Vanga’s predictions for 2020 for all zodiac signs (3 photos)

In difficult times, many people pay special attention to the forecasts of psychics and clairvoyants. Among the huge number of people gifted with “special” abilities, Vanga can be distinguished.

The name of the Bulgarian soothsayer is known to many, both young and old people believe in her prophecies. Vanga predicted the future, she could tell about a person’s past, about his weaknesses, and also about in what area of ​​​​life he could achieve great success. What will be the year 2020 for all the signs of the Zodiac according to Vanga’s forecasts?

General forecast from Vanga for 2020

The Bulgarian clairvoyant noted in her forecasts that 2020 would be a busy year for the inhabitants of all the planet. Already at the beginning of the year, people will face a dangerous disease. A terrible disease is rapidly spreading throughout the world. There will be victims, and it will be very difficult for people to cope with the disease.

Important events in 2020:

  • Russia, as well as many other countries of the world, is facing an economic crisis. In difficult times from an economic point of view, only the strongest will be able to “survive”.
  • The unity of the population will be able to overcome various troubles.
  • People of all countries need to believe in better times and pray. Vanga claimed that the salvation of mankind is in sincere faith.
  • Much will also depend on the behavior of people. If a person can overcome anger, envy and hatred in his soul, then he will know what real happiness and love of loved ones are.

Forecast for all zodiac signs

In 2020, the signs of the zodiac will have to face various challenges. The year promises to be busy and unusual. There comes a time of activity, new beginnings, as well as fateful decisions. A person is given the opportunity to “build” his happy fate, and many signs of the Zodiac will do an excellent job with this difficult task.


It will be a good year for Aries. Representatives of the star sign will be able to solve many problems, build and implement important plans. Fate will be favorable to Aries, she will save him from difficult trials and troubles.


Wang predicted a difficult year for Taurus. They have to radically change their own lives. If earlier Taurus trusted only logic and their own mind, now they will need to learn to trust their own heart. Taurus need to learn to trust people. Friendship and communication will help them in difficult situations.


2020 will not bring strong changes for Gemini. Time can be called stable and neutral. The only thing you need to pay attention to is money transactions. The year is successful for the acquisition of real estate.


Representatives of the star sign need to learn how to negotiate with people. To avoid mistakes in the future, Cancers need to remember past mistakes and analyze their behavior. Decisiveness, purposefulness and activity will help you complete important things, set goals and successfully implement them.

a lion

Lions will face professional difficulties. Instability in work, change of professional activity will negatively affect the financial side of life. Significant help and support will be provided to the Lions by relatives and true friends.

Vanga's predictions for 2020 for all zodiac signs (3 photos)


Already at the beginning of the year, Virgo will experience a strong emotional shock. It can be related to your career or personal life. Health problems are not ruled out. To prevent deterioration of well-being, Virgos must take care of the observance of preventive measures in a timely manner.


The passivity of Libra can lead to unexpected results. If representatives of the sign continue to ignore the advice of loved ones, then they risk losing them forever. It is important for Libra in 2020 to be more careful with money. In spring and summer, representatives of the Zodiac may have serious financial problems.


The sphere of the year for Scorpions will be personal life. Lonely representatives of the Zodiac expect new useful acquaintances, romantic dates, flirting. The most active Scorpios will be rewarded with a romance with a happy ending. Family Scorpions are recommended to reconsider their own attitude towards a partner.


A busy time is expected for Sagittarians as well. Many of them will have to reconsider their priorities in life, change something in their character, change their habits, give up secret desires. But such changes are necessary, it is they who will lead the representatives of the sign to success and financial well-being.


The year will be successful for Capricorns. Ahead of the representatives of the Zodiac experiments related to professional and personal life. There comes an ideal time to complete the pending “for later” cases. Many Capricorns will finally understand what (or who) is their meaning of life.

Vanga's predictions for 2020 for all zodiac signs (3 photos)


Representatives of the Zodiac will have to make a difficult choice in the near future. But his future fate will depend on the correctness of the decision. A wrong step can lead to sad consequences. To avoid the appearance of troubles and problems, Aquarius cannot solve important tasks spontaneously and thoughtlessly.


A stressful time will help Pisces deal with their own fears. At the beginning of the year, representatives of the sign need to pay attention to the financial side of life. During this period, deceit and betrayal by loved ones is possible. In the middle of the year, Pisces needs to “take a closer look” at their own health. The likelihood of developing serious infectious processes at this time is greatly increased.


  • Vanga warns that 2020 will be difficult for everyone. At this time, people will have to reconsider their own habits that prevent them from achieving success in life.
  • The seer recommends treating loved ones with warmth and respect. It is relatives who in difficult times can save a person from trouble.

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