Vanga said: the Earth will die, Russia will survive

On Russian television, Vanga’s predictions are shown, which say that a huge meteorite will crash into the Earth, and our entire planet will turn into dust.

This is not true. The Russian media, as usual, are deceiving us. The earth will perish, but not all.
The truth can be found on the websites of foreign newspapers.
Here is a selection of the main publications on the subject:

The New York Times, one of the most influential American newspapers, writes:

“Vanga says an amazing thing: first, a cold will appear on Earth, which will hit yellow people with narrow eyes (apparently, we are talking about the Chinese), then it will spread throughout the world. While people are busy fighting this cold, they will not notice how a meteorite is approaching the Earth. It will crash into Earth on February 22, 2020.

A part of the Earth will come off from the impact, it will fly into space and begin to orbit between Mars and Venus. The atmosphere will be preserved there, and life will go on. All of Russia, the Caucasian republics, Kazakhstan and Turkey will be on this new planet. This planet will have a great future, more glorious than Earth’s.”

The Guardian, a well-known English newspaper founded in Manchester in 1821, writes:

“Many people already know about the prophecy of Vanga, but here is an even more amazing prophecy of Nostradamus :

When the two numbers 20 stand side by side,
The second month of the year will begin, The
comet with a stern look
Will touch us all in passing.

And the Earth will become a double planet
One is destined to break,
And on the other, as their own,
Barbarians will settle.

Nostradamus called all the Eastern peoples barbarians, therefore, it is quite possible that, like Vanga, he means Russians. That is, on the breakaway piece of the Earth there will be Russia and the lands surrounding it.

Hurriyet, Turkey’s most popular newspaper, writes:

“While the whole world is panicking, the Turkish people are calm, because we know about Vanga’s prophecy. Vanga says that the meteorite will break off its best part from the Earth, on which our native Turkish Republic is located.

Vanga said: the Earth will die, Russia will survive
Hurriyet is Turkey’s most popular newspaper

But we won’t be alone there. On this piece of the Earth there will be Russia, Kazakhstan and the Caucasus, so we must establish relations with them now, because then we will share the whole planet with them, our new home.”

* * *

As you can see, the whole world is already aware that on February 22 the Earth will die, and Russia will remain intact. So there is nothing to worry about – Vanga and Nostradamus are sure that everything will be fine with our country.

Perhaps when we are left alone on the new planet, without NATO countries and our other ill-wishers, we will finally live well.

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