Prophecies of John of Kronstadt about Russia

John of Kronstadt is a prominent figure not only in the religious history of the country, but in the history of Russia as a whole. The clergyman served all his life in the St. Andrew’s Cathedral in the city of Kronstadt. Except that the man was a priest. He was remembered for his accurate predictions and writings.

His reflections often concern the fate of Russia. The elder believed that all the troubles and misfortunes that fall on our country are retribution for sins. However, he always clarified the important point that God does not wish evil to the Russian man, but simply makes him stronger, subjecting him to trials. Through pain and suffering, a Russian person will be reborn and take the true path.

John of Kronstadt, even before the well-known events of 1917, was able to foresee that the people in our country would break up into parties and there would be a civil war. He saw that part of our people would be forced to leave their native lands, and when they returned, they would not be able to recognize their homeland.

In addition, the priest saw that Russia was facing serious defeats and many victims in the First World War and the revolution.

Curious information is found in the last letter of the priest, where he describes one interesting case. According to him, once he fell asleep, and woke up from a gentle touch. Opening his eyes, John saw a gray-haired old man in front of him. He crossed the priest and pointed to the bare wall. With the help of a staff, the elder wrote the numbers: 1912, 1914, 1917, 1922, 1930, 1933, 1934. After that, all the letters disappeared. Then John, together with the elder, went across the field, where there were wooden crosses all around. The mysterious elder explained that these crosses stand in memory of those who suffered for their faith. Then they saw 7 lamps, which symbolized those churches that will remain on Earth. Further, John of Kronstadt saw Nicholas II, and also a crowd of people who were driven by demons – these are those who had strayed from the faith. These people were followed by an aggressive crowd,

At some point, everything evaporated, and the picture changed: there were only joyful people around, the throne was suspended in the air, and next to it was a golden crown with the signature “for a short time.” The elder crossed himself and suddenly saw a different picture: the circle of destruction, next to it stands a temple with a star with five ends, and in it sits the Antichrist himself, who brands people: someone obeys, and someone refuses, and they are executed. Many souls were destroyed by the Antichrist, but suddenly lightning struck from the sky and the Antichrist and his henchmen were distressed. And the elder then told John not to be afraid, but to write down everything he saw.

The old man had such a prophetic dream, but the church did not accept it, believing that these were the machinations of the tempter.

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