New predictions about Ukraine for 2019

The topic of Ukraine is a constant source of controversy, disagreement and at the same time regret that everything turned out this way and nothing else. It is impossible to forget about it, because this explosive center is located too close to us, which, moreover, from time to time becomes the subject of bargaining with Russia and pressure on it. And therefore, the predictions about Ukraine for 2019 definitely deserve attention, since it is important to understand what are the trends in the events that may occur in its territories.

Vanga’s prediction

The clairvoyant did not make prophecies for 2019 in which Ukraine would be directly mentioned. But there are her words that can most likely be “attached” to this particular country. Based on them, it is possible to predict an aggravation of the situation in Ukraine; Vanga herself called it hard times. On the other hand, for about the same period, she also saw cardinal changes that would be a way out of the current impasse. And the big question at the same time is what exactly this output will turn out to be. The fact is that around 2019 Vanga predicted the collapse of a certain state near the Black Sea. She did not say its name, so one can only guess what specific lands they are talking about. Although, perhaps, there’s just not much to guess about here …

The situation in Ukraine from Vera Lyon

She (the situation) in 2019, according to the Kazakhstani Vanga, will not change significantly compared to the previous year. Verbal attacks against the states with which Ukraine borders will continue. There will continue to be a risk of unleashing a big war in Ukraine. There is only one moment of optimism in this whole situation: Vera Lyon did not see that Russia would be directly drawn into the civil war, which has been going on in this country for many years.

At the same time, the fortuneteller believes that next year the topic of Novorossia will not only not dry up, but even become aggravated. This will be connected, in her opinion, with the fact that the idea of ​​separating the territories historically included in its composition into an independent entity will begin to appear more and more realistic. There are likely to be some changes in this direction. Moreover, this will be expressed not only in the desire for autonomy from Kyiv, but also in the desire for the closest possible ties with Russia.

Visions of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce talked a lot about the fact that the Soviet Union would collapse and then be restored again. And although he did not specifically mention Ukraine or any other former Soviet republics, experts associate the likelihood of such events with 2019. And here the word “Novorossiya” inevitably comes to mind. After all, perhaps the American prophet had in mind exactly the same thing as Vera Lyon, namely: the formation of New Russia as a New Ukraine (an independent entity) and its rapprochement – political and economic – with Russia.

Prophecy of the Matrona of Moscow

Saint Matrona foresaw the events taking place now in Ukraine. And, if everything that she predicted is true, then there are quite few hopes for quick improvements on the territory of this – so far – state. In 2019, according to St. Matrona, the impoverishment of the bulk of its inhabitants will be further exacerbated. Their poverty can reach such an extent that they have to choose “between the cross and bread.” This makes us fear that persecution of the Orthodox Church will continue in Ukraine, that people will be forced to renounce their faith, threatening their lives and depriving them of their basic rights. Although, on the other hand, this may mean that many people in the struggle for survival will completely forget about religion and morality, sinking in an effort to survive even to the most unacceptable sources of income.

It will be possible soon enough to check which of the clairvoyants made the most accurate predictions for Ukraine for 2019. The only pity is that there is too little positive in them, so that one could wish for their too precise execution. Therefore, we can only wish Ukraine common sense and adequate people at the head of power, especially since new presidential elections are planned in 2019.

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