Predictions of Malakhat Nazarova about the future of Russia and the world

The Azerbaijani clairvoyant Malakhat Nazarova became very popular thanks to the television project “The Battle of Psychics”. In addition to psychic abilities, she is a professor of biological sciences, writer, philosopher and healer. Agree, versatile woman. She considers herself a hereditary clairvoyant, since her father also engaged in predictions, but not on the same scale as her daughter.

The first signs of clairvoyance in Malahat appeared at the age of 5. Then she managed to predict rain, in the driest time of the year, thanks to which she delighted her fellow villagers. But when she began to predict bad events for people (fires, deaths, etc.), they stopped loving her.

What did Malakhat Nazarova manage to predict?

  • Her prediction about the Karabakh conflict came true;
  • She talked about the terrible tsunami in the Indian Ocean;
  • The war in the Chechen Republic, she also warned about this;
  • The events in Beslan and Nord-Ost came true;
  • Back in 1969, she predicted the collapse of the USSR and that all republics would gain independence.
  • After the collapse of the USSR, people will be able to travel to any country in the world.
  • Also, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, private property and entrepreneurship will develop.

What awaits us?

  • In 2037, a conflict between Russia and Japan will begin.
  • The clairvoyant is sure that there will be no End of the World;
  • A terrible epidemic will arise in the world, which will be treated only with the help of Azerbaijani herbs;
  • Natural disasters will rage across the world.

One piece of advice from a clairvoyant: “Everyone needs to switch to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. You can believe or not my predictions, but a healthy lifestyle has not harmed anyone yet.

What do you think about this?

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