Elder Paisius Svyatogorets: his predictions

Schemamonk Paisios Svyatogorets – the elder of Mount Athos, was born in Cappadocia in 1924. The worldly name is Arsenios Eznepedis. He spent most of his life as a hermit on the Athos peninsula. Died in 1994.

On January 13, 2015, Paisios Svyatogorets was canonized as a saint.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of predictions of Paisius Svyatogorets. Some of them say that the Russians will capture Constantinople as a result of the war with Turkey and give the city to the Greeks. Europeans made Muslim countries for Turkey – Bosnia and Herzegovina. The elder said that they would also divide Turkey: Kurds and Armenians would rise up. The Europeans will demand that these nations be made independent.

Wikipedia has information that Paisius Svyatogorets also spoke about the war between Turkey and Greece, in which Greece would win. The Turkish will attack Greece in the year when the Annunciation coincides with Easter. (Hieromonk Agiorite, “The Chosen Vessel (Elder Paisius 1924-1994)”, published by the Holy Mountain – 1996, 2nd edition, corrected and supplemented, translated from the New Greek abbot Elijah (Zhukov), St. Petersburg, 2000). Please note that there are no Russians in the second edition, Russians for some reason appear in subsequent editions, which leads to the fact of falsification of subsequent prophecies.

The Greeks believe in the prophecies of Father Paisius, many of which are now coming true. He spoke about the crisis in Greece, which has been going on in the country for a long time. But the Greeks will survive the crisis, he said. Every Saturday, hundreds of pilgrims go to his grave.

The elder said that the world was secretly ruled by a clique of five people. The elder also spoke about the coming of the prophet Elijah to earth. He sharpens his knife, and will begin with the patriarchs, lords, priests and monks. The elder said that the Jews want to dig a deep passage under the mosque of Omar in order to destroy it and build a temple of Solomon on that place. That’s when the Antichrist will come.

He said that now the time of confession was coming, people would soon be asked for their sins. Many Holy Fathers prayed to live in our time.

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