Predictions of John of Kronstadt about the fate of Russia

John of Kronstadt is a canonized righteous saint. It occupies a special place in the history of the Orthodox Church.

Gift and life of the archpriest

John was born into a family of Orthodox clergy. Both his father, and grandfather, and his great-grandfather served in the Church, and following in their footsteps, John entered the theological seminary of St. Petersburg. Upon completion, he was assigned to St. Andrew’s Cathedral in Kronstadt.

He became famous for his honesty, selflessness, ability to heal with the help of prayers. He communicated equally with people both from the upper class and with the common people.

Predictions of John of Kronstadt about the fate of Russia

  1. He predicted the fall of the monarchy and the subsequent collapse of the Great Empire. This was facilitated by the weakening of humility, the appearance of disrespect for elders and authorities, infection with Western ideas, rejection of faith and the flourishing of corruption.
  2. He predicted the Great October Revolution of 1917.
  3. Speaking about the fall of morality and the exposure of personal life to the public, the holy father predicted the death of the future generation.
  4. Communicating with the Church, Father John noted the sinfulness of the clergy, manifested in self-interest and the search for profit for themselves. According to the seer, this will weaken the Power and turn the people away from God. Temples will be destroyed and criminals will be built in their place.

Predictions about the future of Russia

John of Kronstadt loved his homeland very much and openly said that its power lies in the unity of worldly politics and the Orthodox faith.

The power will gain greatness only when it refuses the priority of external assistance and pays attention to the needs of its own people. In this case, she will receive the lost power by rallying people around the ruler and the country.

Having united, the Orthodox peoples will return to traditions and choose a single leader, prepared by God for the prosperity of the Fatherland. And here every citizen, regardless of his social status, will play an important role.

About foreign policy

Saint Archpriest John called Russia a stronghold of the struggle against world evil. This is expressed in the protection of weak states from violence and subjugation.

To do this, the seer advised to take control of the information delivered from abroad and get closer to the fraternal peoples, separated by the future disintegration he predicted.

So, in his visions, John of Kronstadt preached to reject everything foreign to Russia, to return to the original sources, to strengthen faith in God and the stability of the people.

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