 was tonsured a monk.

Times with Christianity were difficult, many monasteries and churches were closed. In 1922, the monk Tavrion came to Moscow, served for 7 years in various monasteries in different cities, and in 1929 received the rank of archimandrite. A series of arrests and prisons followed.

Prophecies of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky (3 photos)

“… I remember one man of a strong spirit who told me about his trials. This is Father Tavrion, also a Russian. Ten or fifteen years ago I met him in Latvia, in the little Hermitage, where he lived alone. He sat before me, a man of my generation; gratitude and amazement shone in his eyes, and he said to me: “You cannot imagine how incomprehensibly good God has been to me!

Elder Tavrion was a man of incredible spiritual strength. All his life he served God, read people’s thoughts like the leaves of a book. He died in 1978, but left behind many prophecies about our present time.

What did Archimandrite Tavrion predict:

  • They will issue new passports and numbers, and everything will be electronic;
  • Wine will be replaced with colored alcohol;
  • The day will shorten, there will be fewer hours;
  • Prices will rise very high, then cash will be removed and there will be electronic money, everything will be with cards;
  • There will come a famine, both spiritual and food;
  • There will be various persecutions and oppressions of Christians, and then a war, but very fast and powerful;

Prophecies of Archimandrite Tavrion of Batozsky (3 photos)

China will go across Russia, but it will go through not as militant, but as going somewhere to war. Russia will be like a corridor for him. When they reach the Urals, they will stop and live there for a long time.

  • Also, about the barcode on the products, he said that there would be a symbol and 30 sticks, extreme and medium elongated, and they would be glued to the products;
  • America. The whole continent will be lost;
  • The Lord will save Russia;
  • Many of the clergy will lose their faith;
  • He spoke about the computer in such a way that in one small, western country a large powerful apparatus would be installed. First secretly, and then spread throughout the world. He warned people not to get into this computer (oh, we are all already there ((();
  • Without a new passport, people will feel bad (this is about an electronic passport), they will not be hired, and people will be fine with it, but for the time being. Whoever does not want such a passport will be persecuted;
  • He said that America should not be afraid, that she would bark like a dog on a chain, and like-minded people would bark, but she was powerless against Russia;

Passports – they are not Russian, Masonic with the seal of the Antichrist.
Be that as it may, the church on which Grace rests, the Russian Orthodox Church, must be fought to the end in it. The Lord will be in the little flock of the militant church.
Know that everything that God allows, a person must pass. Nothing can be without feat. All people will grind their teeth against Orthodox Christianity.

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