Psychic predictions for 2021

Most of the inhabitants of our planet at all times are trying to find out what awaits us ahead. But few have the gift to lift the veil of the future. The most famous psychics of the past and present have made their predictions for 2021 – the year of the Metallic White Ox. Predictions from various soothsayers in most cases do not match, and only time will tell which of them was right.


The famous French prophet Michel de Nostrdam gave fairly accurate forecasts for the next year:

  • Asia, the entire south of Europe, America and the west of Russia will survive many powerful natural disasters (floods, heavy rains, fires, abnormal cold and heat).
  • Russia will strengthen ties with Asian states – India and China.
  • Perhaps the beginning of a big war that will affect Europe and Russia. The war could start with the invasion of one of the Muslim powers into the Christian one, and millions of refugees would fill the neighboring countries.
  • The US and its European allies will lose their former power on the world stage. And the forces of Russia and China will be strengthened every year.

Matrona of Moscow

The predictions of the blessed Matrona promise great trials for many countries:

  • Russia will have to go through difficult trials both in politics and in the economy. However, the state will overcome them and after 2024 will take the path of prosperity. But only if its citizens say goodbye to the cult of individualism imposed by the West and return faith in God. At a certain stage of Russia’s weakness, India or China can seize part of its territories.
  • Matrona predicted to Belarus and Ukraine that they would turn away from their brother – Russia – and fall under the influence of the West, this would lead them to revolutions and wars.
  • For Europe, a forecast was given about a large influx of Muslims, which would adversely affect the development of a number of countries. In addition, there will be big conflicts on the basis of religious differences. At a certain time, the military may come to power, who will try to restore order by force, but this will only worsen the situation, wars can grow out of disagreements.

Psychic predictions for 2021


A famous prophetess from Bulgaria made the following predictions about what might happen in the 21st century:

  • Russia will struggle with a decrease in the country’s population and an increase in Western sanctions due to the situation with Crimea. But the situation, when many world powers will be in opposition to Russia, will change, the power will rise and begin to strengthen its position in the world. After 2021, natural world cataclysms will provoke a large flow of refugees to Russia, who will be given shelter by a generous power.
  • America itself will unleash trade wars with almost the entire world, and this will have a detrimental effect, first of all, on its development. Her phrase is known that “old age will destroy this country” (there is an assumption that Vanga meant the current president of the country).
  • In the 21st century, Europe should seriously fear a huge Muslim invasion that could lead to wars.

Wolf Messing

The famous soothsayer and medium Wolf Messing made the following prophecies about the events of the 21st century:

  • Russia will be going through difficult times and will be at odds with the rest of the world over territory near its southern border. It is now clear that Crimea has become this stumbling block.
  • After 2021, the Great Prophet will appear in Russia and create a global religion that can unite all of humanity. This will allow him to establish a world order in which there will be no struggle for power, wars and corruption.

Faith Lyon

The so-called “Kazakh Vanga” predicted for 2021 the strengthening of Russia’s power in the world and the gradual weakening of the enemies of the state, in America an increase in the number of terrorist attacks and an increase in the number of “color” revolutions.

Participants of the “Battle of psychics”

The most interesting predictions from the participants of the popular “Battle of Psychics”, which was broadcast on the TNT channel:

  • Alexey Pokhabov believes that a conflict may arise in Russia that will provoke the start of the Third World War.
  • Alipia predicted a war in Russia due to the fact that the remains of a person would be taken out of the place of his burial (perhaps we are talking about the Mausoleum).
  • Regina Fedorenko in 2021 Predicted that Ukraine will prosper, and Russia will be mired in the problems of the political and economic spheres.

And what do you think the world is waiting for next year and which of the psychics may be right, share your opinion in the comments.

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