Predictions about the Republic of Belarus, famous psychics

Astrologer Pavel Globa, in an interview with  , said that the 21st century will be a turning point in many respects. The next 10 years will be decisive for the whole world.

Atrolog did not rule out the Third World War, in which, if there are any leaders, they will be radical Muslims. From 2014 to 2018, hostilities may unfold in the Caucasus and Central Asia. Globa said that the economic union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus will not only survive, but will also strengthen, although there will be attempts to break it up. Later, “not just a single economic union, but as a Eurasian Union” will be formed, which will include almost all the republics of the USSR, almost all the countries of the Eastern Bloc, and even Greece and Mongolia. It will be possible to create such a huge and stable space in 25-30 years, but only on the condition that, again, the Third World War does not interfere with these plans. Ukraine, according to the astrologer, a bright future awaits only in alliance with Russia and only under the future president. But Belarus is waiting for a coup d’état.

Predictions about the Republic of Belarus, famous psychics
Clairvoyant Galina Bagirova looked into the future and saw trouble for the Belarusian government in 2014. She spoke about this and other things in an interview with the Azerbaijani newspaper Ekho in December 2013. Answering the question “Will there be a change of power in any countries?” she replied:
“There will be peace in Ukraine in the new year. But in the future, a gradual change of power is possible. After that, Russia will establish close friendly ties with this country and will not allow it to be divided into two parts. Even earlier, a change of some representatives of power may occur in the government of Belarus. It will be caused by political unrest.”In December 2010, Galina Bagirova described the man who would replace Lukashenka in three years. “A completely different person will take his place. He even looks different. He is younger, outwardly he does not have such sharp features, he has more rounded features, a more intelligent person,  ”she said then.

Mavis’ prediction

At the end of 1999, Mavis, who is called the “Italian sorceress”, spoke about the future fate of Russia and the Republic of Belarus in this way:
“Crimea will be in Russia, although it will take effort. War should not be feared, but the political complications due to Crimea will not end so soon … Russia will stop looking at America. The Russians will understand that they have a special way, and no worse. For the States … the prospects leave much to be desired …

The political system is very shaky, worn out over so much time, and they will not be able to give it up for a long time, and they will have to pay for this.

There won’t be any Presidents in Russia soon. Russia and Belarus form one state with a common government. The Russians, of course, will dominate it, but few of the current political figures will remain in power … “.


Forecast of events for 2010-2025 Iskander. (Forecast from 2010)

After the military conflict between Russia and NATO, deprived of the support of the weakened European Union, the Baltic countries again ask for a protectorate of the Russian Federation. Following them, similar proposals are put forward by Belarus, Ukraine, a number of Balkan states. There is a possibility of creating an unprecedented hitherto confederation.

Vladislav Shumov

The prediction of Archpriest Vladislav Shumov from the village of Obukhovo, Solnechnogorsk district, Moscow region (October 1, 1996):

Shortly before his death, the layman Anatoly K. was admitted to the cell of the Elder Vladislav, who at first thought that Father was delusional. But when he clearly heard the words of Elder Vladislav – “… a nuclear strike on America! ..”, he realized that the far-sighted Father at that time was contemplating the coming apocalyptic events.

Father Vladislav also said:

– There will be such a war in Russia: from the west – the Germans, and from the east – the Chinese!
— The southern half of China will be flooded by the waters of the Indian Ocean. And then the Chinese will reach the city of Chelyabinsk. Russia will unite with the Mongols and drive them back.
– When China goes to us, then there will be a war. But after the Chinese conquer the city of Chelyabinsk, the Lord will convert them to Orthodoxy.
– The war between Russia and Germany will begin again through Serbia.
– Everything will be on fire! .. Great sorrows are coming, but Russia will not perish in the fire.
–  Belarus will suffer greatly. Only then will Belarus unite with Russia … But then Ukraine will not unite with them; and then a lot more to cry!
The Turks will again fight the Greeks. Russia will help the Greeks.
“Afghanistan is in for an endless war…

Elder Vladislav spoke about what all these events would inevitably lead to:

— 3 find! There will be war here, and war here, and war there! And only then the warring countries will decide to choose one common ruler. You can’t participate in this! After all, this one ruler is the Antichrist.

Visions of the Clairvoyant Wüstenrufer (Germany)

Now I saw my image again in the dark background, however, the background gradually became transparent and I saw Russia above it on a geographical map. Parts of Russia were on fire. In the west of the country, possibly also on the territory of neighboring states – Belarus, Ukraine, there was a red pool of blood that completely covered the map, but did not reach Germany. Poland to the east was also not affected by blood.

There was a fiery red animal in eastern Russia that looked like one of those dragons in Chinese restaurants. It turned its muzzle to the west and retreated, embarrassed, but aggressively and unpredictably slowly back; meanwhile, it spat out fire, so that it was impossible to approach it from the west in order to fight with it. There I saw how suddenly a long sword was thrown from China, which stuck into this animal without prior warning in the stomach. The animal became weaker as a result and grew dim as it lay dying….”

“Sometimes I also saw the digital designations of the years, but they were blurry. I’m just pretty sure that this football game – it was peace again! will happen in 2012. In connection with the war, I first saw the number 2029, but then I thought that this was illogical, since the football match was already taking place in 2012. The mids faded and I saw 2…9. What was in between, I couldn’t judge, but it was definitely something with a nine at the end, I couldn’t figure out exactly what it was in the middle.”

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