Vedic prophecy about the Golden Era of Russia

Most often, a person perceives the world around him through rational cognition. This means that he only believes in proven facts. Science is developing by leaps and bounds, and there is less and less unsolved in the world. However, attention to prophecies and predictions does not cease to fade.

There are many charlatans and deceivers in the world who only engage in speculation, calling themselves prophets and seers. People who really have unique abilities and skills can be counted on the fingers: such a gift is not given to everyone.

One of the most curious predictions comes from ancient India. An interesting fact, but the Slavic civilization is closely connected with the Indian one, therefore it is the ancient Russ who can presumably be considered one of the founders of Vedic philosophy. This thesis has a lot of evidence. For example, Sanskrit is an Old Russian language. However, most of this culture did not take root in Russia, since its postulates were recognized as pagan.

This prediction was told by the Indian clergyman Hari Krishna Das. According to him, Prussians, Russians, Arissas are parts of one big whole. Thanks to the close connection of these peoples, all of humanity will begin its spiritual rebirth.

People will continue to live as if nothing had happened, however, positive changes will soon gain momentum. However, first you will need to go through difficult periods. The crisis of 2014-2017 will be followed by a time of rebirth. Life will begin to improve, and positive trends will intensify, and after 2020 a real new golden era will come. Russia will begin to grow stronger and regain its former power, and the state will be organized according to Vedic principles – this is what the temple attendant thinks.

The social security of citizens will increase, the power in the country will be strong, and people will gain freedom of thought. Time will be characterized by the fact that the mode of goodness (sattva-guna) will only gain momentum, and the modes of passion and ignorance will lose their strength and significance.

Russia, thanks to its history and experience, will become a state of a new type. She will be able to collect the best that was and form the ideal form of government. The minister noted that all this will happen smoothly, there will be no revolutions. However, this process will not be fast. The hardest times, he said, will be until 2020, and until 2035 there will be rapid improvement in all areas.

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