What will happen in May, as the Pope warns about? (3 photos + video)

Pope Francis visited Egypt yesterday. The journalists who flew to this event of the head of the Vatican were discouraged by the fact that the pontiff behaved strangely this time, and his words were full of riddles.

Having met with the country’s president Al-Sisi, the pontiff presented him with a traditional gift – a medal depicting the flight of the Holy Family to Egypt. It would seem that it was a traditional exchange of tokens of attention, since the president, for his part, also presented a gift to the distinguished guest. The journalists were surprised by the words of the Pope, pronounced at the presentation of the medal, which sounded something like this: in the future, we hope, such a medal will no longer be needed …

What will happen in May, as the Pope warns about? (3 photos + video)

But these were, as they say, only flowers. From the presidential palace, the Pope went to Sheikhdom Al-Azhar headquarters, where he was to hold a conference. However, before her, he had an informal meeting with the Supreme Imam of Al-Azhar al-Sharif, during which the journalists were even more surprised. Traditionally calm Francis, this time for some reason became very agitated, saying something quickly and passionately to the Supreme Imam. At the same time, the Imam himself became more and more gloomy.

The speech itself was inaudible, however, according to journalists, it was possible to catch individual phrases and words that seemed very frightening to them: “this is my last”, “they will definitely do it”, “the apocalypse”, “this is the end” … And one phrase from The mouth of the Imam sounded loud and clear: “This must not be allowed under any circumstances!”

The Pope addresses the Illuminati?

Journalists immediately remembered that a few days ago, the Pope made a hidden appeal to world leaders, that is, he recorded a video from the Vatican, which was later shown at the Ted conference in Vancouver. According to those present, the pope’s appeal had the effect of an exploding bomb. Moreover, journalists claim that all the actions of the pontiff, the situation in which the recording was made, the words of Francis – everything had a hidden meaning, which was well understood only by the initiates (Illuminati). That is, it was an appeal by the pope to a certain circle of people whom the head of the Vatican wanted to warn about something.

No wonder he began his speech with the words: let me say all this loud and clear. And then he added: the more powerful you are, the more humble you must be, otherwise your strength will destroy you and bring death to many others.

Conspiracy theorists brought in experts specializing in Masonic symbolism, who tried to parse this video “on the shelves”, taking into account the gestures of the Pope, the setting, the hidden character encoding, even the way the pontiff placed his hands on the table, what kind of books were on the shelf behind him, not speaking of the speech itself, individual phrases and intonation of the voice of the head of the Vatican.

Of course, it is impossible to understand everything that was intended only for the initiated, experts say, but the Pope is clearly addressing a certain circle of people, threatening them with the disclosure of some monstrous secret. Moreover, what kind of secret this is, Francis does not even hint, apparently not even doubting the understanding of his words by those to whom they are intended. It is also clear that the pontiff does not express his personal opinion, but speaks on behalf of some influential group or even a Higher power.

Together with the subsequent events that took place in Egypt, all this allows conspiracy theorists to draw a disappointing conclusion that something serious is being prepared in the world. And since recently there has been talk about the beginning of the Third World War, which will break out in May, it must be assumed that the Pope knows what will happen in the near future and therefore is trying with all his might to prevent this world catastrophe…

Video: What will happen in May, what does the Pope warn about?

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